Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloWriMo... (Not Dirty.)

Quote of the day:"The self-criticism of a tired mind is suicide." ~ Charles Horton Cooley

Song of the day: Fly Away by Poe

State of mind: Combative

Date: November 1st, 2009

Once again it's National Novel Writing Month and I had fully intended on participating this year, but like usual, things never go according to plan. So instead I'm going to try and write 30 blogs in the 30 days of November. Some will be wordy, some not. But there should be at least something each day.
At least, that's the plan.

Day One!

To celebrate his extremely short return of the coolest character ever created, I give you a You Tube clip of Mal. Sorta.

BTW, if you look realllllly close, you might just see a nothin' part on the shelf...

And if you need a refresher in all things Firefly or are looking to do some early holiday shopping, get a new set here.

Show quote of the day: "You want to bite me, you buy me dinner."


Stellar said...

Oooh. Don't hurt yourself, P.

LL said...

Didn't you try NaBloWriMo a couple years back? How'd that ever go?

And why would anyone want to see some old guy in a red coat that wasn't Santa Claus? I just don't know about you sometimes P...

I hate to even ask how long it took you to find the catalizer...

Jen said...

Shiny! I missed that episode. And it's a BROWN coat LL!!!

NYPinTA said...

Stellar, I'll try not too.

LL, actually I didn't find it. Someone else did after Nathan Fillion dropped hints that something from Firefly was on the set. I was too busy looking... elsewhere. ;P

Jen, glad you got to enjoy the goodness. The rest of the episode is pretty good too. ;)

slgn said...

I was wondering how everyone was buzzing about the catalizer... I mean, it looks like a random blob in the dark to me (no matter what screen I look for it on). -shrug- If Cap'n says so... it must be true.

"Weren't you that like 5 years ago?" ROFL!