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Quote of the Day: “Once confined to fantasy and science fiction, time travel is now simply an engineering problem.” ~ Michio Kaku

Song of the Day: 46 & 2 by Tool (It’s been a Tool kind of month.)

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Date: 04/07/11

Since the trailer of season 6 of the Nu Who I’ve been obsessively browsing YouTube for clips of the show. Mostly because I missed the show being on and also because I started wondering ‘what if I could travel in time and show the producers of the original series a clip just so they could see how far the show has come from when they had it’ and ‘which clip would I show them?’ (Yes. This is how I think. No thanks I am sure to watching shows like this to begin with.) As I perused the plentiful choices, I came across two snippets from one of my favorite two-part episode, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.

This episode introduces the smart and sassy Professor River Song as an archeologist that has a definite history with the Doctor, even though he doesn’t know it yet. Unlike almost everyone that knows him she treats him like an equal. She calls him, “sweetie” and “pretty boy”. My girl crush formed immediately.
I liked her because she’s not a “companion” in the traditional sense of the show. She’s more of an ally. It seems to be widely accepted by most fans of the show that she is in fact his wife. The clues are pretty blatant in Library in those two clip. But also she has a sonic screwdriver of her own, she knows how to call him through Time and Space, and she has a diary of all their meetings and implies he does as well. Adding fuel to this theory is the fact that in later episodes it is revealed that she knows how to fly the TARDIS (better than him), knows the ancient language of the Time Lords, knows how to get his attention through time and trusts that he will show up whenever she needs him; as she demonstrates in her second appearance in the series in Time of the Angles/Flesh and Stone when she walks out an air lock into empty space completely confident that he will appear in time to save her. (Which, according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the improbable odds against being rescued being 2 to the power of (the Islington London flat phone number) 2079460347.) That’s trust incarnate.
Although she has only appeared in 6 episodes overall, (3 two part episodes, the ones mentioned above and the season five finale:The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang.) the speculation on the Internet is vast about who exactly she is.
So far I’ve seen theories of her being:
Rose. Well, an altered version of her. I think this theory is floated the most by Rose/Doctor shippers for the sole reason that they miss Rose. There is no actual logic or evidence in any argument I’ve seen as of yet however.
Donna. Another altered version idea. And again it’s because people miss Donna. Hell, I miss Donna. She is by far my favorite of the companions. But no, she’s back home, married, and a lotto winner. Leave her be. (I say that with a lump in my throat, BTW.)
Future Amy. This is based mostly on Amy’s surname being Pond, which is another water source like River. And they’re both red heads. Maybe the names aren’t a coincidence, but until more is put forth to support this one I’m going to say “no” to this idea. Mostly because I’ve seen people look at pictures of themselves from their younger days yet when River first met Amy, she didn’t even blink. (Ha. Blink. It was an Angels episode they first met…. Nevermind.)
Amy & Rory’s daughter or granddaughter. Well why not? She could be. But why does she have to be related to any previous companion of his at all?
Jenny. Ick. Jenny’s his daughter, sort of, and even for an alien that’s just gross.
Jenny’s daughter or granddaughter. See reason for a big “no” under “Jenny”.
The Rani. As someone not that familiar with the original series, I can’t say with any authority why it couldn't be her except from everything I’ve read she’s a cold hearted bitch and major enemy. Why on any of the Earths would she make herself human and an ally of the Doctors?
Romana. No clue.
Some other unnamed Time Lady. Maybe. No reason why not.
Madame de Pompadour. This theory intrigues me because Girl in the Fireplace is one of my favorite episodes & makes me understand all the people who want River to be Rose. (And what is it with the Doctor & having feelings for woman with names that start with R?) The evidence: That River knows the Doctor's name not because they are married but because she read it in his mind when he was looking in hers when he was trying to figure out what the clockwork robots wanted with her. And she refers to him as "my love" in her letter to him just like River who calls him that when in the TARDIS (just before it blows up.) However, there is the problem with Madame de Pompadour being dead so reason says she cannot be River Song. But like the Doctor told Renette, "you never want to listen to reason." So, this is on the 'maybe' list.
The Silence: Ah. Now this one… means nothing actually. It just names her. But it’s damn interesting and if true really adds to the epic feel of her character. The ‘evidence’: The first episode she appears in is called, “Silence in the Library,” and who do we find there? River. Also, when the TARDIS explodes the voice says, “The Silence must fall.” Everyone assumed the voice meant the universe, but what if it meant River specifically? What if she was the target all along?
A future regeneration of The Master. No. No. No. No. The Master was, in my opinion, an awesome yet tragic villain and the relationship between them was a brotherly love/hate eons long battle. I can’t see it coming to a close because The Master made himself a human woman. I’m actually a little insulted on his & River’s behalf that this idea is even out there.
A future regeneration of the Doctor himself. Wow. How much of a narcissist does the Internet think he is? Galaxies of “no”.
Jack, who in the future has turned himself into a woman. Really, Internet?
The TARDIS which has managed to create itself in human form. Although I am on board with the idea that the ship has much love for the Doctor, to the point where in the scene after Rose looked into the Time Vortex and says, “I want you safe. My Doctor,” I am not entirely sure it was Rose saying that, but the TARDIS through her. And it would be bitter sweet, but I don’t think so. That’d be too fan fiction-y for even me.
I suspect she’s a Time Agent that might have gone rogue, like Captain Jack in The Doctor Dances, (an episode that was also written by Moffat).

River the bold, brash, confident, and merciless… I think River is epic...and that worries me. Epic is sometimes ruined when it’s explained. The greatest examples I can think of are from Babylon 5 and Star Wars. In "Episode III", there was a small scene between Luke, Owen, and Aunt Beroo that was reduced by the stories after. Owen reacted like a man wounded and hurt. A man betrayed by someone he admired and loved, Luke's father. All of that was ruined in the prequels with Owen and Anakin being relative strangers. They only met once! On Babylon 5, the fact that the war was ended between the Minbari and Earth when the Grey Council discovered that Sinclair had the soul of a Minbari, and that they couldn't continue to make war on humans believing that their ancestors were being reborn as human... wow! The very idea of one race coming back as another and just the largeness of it was daring, I thought. And was ruined by the reveal that Sinclair travels back in time and becomestheir legendary hero Valen & that in fact no other human has a Minbari soul. Disappointing. (Why didn't they make him King Arthur while they were at it?)

I think River Song is River Song. Just another brilliant character. Not a TARDIS reborn, A Time Lord with a Fob watch, or anyone else in some new form. She’s just…River.

Interesting dialogue, just for fun:

The Doctor: Ah, now sorry, there you are. So, where we, I was summoned, wasn't I? The Ood in the snow, calling to me. Well, I didn't just have to come straight here; had a bit of fun you know, travelled about, a bit of this and that, got into trouble, you know me. But it was brilliant. I saw the phosphorous carousel of the Great Magellan gestalt, saved a planet from the red carnivorous Maw, named a galaxy Alison. Got married, that was a mistake: Good Queen Bess! And let me tell you,her nickname is no longer... [clears throat] anyway, what do you want?

All this means is that the Doctor is flippant and maybe a bit hedonistic. Shocker. But also, that being married, (which if he’s telling the truth here), isn’t that much of a big deal if he doesn’t want it to be. And later the 11th Doctor supposedly marries Marilyn Monroe in The Christmas Carol. So, well, all I’m saying is that he must really want to be married to River. And she treats him like an equal because she is his equal, and he treats her the same way. Even if from his perspective they aren't married yet. So it's sweet and yet doesn't make any sense. Ha!
Another exchange: (Thanks to thechosenjuan.)
The Doctor: Are you married, River?River Song: Are you asking?The Doctor: Yes.River Song: Yes.The Doctor: Hang on, did you think I was asking you to marry me or-or-or-or asking if you were married?River Song: Yes.The Doctor: No, but was that yes or yes?River Song: Yes.

The Doctor: Are you married, River?
River Song: Are you asking?
The Doctor: Yes.
River Song: Yes.
The Doctor: Hang on, did you think I was asking you to marry me or-or-or-or asking if you were married?
River Song: Yes.
The Doctor: No, but was that yes or yes?
River Song: Yes.

And one last exchange, which is funny since it's their first. Sort of like how they are, all backwards. ;)

RIVER: OK, shall we do diaries, then? Where are we this time? Uh, going by your face, I'd say it's early days for you. Yes? So, um... (she flips pages in the book) crash of the Byzantium, have we done that yet? **Season 5**

RIVER: Obviously ringing no bells. (she turns several pages) Right, um, oh. Picnic at Asgard. Have we done Asgard yet?

RIVER SONG: Obviously not. Blimey, very early days, then. Huh, life with a time traveler, never knew it could be such hard work.

RIVER (whispering): Look at you! You're young.

DOCTOR: I'm really not, you know.

RIVER SONG: Nah, but you are. Your eyes. You're younger than I've ever seen you.



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Uhhhh... spoiler alert maybe?

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Pfff. This is just a repost.

NYPinTA said...

LL, *spoilers!*

ctheo, huh?

LL said...

Hey! Thanks!

LL said...

Ok... just finished watching the last ep of the season...

I think River is...

River Song. Just an exceptional character written into the series.

NYPinTA said...

I'm a little bummed by the reveal of who she is. Liked her better as an independent character. Oh well. She still rocks.

LL said...

Ok... I meant the last ep of the LAST season... not the current one.

Way to go... you've spoiled me again!

(sort of) ;)