Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy crap, I’m 'Schrodinger's Cat'.

Quote: “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” ~Werner Heisenberg

Song: Crazy on You by Heart

State of Mind: busy

Date: Two or three weeks later…

There is a theory, or philosophy, that by observing a thing you alter that thing and it occurs to me that my little experiment has been compromised by my own self. I was going to use this month as the “control month” by carrying on as usual with my shopping habits, however it is clear to me now that what is happening instead is that I am using this month to indulge in any whim I have regarding food.
Every day at lunch time I consider the lunch that I brought in, which isn’t unusual for me, then I contemplate getting the heck out of Dodge for just a few minutes at least and I use getting lunch as the perfect excuse to do so, more so now that this is my “free” month in terms of spending and quality. So I end up at one of a few drive-thru windows and later spending a good 20 minutes in my car under a tree watching the world go by.

I swear The Federation (ala Star Trek) has been the only entity to be more of a failure at the non interference observation thing.

Whatever. It’s too late now, so I’m forging ahead by am trying hard not to so easily give in to the impulse to spend spend spend.

Show quote of the day: “I’m glad my grasp of gothic fiction is a source of amusement for you.”

Bonus for waiting so long for this update:


LL said...

Ah the best laid plans of mice...

Wouldn't it be easier to just look at last months totals and go from there? Well... now that you've skewed the control and all...

LL said...

Oh... btw, you're gonna have to do better than that too.

NYPinTA said...

I would have been easier to keep a few months totals but I'm forever throwing out reciepts so... whatever. What's done is done and I enjoyed every minute of it. ;)

PS I'm saving up the best kitty clip. It's going to be epic.

mr. schprock said...

"... by observing a thing you alter that thing..."

That is so true. I once stared at Mt. Rushmore so long I made Lincoln blink.