Tuesday, November 03, 2009

V 2.0

Quote of the day: "Darn the wheel of the world! Why must it continually turn over? Where is the reverse gear?" ~Jack London

Song of the day: Blame by Korn

State of mind: Busy. So busy, I thought today was the 2nd. Honest.

Date: November 3rd, 2009

Day Two… er, Three!

Tonight I get to take another sci-fi soaked nostalgic trip through my childhood via re-imagining. ABC starts its epic series V, based on the mini series of the same name that aired over twenty five years ago. (Whoa. Really? It’s been that long?! Damn, I’m old.)

All I know of this new version is what I have gleaned from the ads as I have not been paying any attention to the online buzz about it, despite the series star being Whedon alum Morena Baccarin. (And according to articles posted on Whedonesque that I also didn’t bother reading, Alan Tudyk has a role as well. Sweet! *Please don’t let him die horribly.*)

Despite the pedigree of some of the actors in this new version, I am trepidatious. I want to like it. However, it’s based on a show I loved when I was 11 and back then all I really needed to consider a show awesome were spaceships and weapons that shot laser beam bullets. Like all the shows I loved back then they were cartoons compared to the sci-fi offerings of today. For example, the original BSG, Voyagers, V, Buck Rogers, The Tomorrow People, The Powers of Matthew Star, ect. Which is a point lost on Dirk Benedict as evidenced by his misogynist rant. I don't think he understood that the people that watched the original Battlestar Galactica were kids and that those kids grew up and were going to be the same people watching the new version and would want something more grown up as a result… The new show was geared towards an older audience, period. And if he doesn't think the show was about family, spiritual faith, and hope, then he wasn't watching the same show I was. His thinly disguised beef with the show is a stupid as the essay complainging that women are ruining sci-fi because the skirts on female characters aren’t as short as they used to be. Ok, the essay didn’t actually say that, but that’s pretty much what it boils down to. Wahh, the women in shows now have brains and are people! Grow up, and get your porn from Hustler like everyone else.

I’d like to think in the intervening decades my tastes have matured from cartoonish action to something with a little more meat to the story. I do still like shows with a touch of the fantastic, and admittidly Firefly grabbed me the moment I saw Serenity rise up from behind the cliff... but… uh… it’s still different… somehow.

V (circa 1983) has a special place in my heart not only because it was creepy and cool, it marked the first time I really recognized that good guys could also be bad (and vice versa), and it was also the show that inspired me enough to attempt my first fan fiction. (Which I think I still have somewhere in my 6th grader scrawl. Or, wisely, I burned it.) I didn't know the political climate of the time but I was smart enough to understand the Nazi allegory and be horrified that us Americans would so easily succumd to those tactics, and I can’t believe the writers wouldn’t play up the polarization of the media as it is now as the Visitors in this version use massive propaganda campaigns to win the hearts of the humans they wish to ... control/eat/make slaves of? Hmm... I wonder if their endgame is going to be the same this time around and all they want us for is to beef up their pantries? How much is it going to deviate from the original? Will it go it’s own way like BSG 2.0 did from the romp filled skirt chasing golly gee original? Or will it stick to the story with only updated effects? I'm kind of hoping for the former. I'm not a kid anymore and space ships and lazer beams aren't enough.

So, I’m expecting it to blow my socks off while at the same time not expecting anything. The only thing I would like is for Jeff Yager (Kyle) to make at least a cameo. And no, not just because I had a huge crush on him back then.

Ok, it’s because of the crush.

Plus, I haven’t seen that guy on anything since the original show went off the air (with his character apparently doing the stupidest of stupid things by sneaking aboard one of the departing ships that is loaded with human eating aliens. Seriously, WTF was he thinking?) Oh wait, I lied. He had a guest spot on Newhart … The hoity toity maid had a crush on him I think. And at one point someone ripped off his shirt sleeves. Why do I remember that?

*Quick check of IMDB*

Holy crap! He’s been in a lot of stuff since then… how did I not know this? Well then, guess he doesn’t need the work after all… But still, it would be cool to see some of the original cast get to play some part in the new version. Like Richard Hatch, Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica, playing bad guy Tom Zarek for 22 episodes of the new version. (What’s Marc Singer been up too…?)

Besides, any remake automatically gets cred with the fans of the old version when they pay homage to the original cast and crew. At least I think there is a correlation to make such a statement. Take the two versions of Hulk movies. The first one was pretty much universally panned, even though I kind of liked the comic book pages on the screen that everyone else seemed to hate. But the second had clips of TV Hulk star Mr. Bixby and even cast Lou Ferrigno as a security guard as well as used his voice as the Hulk, and the movie was just blatant in its honoring of the TV series. Also, JJ Abrams included the much beloved Leonard Nimoy in his explosive version of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek so it was a bit hard to dis the movie when the man that gave Spock life endorsed it enough to be in it.

But, since I'm DVRing it, I can't tell you what I think until later. I guess nostalgia is going to have to wait for a few more days.

*Original post submitted at 7:20. Corrections and edits made at 10:55. (I was in a hurry because So You Think You Can Dance was about to start. Crazy, I know. I love a show about dancing. Me! Guess tastes change as well as mature.)

Show quote of the day: “What's funny about Cylon toast?”


LL said...

Well... so much for the 30 posts in 30 days thing...

And c'mon... you loved Dirk's little rant and you know it. Besides... if that's what you gleaned from it, I can see that you completely missed the point. ;)

As for new V, not to be confused with the original, they're stealing pretty much wholesale from the original ideas, but there are a few differences.

I won't spoil it here, but make no such promises over at The Bib!

NYPinTA said...

I have time to do 30 in 30 days. Just maybe the pacing will not be as even as I originally intended.

Nope. Hated his rant. Which makes me sad because his Starbuck was my most favorite thing about the original series. But BSG 2.0 was not BSG. And besides, TOS BSG was a rip off of Star Wars so he really didn't have the 'just do your own story' leg to stand on either. I wasn't thrilled they made Starbuck a woman either, but it's logical after you see the show and realize they streamlined the original cast. Their used to be two sets of fighter pilots- 2 guys, 2 girls. They got rid of the 2 women so they had to make one of the two men a woman to keep the balance of the original show. So, Starbuck was a woman, but the ratio remained intact.

Can you steal when it's a remake? ;) So... it's just an updating? Well, the original was fluffy bunnies and sunshine, so we'll see...

slgn said...

I was thinking about the original V too... the creepy still sticks, but I was wondering if part of my interest in it was - we were all still collective tv watchers. Although we had vcrs then (right? hard to remember, but I think beta was still in play), miniseries like this were a pop culture event. I'm wondering if that lent to the endearing association of it. I haven't watched the new one yet. I'll get there sooner or later.

"Grow up, and get your porn from Hustler like everyone else."
That made my day :)