Wednesday, January 01, 2014

One Resolution Only

It's kind of difficult to think of New Years as a time for reflection and renewal when it comes in the middle of the week and after a completely rushed holiday. It's a Wednesday. It's just another day, (as honestly, it all it really is), but we have imbued it with this mystical power of giving us all a second chance. Or third. Or maybe even forty first chance. But how does one begin to turn a new leaf in the middle of a work week? Yesturday I was swamped at work, today I wanted to begin a new, but tomorrow I have to get up and try and get unswamped from work only to have one more busy day before two days off. I haven't had time to even consider any resolutions for formulate a plan to enacting anything. I only had time to make one resolution and that I scribbled on a note pad while in my car waiting for it to warm up for the drive home.

I resolve to write something every day. Not including tweets. It can be anything. A paragraph. Maybe a well crafted sentence. (Unlike any of the above.) A haiku. A poem. An essay. A blog post. I'll even count lists. But something. Every day.

Day one. Done.

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LL said...

Do post on a bulletin board count? If not... well...