Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lists, To Do Lists, Twitter Lists... Love 'em All.

Quote of the day: "I shut my eyes in order to see." ~ Paul Gauin

Song of the day: Consider This by Anna Nalick

State of mind: Bursting.

Date: February 12th, 2012

I think I have mentioned before that I like lists. A friend of mine would say it's due to my Virgo nature, whatever that means. From the astrology books I have read, people born under my sign like things organized and are neat. Most of those books make me (and my "kind") sound like Felix Unger freaks. Ridiculous! I'm not fanatical. I just, you know, can't breath if things aren't in their proper place. And maybe I get a little more giddy inside a Hallmark store selling stationary and organizers than I do shoe stores. But guess what? Shoes are ugly. Besides, this friend hasn't been to my house. I'm not a neat freak. I don't make people take off their shoes or insist they use coasters. As a friend of mine once said, "your house looks lived in." I think she meant that as a compliment... So take that universe. I can be messy.

But I digress.

Lists. Now that's a whole different animal. They are handy little things. To Do lists, life lists, grocery lists... and twitter, my online love, has them too. I follow quite a lot of people as well as organizations. I do this because I like to keep informed. And also I have no impulse control. However I am not at the mercy of my follow feed because I have been able to take all the 600 + people I follow plus quite a few I don't and put them onto lists that I created so that at any time I can drown out the masses and focus on only one group at a time. It's very zen. (It's possible I'm using zen wrong, but it's mind calming.) My lists are based on category. I have a list for writers, actors, charity, world news, real world friends, NASA, all things books, ect. Now, if I were someone that got a lot of followees because I was an actor or something, (which I am not, and dear world, you can thank me later for that), I might actually consider using the lists to divide and conquer my @ replies. Most people of note don't usually use twitter as a conversation. They use it as a mini stage. They send out a few entertaining tweets, a picture or two of them on set or maybe something they see that amuses them, and post the occasional link to promote something they are doing. I'm totally OK with that. Twitter is something that can be used in so many different ways and everyone can use their own account however they see fit, which is why I get frustrated when people dismiss it as frivolous or silly. Tell that to the folks in Egypt, judgemental asshat. Or to the Komen Foundation.

But if one were to use it for direct interactions with fans and they were someone that was probably going to see a huge influx of new followers and wanted to keep things easier to manage, one might take a little time and create lists for certain followers and arrange them in there so when they wanted to "talk" with them, they would be easier to find without having to dig through so many @ replies it'd make your eyes go cross. They could break them up by country or by when they started following, or even by the majority of the subject they tweet. Perhaps one list could be dedicated to folks one has already had a back and forth with and they want to be able to keep tabs on that person out of curiosity or they actually find them interesting and don't want to lose them to the crowd. But the cool thing with lists is that no one knows they are listed. It's like twitter is a ninja. A lame, not scary at all ninja. But no ones feelings get hurt for either being listed a certain way or not being listed at all while others are. Of course, just in case, I'd never label a list with something derogatory. (Unless Lord Loser joined twitter. Then all bets are off.) Also, putting someone on a list doesn't give them access to Direct Message. Using lists this way, one could see everything their fans were tweeting as well and not just the stuff they @ reply to them. That is, if one was curious to see all of that too. And then maybe they could really give some fans a thrill and respond to something they tweeted in general and make them all... atwitter. (Sorry. I had to.)

The other cool things with lists is that you can make them public. That means not only can the people on those lists can see they've been listed, but everyone else can see it as well. So it's an endorsement of someone in a way. I have only one public list and that was mostly an accident, but if anyone cared about who I would endorse I would use it to list people I admire or am a fan of for one reason or another to share that person with others. Plus it would make #followfridays much easier to deal with. Instead of having to list a bunch of different accounts I could just link to a list. I don't do #followfridays much though. I figure if I follow someone, they're worth following and people who like me could just look at my follow list and decide for themselves. Also, I'm lazy.

Twitter has a FAQ page about lists. Boy, wish I had remembered that before I started this post. I could have just linked to that. So, if anyone is joining twitter or are there already but want to follow in my awesome footsteps, go here.

Show quote of the day:

Alliance Commander: "Seems odd you'd name your ship after a battle you were on the wrong side of."

Mal: "May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one."


NYPinTA said...

PS I said the word "list" so many times in that post it's starting to sound funny to me.

LL said...

Wha? I don't know whether to feel flattered or insulted...

At any rate... I think you're safe.

Anonymous said...

Hunh. It's never occurred to me that you could have a private list.

And YaY! I'm here again!