Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Weeble & We Wooble But We Won’t Fall Down

Quote of the day: “For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” ~ Carl Sagan

Song of the day: Signs as performed by Tesla

State of mind: Roaring like a lion, supposedly.

Date: January 17th, 2011

I was not aware there was any controversy over the zodiac until I saw in my twitter feed one person I follow exclaim, “I’m a LEO now? What the fuckity fuck?” Even in this day and age of a ‘coarsening of America’ that got my attention.

Did he just discover he was adopted? Maybe there was an error on his birth certificate? How else could one’s astrological sign suddenly be different?

It turns out the answer is, “Just ‘cuz.”

Well, no. Not really. It’s precession. The wobble of the Earth’s axis is, well, wobbly, and now instead of the sun going straight from Scorpio to Sagittarius, it takes a slight detour into Ophiuchus.

Suddenly Battlestar Galactica makes a whole lot more sense. This must be the “lost tribe.” (*Insert lame joke about Ophiuchus’s symbol being “the toaster” here.*)

The thing is I can’t actually pin point what this all really means.

I’m probably sounding flippant, and I don’t mean too. I know a lot of people take this seriously. In fact, I have a friend who is an astrologer and has informed me that I am in fact a “triple Virgo”, which means my sun, moon, and something else were all in Virgo on the day I was born. Even though I don’t believe in astrology, (sorry Rob), I still think that’s pretty cool. Apparently it’s a rare thing to be a triple Virgo and I have to admit I like confirmation from the cosmos that I am unique, so I can see why so many people are upset about finding out they aren’t the sign they thought they were.

Except that isn’t how it works. That tattoo you got of two fish circling each other on a whim one day because you’ve always thought you were a Pisces, and as such are creative and emotional and any rebellion you make against convention will be personal…? It’s still valid.

After some Google searching, it seems that the new signs didn’t actually go into effect until 2009, so the only people that have different signs than the traditional ones we all grew up with are under the age of two and don’t care yet. Also via Google search, apparently back in the day the Babylonians knew there was a 13th sign but they booted him because they wanted there to be 12.


So, is all of this really meaningless? I think not. At least, it’s not meaningless for the reasons one would think.

The point people are missing though isn’t that this is definitive proof that the juju of the stars telling people how to get through the day is a bunch of bunk, but that it reinforces the fact that ancient humans were paying attention.

Someone had to observe and record and realize that the sun is in a certain place at a certain time every year in relation to the stars. That’s astronomy, not astrology. And maybe at first the idea of assigning someone born on a certain day a sign or symbol depending on the constellation the sun was in was just a way of documenting a person; like splitting up files by last name in alphabetical order. Humans, we like labeling things. (Well, us Virgo humans do.) Later someone may have observed a pattern in personalities of people born in certain times of the year… but it got warped into some kind of divination through the ages. At least, that’s my theory.

Of course, I wonder if people are like their signs because, really, we’re all a little bit of everything and if a person is told they are supposed to be more of a certain way, they start to behave that way; or if they really were that way already and the system of separating by star sign has some validity. One could say it’s a nature vs. nurture debate on a cosmic scale.

This is a subject someone with more time and brain power will have to take on. You would think, based on the traits of my zodiac sign that I’d be perfect for the job. Ha. No. I’m too lazy. Oops. Score one for nature?

Show quote of the day: “What am I supposed to charge him with? Being a twin?”


fermicat said...

If not for Twitter (and now, you) I would never have heard about this. Just getting caught up on friends blogs after ignoring everything bloggy for three weeks. Lalalalala still a Gemini no matter what anyone tells me that is contradictory. Too old to change!

Jenn said...

it is suppose to be only for people born this year and forward. I mean really... can you see me as any different than a Cappy?

Fermi... LOL wasn't much to catch up on mine but I put funny cat pic's up now.

LL said...

So under the new system... would I be under the sign of a curmudgeon?

NYPinTA said...

And that's different than how you were how...?

word veri: chant


Cabell said...

I realize this is way old, but just in case you didn't read about it later: the tropical zodiac, used by Western astrologers, follows a different system and therefore didn't change: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/13/no-your-zodiac-sign-hasnt-changed/

I find the whole thing interesting because of how it demonstrates how misinformation is disseminated, which has been a major issue with #wiunion coverage on Twitter--where we have particular problems with misinformation being tweeted that upsets people, who then take a reactionary stance against something that isn't actually true, or in some cases, make up refutations of ridiculous claims and thereby (imo) make the ridiculous claims seem like they have some credibility. It's a circus.

Also, the other thing that is Virgo for you is probably your ascendant or rising sign, which has to do with the time of day that you were born. While I do not subscribe to astrology EXACTLY, I enjoy it as a lens, much as I do Tarot.

NYPinTA said...

The strangest part about how people react to news is when it's something they know of personally it's much easier to understand just how wrong the media gets things but one (meaning me) usually forgets that the very next story. Also, I collect Tarot cards. The whole idea behind the deck fascinates me. I only have 5 sets. So far.