Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dreaming Demons

Quote of the day: “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” ~Douglas H. Everett

Song of the day: Talk to Angels by Black Crows

State of mind: reflective & sleepy

Date: 3/29/11

The other night I was bored and not yet sleepy so I stayed up and watched a couple of episodes of Celebrity Ghost Story, where famous people tell a tale of their encounter with the disembodied. (Oh hey, I never noticed that ‘died’ is right in the word disembodied…) In one episode, one of the winners of American Idol (I can’t recall her name) told the story of something that had happened to her about a year before she auditioned for the show. She was living on her own and after a strange encounter with a mystery woman on the street telling her she had a darkness following her that she had to get rid of, she was attacked by a smoke monster in her own bed. (Yeah, like that thing from LOST.) As she tells it, she awoke during the night with this feeling that something was about to happen when all of a sudden this dark presence pinned her to the bed, said threatening evil like things, and mocked her. She tried to pray and it laughed. She claims this entity hovered over her threateningly for two hours before it went away suddenly. (Kind of like Madmartigan’s love for Sorsha once the fairy dust wore off. Yes, I’m making a Willow reference.) The next morning she called her mother to tell her about it when her mother recalled a similar experience when she was just a baby and the entity woke her mother in the night to tell her that he was going to ‘take the last breath from your baby’.

Ooooooo. Right?

I laughed it off and went to bed. During the night I had … well, not nightmares, but those annoyingly confusing dreams with not so fun imagery and started to half wake up at around 4 AM. In my sleepy state I was pondering the dreams and also thinking about her story. All of a sudden I felt this pressure in my head. It felt the same as when my ears pop from changing altitude, but it did that a few times in quick succession. Then I felt along the left side of my body (which was up as I was lying on my right side) this alternating hot and cold sensation. Within moments I felt like I couldn’t move and that it was something else that was preventing me from doing so. At first I didn’t try, but then grew angry and attempted to thrash about, with no luck. I relaxed, waited, and then wiggled my toes. Success! Suddenly I was able to move, but I was tired so all I did was roll over and go back to sleep even though those few moments were pretty scary.

It had to have been just a classic case of sleep paralysis. A touch of a lucid dream on the verge of waking and thinking I was awake. Strange. And again, really scary. I have to say I’m pretty sure this was exactly what she experienced but in her mind turned the moment into something demonic, which I can understand. It felt otherworldly. It felt menacing. And I did not enjoy it one bit.

A few hours later I woke up, got dressed, and did lazy Saturday like things including boiling some eggs for salad later. As I was putting the remainder of the carton in the pot, I see that I have seven eggs. Hey, isn’t that a lucky number? And this prehistoric superstitious part of my brain says, “Seven eggs will keep the evil at bay” like I was performing some ritual to cleanse my house of evil. And in that moment it made perfect sense.
Was it really that I thought boiling seven eggs would have some protective effect or did I just tell myself that so I wouldn’t be scared?

This is where superstitions start.

Show quote of the day: “How many things exist because people believe in them?”


LL said...

Two posts in a week? Are you feeling alright P?

As for the rest... I don't think eggs quite rise to the level of evil-off.

word ver: cowdri - "Call right now and we'll double your order! That's right, you'll get two bottles of cowdri for the price of one! Your cows will never get wet in the rain again!!!"

LL said...

Alright... what in the hell did you do to the Bib this time?