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Top Ten TV Moments

Quote of the day: "Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." ~Teddy Roosevelt

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Date: November 7th, 2009 (Carl Sagan Day!)

Day 7! Post 4.

TV. I love it. I watch too much of it. As a child of the 70s, it was my babysitter, my teacher, and my friend. This might explain why to this day I still believe in my heart of hearts that all my problems could be solved by a team of mercenaries in a black van and a fully equipped tool shed or that whenever I am counting I think to myself after every number, "ah-ha-ha!"

So when I saw an article on TV Guide asking the online community what their top ten TV moments were of the past decade, I thought I could come up with twice that amount easy.

I couldn't. And that bothers me. An entire decade of dedicated television viewing and I had trouble completing a list of ten things that were worthy enough to be put on a list for a blog? That makes me wonder just what am I doing with my time that I couldn't be doing other, possible more memorable things. Piano lessons? Travel? But both would require money... Volunteer work? Reading... oh wait. I do a lot of that too. Can I come up with a top ten list of awesome moments from the books I read over the past decade? Yeah, I think I could.

Anyhow... I did eventually come up with at least ten moments and despite my sudden crisis of whatever you want to call it, I am now posting it for your viewing pleasure.

This list isn't in any particular order, and not all of the moments would be considered happy ones. They asked for memorable and unfortunately sucky things count.

1) 9/11. That day and the weeks after of news coverage. I pretty much spent all my waking hours in front of the TV scanning channels from CNN, to MSNBC, to BBCA, to Discovery, to the local channels. I was mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of the event and I think it took that long for my brain to really take it all in. What an odd surreal time that was.

2) Election night, 2008. I'll admit, I had something in my eye. I spent that night hoping from my computer to in front of my TV. I really wish I had been out that night at the many gathering places folks go to watch TV together. (They're called bars.)

3) President Bartlett curses God on The West Wing. Awesome show, awesome episode.

4) Torchwood: Children of Earth. That show ripped my heart out, then kicked it around with steal toe boots.

5) The Prom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Gets me every time! I know on a lot of peoples lists, the episode where her mother passes away from a brain aneurysm is a memorable, and gut wrenching moment, but when her fellow classmates acknowledge en masse that she is protecting them from things they don't even want to contemplate, I just want to hug my TV.

6) Serenity rises- The Train Job. Alright, I'll admit it, on Firefly the first thing I fell in love with was the ship. And of all the horrible moments in the movie, I recall cursing out a certain word smith the most in my head when Serenity was coming apart during Wash's miraculous landing on Mr. Universe's base. I thought things like, "He's killing Serenity! That bastard!!". Then the rest of the movie just kind of happened to me. (Good stuff.)

7) The X-Prize. I watched the documentary of the race for the X-Prize and the moment that gets me the most is when the team that designed the winning ship was going to launch for the second time and they came out of the hanger to an empty vista and some were down thinking that no one wanted to see this historical moment played out, and then they all came around the corner of a building to see thousands of people, most of whom had driven all night, just to be there and when the crowd saw them they burst into roarous cheers. I think that alone speaks for itself as to whether or not their is interest by people here on Earth to go elsewhere. Out there. Now.

8) Supernatural: Dean goes to Hell. I didn't particularly enjoy the fact that Dean went to Hell, but I thought it was pretty gutsy of the show runners to send one half of the shows heroic duo to the ultimate place of suffering. The consequences of that event are still being played out, and I am enjoying the ride. If you aren't watching this show, get thee to Netflix pronto.

9) Castle dresses up as Mal for Halloween. No other show that I can think of, besides maybe Supernatural, are the writers are having so much fun adding in moments for a particularly loyal segment of the fanbase. They know a lot of the people watching the show came to it as fans of Nathan Fillion and Firefly. But there have been nods to shows other cast members were a part of previous as well. And they do it all without compromising the integrity of the story, which is a neat trick.

10) Spirit Rover sends back photos from Mars. We sent a remote control car to another planet. That speaks for itself.

So, that's it. That's the sum of the coolest moments for me from the last decade.

I so need a hobby.

**Edit** I didn't include the tragic loss of the Shuttle Columbia because I heard about it from my mother when I was still in bed and I was too heartbroke to bother watching any footage on TV about it. So, I can't include it as a memorable moment I experience through TV. It was just a crappy memorable moment from life.

Show quote of the day: "Tell me the truth. When you came up with this plan, you were watching Scooby Doo."

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Holy crap, you've been busy since I was here last! Better get caught up.

I was cheering at that moment in Castle too. I especially loved her line, "Didn't you wear that five years ago? Don't you think you should move on?" Ha!

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