Friday, November 13, 2009

Rossum vs FOX

Quote of the day: "It's weird... you know the end of something great is coming, but you want to hold on, just for one more second, just so it can hurt a little more." ~Unknown (at least by me.)

Song of the day: Somebody to Love by Queen (aka "The Happy Feet" song)

State of mind: bummed

Date: 11/15/09

Day 15. Post... whatever.

I heard the news a few days ago but have been pretending I didn't just for a little while, but I have to face facts: Dollhouse has been cancelled by FOX. Surprise! Ok, not really that much of a shock. Despite cancellation, (which I think is weird that they announced it in the middle of the November sweeps hiatus when it wasn't even on), they are going to be airing all 13 episodes of this season. So. There's that.

As is the case with most things these days, I read about it on twitter, then went to for confirmation and saw that Joss himself had posted about the news.

Hmm. Apparently my news is not news.

I don't have a lot to say. I'm extremely proud of the people I've worked with: my star, my staff, my cast, my crew. I feel the show is getting better pretty much every week, and I think you'll agree in the coming months. I'm grateful that we got to put it on, and then come back and put it on again.

I'm off to pursue internet ventures/binge drinking. Possibly that relaxation thing I've read so much about. By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is. But for now there's a lot of work still to be done, and disappointment to bear.

Thank you all for your support, your patience, your excellent adverts. See you again. -j.

Now, I'm not going to get all pissy and complain that the show was 'too smart' for the American audience. For one, I don't think most people are really all that dumb. (Despite what I say A LOT while driving.) I think the reason so many shows succeed that don't require that much thinking is that most people, even the clever ones, don't want to think while watching TV. It's supposed to be relaxing, so they choose shows that do the thinking for them. Of course, there are always exceptions to that rule because it can't be all prat falls and reality TV all the time or the brain starts to hurt... but in Dollhouse's case, it seemed that what the show was and how it was advertised were not compatible. So outside the Whedon fandom, those that were looking for another eye candy spy action show were disappointed, (except the eye candy part of course), and anyone that was looking for the next thinking show thought Dollhouse was nothing but girl fights and shoot outs. So, the audience FOX got was turned off by the moral ambiguity and those that might have appreciated it never found it. Well, there's always DVD.

But since everyone knows it has an end date, why not give it a try if you haven't already? It comes back on December 4th and the last episode airs on January 22nd. With only two half seasons, that isn't much of a commitment. (If you need a widget to remind you when it comes back, try here.) The previous episodes are available on or on iTunes, and I'm sure the previous season is at your local DVD rental store, which should include the never aired episode Epitaph One. (Warning, that link has spoilers included.) But the real reason you should give the show a chance is because it attracted the kinds of people that could do this kind of work:
How can someone that talented be wrong about a show, huh?
And look at the promo she made:

Now THAT is how the show should have been marketed. Not sure how it would have effected the ratings but FOX would have at least gotten the correct audience.

And now there is a fan created viral campaign online with clues and videos spread all over the net. I won't give them all away, but here are a few to start you off:,@tombness on twitter,, and

Show quote of the day: "Ooh, I could eat that word. Or a crisp."


LL said...

Um... I notice you've been missing a few posts here and there to keep up with that NaNoBlo thingy... ah, the best laid plans of mice. ;)

Joss' name brings with it a certain number of viewers, however, as we can see from his last two offerings, that name alone isn't enough to keep a show alive on FOX. Perhaps he should just stick to the UPCW where they expect less.

Stellar said...

The shows that are consistantly the most watched are the ones that have little to no running arc. Certainly no inter-seasonal arc.

You have Lost and Heroes, I guess, but I think as a rule of thumb it holds true.

trinamick said...

I'm always ranting about reality shows, and why they are still being made - "who actually watches this crap?!" Then a client started telling me how excited his family was about the latest seasons of several reality shows. It all became clear - we are already living in an idiocracy.

Anonymous said...

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