Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sliding Tiles

Quote of the day: “The world is a state, but the play is badly cast.” Oscar Wilde

Song of the day: None.

State of mind: Frustrated

Date: January 28th, 2012

There are volumes of text in any library or bookstore about the meaning of life. What it is. A dream. A challenge. Another turn on the wheel. A box of chocolates. According to McCormick spices, life is like a pulled pork. M’kay… But for me it always seems to be more like one of those sliding tile puzzles that you get in grab bags at Christmas from someone that has only 10 bucks to spend on 20 kids. The game is made of cheap plastic that has bumps & imperfections that keep the tiles from sliding smooth, are made in neon colors, and go only from 1 to 9.  But as a kid all you know is it’s a toy and you're going to play with it. I never had much trouble with those puzzles. Except when the tiles stuck and you had to use your finger nail to un-wedge it so you can move it in place. Sadly, I hadn't realized those toys were training me for life. No matter what it is I have to do, I always seem to need to shift around at least 5 other things in order to do it.

For instance, I finally bought a lap top. I'm typing on it right now. I actually kind of like it. This is the fastest I've been able to convert thought to word in a long long time. (This from a person that bought a micro recorder so I could just talk my blogs. That didn't work, BTW, which is why you'll never hear my voice on the Internet.) But this post isn't going to make it to the web for days probably. Why? My PC is broke. Tower keeps turning off by itself. I think it's the power supply. At least, I hope that is all that it is, because if it's the mother board, I'm screwed. What does that have to do with my laptop? My wifi. I can't get my wifi to accept this lap top without going into it (on my PC) and telling my wifi it's OK.   But I can't fix my wifi until I fix my PC. I can't fix my PC till I figure out what is wrong with it. And once I do I have to get the parts to fix it. Shifting tiles.

... Or, I could just plug the damn thing directly into my internet cable. Yeah. That works too.

Show quote of the day:  “So. Did you defy the chicken?”

“Uh huh.”

“How’d that work out for you?”

“I think I may have killed a man.”


LL said...

If you bought a laptop... why do you need a tower? :P

Have you checked on your fans to make sure the board isn't overheating?

Anonymous said...
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NYPinTA said...

I'm greedy, that's why.

Yeah. It's not the fan. Because it's never the easy thing.