Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where I’m At in Cyberland.

Quote of the Day: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Song of the Day: Mad World by Gary Jules

State of Mind: Divided

Date: 3/16/11

Just as an FYI I thought I would mention that I have started a Tumblr blog now. It’s ridiculously easy to use, especially from my iTouch. I’m not ending this blog. This blog serves a certain function that I don’t want to give up. And on Tumblr I’ve decided not to go incognito. There are people who may have met me online as NYPinTA but are aware of my real name, and I’m fine with that. However there are people that know me as my real world self that I do NOT want to know me as NYPinTA. If that makes any sense.
So, here I am: HGP on Tumblr I also have a TV blog attached to that one: HGP on TV with reactions and commentary about all the TV I watch too much of.
That means that along with this blog I also have two twitter accounts, the tumblr blogs, one wordpress blog I’ve done nothing with, and an page. Twitter I use for whatever stupid thought pops into my head or to forward (called “retweeting” for you twitter uninitiated) stuff that I think is interesting or important. There isn’t much thought put into my twitter feed. It’s a stream of consciousness given cyber bits. (So to anyone following, I am so so sorry.)
Tumblr is like a twitter/blog hybrid. I can post something that is more than 140 characters and the app makes it so easy to post various ways, text, link, photo, even audio files, plus I can ‘follow’ other people’s blogs and be notified on my dashboard when they update. Blogger doesn’t really do that; at least not in a use friendly way IMO.
This blog I call this my ‘long form’ blog. The one that (I hope) is more thought out or are projects that will take multiple postings to complete.
So, if you’re curious what I’m thinking about on a regular basis, tumblr is where it’s at. On a minute by minute basis, twitter is the thing. What’s been churning in my head for days, sometimes weeks then stick around here and I’ll post it eventually. Maybe.
And if you have a tumblr blog, hit me up for a follow.

Show quote of the day: “I want you to believe in magic, you muggle!”


LL said...

So I've got to go to another place to give you a hard time?

I really don't know if I'm up to that... ;)

NYPinTA said...

Another con of tumblr is that the blogs don't make it possible for comments. wouldn't really be *able* to...wait...did I say con? I meant pro. No comments, so you can't bug me. Yay tumblr!

LL said...

Don't make me start email spamming you...

fermicat said...

I am having a hard time keeping up with anything from the internet. I don't miss it as much as I thought I would. When I'm not working I've been enjoying my hammock and books, and watching the birdies.