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One Resolution Only

It's kind of difficult to think of New Years as a time for reflection and renewal when it comes in the middle of the week and after a completely rushed holiday. It's a Wednesday. It's just another day, (as honestly, it all it really is), but we have imbued it with this mystical power of giving us all a second chance. Or third. Or maybe even forty first chance. But how does one begin to turn a new leaf in the middle of a work week? Yesturday I was swamped at work, today I wanted to begin a new, but tomorrow I have to get up and try and get unswamped from work only to have one more busy day before two days off. I haven't had time to even consider any resolutions for formulate a plan to enacting anything. I only had time to make one resolution and that I scribbled on a note pad while in my car waiting for it to warm up for the drive home.

I resolve to write something every day. Not including tweets. It can be anything. A paragraph. Maybe a well crafted sentence. (Unlike any of the above.) A haiku. A poem. An essay. A blog post. I'll even count lists. But something. Every day.

Day one. Done.

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I know that I hardly post on this blog anymore. But I'm still thinking of doing an overhaul. An upgrade, maybe. New banner? Because in a weird way, the lack of posting here weighs on me like a physical thing. Although I'm quite certain the only one let down by my lack of posting is just me. Show quote of the day: "It's beer o'clock. Where's my riot!"

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Lost Girl Re-Watch from the beginning. S1E1 It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World.

**SPOILERS AHEAD** **Possibly for the entire series.**

I can’t recall how it is I found Lost Girl but I did see it from the first episode on SyFy when it aired during it’s first run and I was drawn in instantly because it had a noir ‘root for the underdog’ feel to it and I liked that Bo, who has abilities that surpass any of my own, still had a pretty fucked up life and that, quite frankly, was OK. I’m not saying it’s the same as when I watch Hoarders just to feel better about my house being untidy, but its close. Initially I intended my re-watch to just experience the show, but having seen it already it’s impossible not to recall everything that I know happens and be effected by that. But having seen it already I can now appreciate what they tried to lay out from Day One, see what they were hinting at, and also see what they left behind (and lament the loss of that story potential).

So onto the episode! These are thoughts I typed out as I was watching the show, (expanded and edited later):

Bo knows exactly what she is doing when she targets the creep from the bar. She knows who he is and what he is up to. She decides to intervene to save Kenzi and she knows that she’s going to kill him in order to do it, because as we find out later, she doesn’t know how to control what she does. So when she steps into that elevator, it’s with intent. When she pushes him against the wall of the elevator and asks for the kiss, it’s with intent. As the audience, we seem to give Bo a pass because the man she kills is clearly a scum; one who uses drugs to rape women, (and as Dyson later states when he looks in the victim’s past he’s done so many times). Missed opportunity: it’s never addressed later if any of the other people Bo killed during her ten years on the run were ever targeted for being creepers the same way as “smiley guy” was.

Enter Dyson with a swagger, and Hale as his sarcastic partner. They engage in typical cop talk but when a human patrol officer sticks his nose in the fae duo keep their cool. They are definitely old pros at keeping fae cases away from prying human eyes without raising any red flags.

Enter the hovel. It’s decidedly messier and with lighter hues then the place we get used to seeing. I find it curious that after Bo discovers her true nature and is pretty much told to stay put in town that she and Kenzi go back to illegally squatting at the hovel and have done so for three years with no one ever discovering that they are living in a house they shouldn’t be. Did someone (like Trick maybe) secretly purchase the property and keep the city from bothering the two? (Also noted, the place has electricity in the first episode. How? Hell. How does it have electricity now?)

Kenzi wakes up from the night’s adventure and it’s confusing on how much time has passed since Bo carried Kenzi out of the elevator because they seem to play it as if Bo went straight to work getting out of Dodge, (and they introduce the “Bo costume” of black on black and cleavage), yet she is intercepted by a waking Kenzi and when they go out for milkshakes it is daylight outside even though both of them make mention of the events happening as if they were the night before. But I love how Kenzi goes from freaked out to scheming in a span of 30 seconds and that her biggest issue with Bo isn’t that she sucked some guys face off but that she helped a stranger. That’s what makes Bo a freak to her! Ha. Then as they’re having milkshakes, (and it seems to me that Bo is shot in a way that depicts a lingering immaturity), Kenzi talks to her with an empathy that I don’t think Bo ever expected. In return it looks like Bo decides to show off a little for Kenzi when she whammies the waitress into skipping out on the bill. She practically says out loud with her look to Kenzi that says, “Check out what else I can do.” Again the showing off speaks to some immaturity, which I suspect is since her emotional growth as a person pretty much stopped the night she ran away from home.

Trick and Dyson at The Dal: Trick says, “It’s beginning then.” “I can try and stop it.” Dyson offers. What is beginning? What does Dyson think he can stop? (By the way, so far it’s never been truly explained how Trick knew that Aife had a child that she gave to a midwife to hide among humans. Nor is it ever revealed just how much Dyson was told by Trick about his relationship to Bo and I think what he knew had an effect on his actions in the first season that would go a long way to getting people off his back for not telling Bo the truth sooner.)

Bo is taken by Dyson and Hale (in the first awkward moment of the episode, in my opinion) and she is not pleased. They’re at the Ash’s compound, yet The Morrigan has no qualms about barging in and then trying to nab Bo despite the fact her kill happened on Light territory and her actions don’t concern the Dark at that point. (Wasted opportunity: They could have implied that perhaps The Morrigan knows more about who Bo might be than she does. Instead they just start off with her sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong just because she can, making her seem nothing more than selfish and self serving. I don’t think one gets to be as powerful as she is, even for the Dark, by being so two dimensional and petty.)

Slightly creepy scene with Bo and Lauren, because it’s clear that Lauren is attracted to Bo even before Bo whammies her and Lauren isn’t subtle or professional about it either. It doesn’t faze Bo, who is used to admiration from people and all she’s concerned about is what Lauren can tell her about what is going on. Lauren tells her everything she knows, and I think Bo appreciates that even if she doesn’t understand it all. After Lauren explains that she’s fae, Bo quips, “And for those of us who flunked biology?” To me that line was to categorize her as a non academic right off the bat, situating her as an exact opposite to Lauren. Also during the conversation, Bo mentions that she “wakes up next to dead lovers” which is basically an admission that she takes people she likes to bed knowing that they’ll probably die. Lauren gives her the lay of the land which is, ‘join a clan and they can help you not kill people anymore.’ Despite considering herself a “homicidal freak” she declines. Which is puzzling that Bo wouldn’t jump at the chance to NOT be a “homicidal freak”. She doubles down on her bad decision later when the Morrigan empathizes with Bo about having been alone and tells her she could be a part of something. She seems sincere in her concern for Bo as a fae, as one of her own. Bo asks, “Why the hell would I want to join you?” Gee Bo, maybe to learn to NOT KILL PEOPLE ANYMORE? Yet Bo turns her down for no real logical reason. (I think I would have liked it if the Morrigan kept up with the dual confrontations throughout the show. On one hand she’s vampish and cruel, but on the other I’d like if they had showed a depth of concern for Bo (as a fellow fae) and trying to get her to join the Dark.) But then they force her to fight a pair of underfae in duels to the death. (And Dyson calls humans barbaric just a few episodes later. Ha!) What they don’t explain is where it was that Bo learned to fight because she grabbed weapons she was comfortable with and wielded them with experience and skill, and then without much hesitation she dispatches the underfae when he was down. Is that part of her fae nature? Are they inherently more callous? (Missed opportunity: either another side effect of Bo’s power is that she temporarily gains the skills of the last person she fed off of, in this case Dyson, or having her get in the lucky shots but later Dyson gives her lessons in fighting, which could have been hella sexy…) Then the second underfae gets into her head and tries to use her guilt against her to get her to kill herself, until Kenzi intervenes. That is when Bo chooses humans as her clan, even though she does so right after she instinctively claims Kenzi as hers.

Dyson drops them back off in another alley that is laden with graffiti and they walk away after he tells Bo that the elders want her to stick around in town, (something he doesn’t seem to unhappy about.) (And what happened to the blue car? Missed opportunity for a running gag: Always have Bo with a different car whenever she needs one because she doesn’t actually own one but just “borrows” one from people with her whammie powers. Look, if we’re going to give her a pass on serial killings, I think it’s OK to have fun with her using her skills for grand theft auto.) Bo and Kenzi walk down the street, high on their newfound knowledge of a fae underworld and Bo’s inclusion in it and Bo agrees that she and Kenzi should team up.

The end.

As far as pilot episodes go it does a pretty good job of introducing all the elements of the world of Lost Girl, but it’s full of mixed messages, some in a good way. Most of the characters are contradictory and hint at complexity from the very beginning. Like Trick, the lowly bartender who is comfortable giving orders to a fae that works for The Ash and taking the leaders of both the Light and the Dark to task for being short sighted, The Morrigan who is clearly smarter and more intuitive than she seems, actually shows concern for Bo having been alone all her life, and Dyson is depicted as the heavy for The Ash but his actions and reactions place him on Bo’s side. But with Bo, I get the sense that her contradictions are more because the writers don’t really know who Bo is rather than laying down foundation for any nuance.

Bo’s supposed to be the heroine of the piece, but at this point she’s just sketchy back story and conflicting actions. They demonstrate that Bo is “good” because she has guilt over all the deaths she caused, even though she can get people to do what she wants, she doesn’t use that power for anything other than bare necessities, and she saves Kenzi even though it means sacrificing her new found place. But yet she kills a guy in the first 5 minutes of the show. Her history is filled with death due to a power she can’t control yet she indicates she takes people she likes to bed despite knowing the consequences. She’s been on the run yet has inexplicable skills. And despite being ready to run at the beginning of the episode after dispatching “smiley” she stays at the end for no real reason. The fae don’t offer her anything other than attitude & she states she refuses to be dictated to, yet she does the very thing they want even though there is no reason to. She doesn’t even infer that she wants to stay in town to find out more about being fae. Yet we are supposed to look at Bo as a woman on a quest to find out who she is, even though up until she runs into the fae completely by accident, it’s obvious she’s never done a thing to discover the truth about her ‘freak’ nature.

So here I am going to play back seat writer, mostly because I don’t understand how she could spend 10 years on the run but never attempt to figure out what is wrong with her, why she does what she does, or even attempt to use it yet do the least damage. That last part especially rubs me the wrong way because they could easily have implied that she tries to use her power only one other creeps and criminals like the one that went after Kenzi. Skip the sad talk about killing lovers with Lauren and instead have Dyson mention a trail of other victims like “smiley guy” with similar rap sheets. Nor do I think it would have been too difficult to establish that instead of her finding the fae by accident, have it that Bo has been searching for answers and heard stories about other people like her and was in town searching for clues and that perhaps “smiley guy” was not only just another creep for her to take out but was also bait for the fae. And I think I would have liked it if The Ash made it clear he’d prefer that she just moved along to be a thorn in someone else’s side but Bo makes the decision to stay put and team up with Kenzi to help humans that are being used by the fae, (a fact I think she should key in on right away.) This would establish her inquisitive and investigative nature that lends itself naturally to her sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong as well as put her on the side of not wanting to use her powers to do harm even though she couldn’t control her power before. (And it would make her seem less childish when she refuses to join a side even though she is told point blank by Lauren that if she joined the Light they would teach her how to feed without killing people.) It would also lend credibility to Bo and Kenzi selling their skills as investigators seeing as Bo has pretty much been one for the past 10 years.

Despite the inconsistencies with her character, I still was rooting for Bo and she has an inherent likability that rises above what is on the page. And I liked the rest of the characters instantly as well. I love Dyson’s obvious admiration for Bo from the beginning. Hale is smooth but clearly kept in the dark about Dyson and Trick’s relationship. The mystery of who Trick was and what he and Dyson knew about Bo sucked me in immediately. I was intrigued by the “two party system” set up of fae society and was looking forward to watching Bo navigate this new world she found herself with nothing but her spunky attitude and being backed by Kenzi and her quips. I thought the choice of sets and scenery where perfect for giving the sense of a whole world among our own, one filled with wonder and danger and creatures that would terrify if we only paid the slightest bit of attention and realized they were right there all along. Basically, I was sold. And continue to be.

My other complaint and I’ll admit that it’s a quibble, is the lack of other characters from up coming episodes being seen in the background of the “test” scene. Because the show shot the 8th episode first, which included some remarkable characters like Sid, Vex, Sid’s dumbass nephew, etc. they could have asked if any of those actors to be there to just be in the crowd while Bo was taking on the underfae. Instead we have a group of extras that are never seen again.

Notable quotes: Kenzi, “Can you get asthma!?”

Bo, when she head butts the Ash just because he gets too close to her.

Bo, “Did I spit in your coffee or something? What is your deal?” Dyson, “Kiss me.” Bo, “Wow are you bad at reading women.”

Friday, June 07, 2013

NYC Micro Story

As stated below, I was in New York City for a few days a couple of weeks ago. A lot of stuff happened. Mostly it was me walking up and down stairs. NYC has an alarming number of stairs. By the way, I hate stairs. But there was too much other stuff to put in that one post so maybe for the next couple of weeks I'll post a little snippet of a thing that happened.

Today I shall tell you about the Buddhist.

I was walking towards Rockefeller Plaza on the third day when suddenly I felt this hand place a bracelet on my wrist while saying a word that I couldn't understand because it was in an accent that I only recognized from retro made Quentin Taratino movies and Kung Fu, that 90s TV show with David Carradine and his grouchy cop son. Eventually I understood that he was saying, "donation donation donation". Was he donating me a bracelet? No. He wanted one in return for it. But before I could gather my thoughts about that, he was shoving a book in my face so I could put in my name and what I wanted, for example "peace" or "love" and I guess the idea was that I give him a donation and they, what, pray I get what I write in the book...? It wasn't clear. But despite the oddness and suddenness of this spiritual boost in return for cashy money transaction, I ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT TO WRITE. Because, yeah, he's a real monk. Sure. Uh huh. That was when he made it clear that I had to pay for the bracelet. And I did. Because I'm a goddamn sucker. Of course, that doesn't occur to me until I take about five steps away from him and even then it was still a dazed, "Pretty sure I just got ripped off by a monk...." half thought.

I carry on, because really, what was I going to do, when suddenly I got a tickle in my throat and I couldn't stop coughing. Finally I had to stop walking because the coughing got so bad and I actually said to myself, "Oh my god, he poisoned me!" as if the bracelet was a toxic assassins gift and he just killed me.

I thought that. For real. As in, I really had those words go across my brain.

Obviously I didn't die.

So... good news?

I do like the bracelet though. And I've worn it every day since.

Take that, monk.

Show quote of the day: "Who gets punched out by a pacifist?"

Monday, May 27, 2013

NYC Adventures

3 days, 3 events, 3 seasons.

The first day was muggy but still at times cool. A bit like a late autumn day. Except when we had to go into the subway, which was like a smelly sauna. All we had to do was get on one train and walk roughly two blocks and then back again. Should have taken just 20 minutes. Took roughly an hour. (In our defense, the apartment that we were looking for was in a neighborhood that wasn't on a grid and it was in the only street in NYC that actually has TWO NAMES.) After I stowed my bag, the reason for our adventure, we made it back in time to head over to Jon Stewart. By this time it had gotten hot. Not that it mattered because within a short time we were seated in the front row of the studio and having our ears pierced by the warm up guy. They really want you to laugh loudly for the show so it translates on TV. Jon came out and answered a few questions, then they taped the show, and then we were free to go get some food! Which was a good thing since I forgot not only to eat breakfast but to pack anything for the trip down. I thought we would have had time to grab some food after I got into the city but our subway "adventure" ate up all that time. (Ha.) Before we went to get something to eat, however, we stopped in at a Planned Parenthood cocktail party, which turned out really to be a polite rally held in a bar where you give them a donation and then pay for drinks after a few speeches. We gave the donation, but opted to get drinks (and food) elsewhere. Lucy's. Where we ate nomilicious nachos and I had a frozen passion fruit margarita.
   Day two! It was just hot. And muggy. Luckily for me my only goals for that day was to get from the apartment I was staying in in Downtown to my hotel just north of Times Square and to get ready for the play, Once, that started at 8PM that night. I left at around 10, figuring I didn't want to lug my bag during rush hour traffic north. The only glitch was that for some reason, both sides of the subway at Houston Street had signs that claimed to be to the subway that led to the ferry. I went in one, couldn't find anything that indicated direction. So I climbed out, crossed the street, and headed back underground. Same lack of directionality. So I asked a local and was told I needed the train on the other side. So back out and back down the other side. I got on the train.... and was going in the wrong direction. I got off at Franklin Street, climbed out of the subway again and crossed the street to an EXIT ONLY subway stop. In it I found two locals and quizzed then on "how the hell did I get north". (Exact quote.) I was told I had to walk two blocks south to the Franklin stop and that train was the one I wanted to get to Times Square. They weren't wrong. 10 stops later I dragged my now pretty tired and sweaty self into the overcast daylight of NYC. I got to my hotel at around 11:30. I asked if my room was ready, but it wasn't yet. I wasn't too surprised about that. So I checked my bag, emailed Chris from the hotel bar, and waited in the sweet sweet air conditioning. Eventually it came time to head over to where he worked, which was just one block over and one block up, and lunch was had. After I left him back at his workplace I headed out to wander. I tried to find Rockefeller Plaza, because on the third day I was going to try and get tickets to Jimmy Fallon. My map was bad. It didn't have the street numbers printed on it so I only had a vague idea of where the plaza was so I spent a lot of time going up and down streets until I finally found it on 49th and 6th. Pictures were taken, sitting was done. Finally I headed back over to the hotel and my room was ready. So I showered. A lot. Then gussied up for the play and waited for @aboleyn. By the way, I gussied up good. She had a hard time making it to the hotel because of rush hour traffic and tourists blocking her path the entire way up. What probably should have been a 20 minute walk turned into nearly an hour. I sat in the bar with a Pink Martini (which was OK) while she struggled through a human jungle. I feel bad about that. Finally she arrived; we drank our drinks, and then headed over. The theater was only a few blocks down and half a block over. We got there, got our tickets, I cut in line because what the hell is the point of being at the box office just to walk outside down the street to walk back inside? Besides, they were numbered seats. It wasn't like it was a first come first serve to the best seats. Ours were... interesting. They were front row but to the extreme left (if you are facing the stage). How close they were to the actual stage is not depicted on the map on the theater website. On the site it looks like there is a bit of a gap between the seats and the stage. Not so. We were so close that my foot was touching the stage and by the time the play was over my knees were screaming because I couldn't straighten them out even a little.

The play itself was transcendent. And now I have the soundtrack on my iTouch. I hope the show tours and it comes to one of two local theaters that occasionally host Broadway plays.

After the play ended we went outside and spotted some barriers that had been put up by the stage door and so we hung out for a while and got the entire cast to sign our playbills. Abby even got her picture taken with Arthur Darvil. I opted not to. Because we waited for autographs, Abby had to go right to the train station to get home. I sat in the hotel lobby and used their wifi to upload photos. Then finally headed up to bed to get up early the next morning.

The third day was a return to early winter. Not really, at first. I headed out to the Plaza at around 7:30 and it wasn't that bad. It was still muggy but not hot so I was comfortable in my short sleeved sweater. I brought my umbrella just in case but didn't need it as I stood in line for Jimmy Fallon tickets.  It was later in the day that it got into the low fifties with wind and rain and I got so desperate that I ended up buying a sweatshirt from a gift shop with NYC blazoned across the back. Before that happened though I got my ticket, was told to come back at 3 and I headed back to my hotel.

I was going to call another friend so we could meet up for lunch but I fell asleep instead. By the time I called her there wasn't enough time for her and her husband to come into the city and get me and get me back in time for the 3PM deadline. Instead I ended up wandering around, but not too far because I didn't want to not get to Rockefeller in time. Naturally, that made me early. I was there at 2:15 and I gave up thinking I could do something else and decided to wait in the NBC cafe until 3. At 3 we found out that our ticket numbers were going to be checked off but we had to come back at 4:15. For fucks sake. Half of my day has already been tied up to whether or not I was going to get in to the show taping and yet now I had to wait another hour and fifteen minutes? So I explored the concourse under the plaza some and bought a ticket to the Top of the Rock. Because of the train I had it to myself for a while. That was pretty cool. And apparently standing in the middle of the elevator on its way up is a feat. I was in the elevator alone so... where else would I stand?  After that and not getting into the show I decided to head over to the public library. I walked around, took some pictures, but was mostly freaked out by all the tourists. It was barely being used as a library. It seemed... wrong. So I left quickly. I wanted to go to MoMA, but by that time there really wasn't enough time to give it a good look so I just headed back to the hotel so I could get my bag and head over to Penn Station. I did hang out for a bit in the hotel bar and take advantage of their wifi for a bit before heading out.

Radio City Music Hall. Like it says on the sign.

Statues outisde Rockefeller Plaza.

Fountain. On 49th and 7th.. ish.

Seating nook I saw on way to The Plaza.

Light in side the Library.

The walk down was... not fun. I was cold and tired and the sweatshirt that I bought wasn't that warm actually and EVERYONE WAS IN MY WAY OMG THEIRE JUST ADS! Look, I get that people want to take photos and stuff. I did. But look behind you to see if someone is there before just stopping, m'kay?

I made it to the station with about a half hour to spare, but now I know that there is a waiting room that has wifi and seats. All the other times I had been there and I never knew that it was there because there really is nowhere to sit anywhere else in the entire station except for two restaurants. But there are plenty of open spaces. Why no benches? That always baffled me.

Our train was boarding early because it was full, but as per my usual custom when coming back from the city, I bought a business class seat because I don't feel like fighting for a place on my way home.

Our car unloaded first and I grabbed the first taxi home only to be confronted by two slightly miffed cats and a messy house.

Happy Memorial's Day!