Thursday, May 20, 2010


Quote: “If you gaze to long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” Fredrick Nietzsche (And gets real bored, I bet.)


Song: “Live Out Loud” by Rob Thomas


State of Mind: Bored.


Date: 5/20/2010


Where the Hell have all of you been?? I’ve been looking everywhere! Well, I guess I should give that old adage of staying put and whoever you are looking for eventually come round a try.


So, in the words of one spaced bounty hunter Jubal Early, “Here I am.”


What have I been doing since I last posted… unfortunately, not much.


My face eventually went back to normal and I went back to work. Ho hum.


Also, I bought a new(ish) car that I love love love. Has a sunroof. And more power than my old car.

(Which means, finally, I can be the one to cut off other people.)


I chopped 90% of my hair off.


Took a vacation from work, but stayed home and puttered around. It was too cold to do anything and I was too broke to go anywhere.


My niece graduated from High School last week.


Both cats have remained healthy.


I got an infection in the cornea of my eye. Almost went blind. That was fun.


Watched a lot of TV.


Saw a few movies.


Read a few books. One I hated. (More on that later.)


Blah blah blahidty blah.


Seriously. I need a life.


Show quote of the day: “That’s a strange turn of phrase, saying, “We won” when you weren’t even playing. When watching Star Wars we don’t say, “We defeated the Empire!”

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LL said...


Is this a new post? Here? I'm amazed... I guess it finally took KTM mocking you to get you to post. I guess that just shows how the rest of us rate...

And you cut off your hair? I suppose the next question is... do you like it or are you quickly trying to grow it back? Oh, and you know you want to post a pic of the new do too...

Finally, you do realize that triple spacing an entry does not make it any longer, it just seems that way.

ctheokas said...

Finally!!! I mean, geez. Took you long enough. At least the terrorists didn't win.

fermicat said...

I would kid you about not knowing if you were dead, but I see you all the time on Twitter...

Good to see you here.

slgn said...

Yay! It's been too long.

Been watching Medium and imaging you watching it too.

You CSTS'ing this year?

Glad all your wisdom didn't disappear.

NYPinTA said...

LL, yes, a new post. And I'm still on the fence about the hair. I like it's not as much of a hassle, which is seeming more important that how it looks. Surprise! I'm lazy like that.

I didn't do the triple spacing. That was posterous. I sent the post to my email while at work so I didn't have to log onto blogger on my work computer and they post it with strange formating.

ctheo, no of course I wouldn't let the terrorists win!

Fermi, yeah, I'm a twitter-holic. But then, I can twitter from anywhere thanks to my iTouch. Blogging is much less portable. (Until I can get me a nice lap top that is... ;) )

Still loving Medium. What was up with Alison though when she has smothering Ariel! Wow. As a ghost, she's a pain in the ass! Ha.

Sadly, no CSTS for me this year. Would have been cool to do one on the 5th anniversary though. And I'm not so sure about my wisdom. Ha. ;D

trinamick said...

Wow! All that work and then I don't even come around to read it. Getting caught up finally. Funny how much nothing can happen when we don't realize it, huh? :)

Does your hair grow fast or will you be left with your decision for awhile? I think about hacking all mine off, but I'd be 70 before it grew back.