Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 Useless Deaths in Fiction

Quote of the day: "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." ~Bertrand Russell

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Date: 11/11/09

A long time back io9 had a list of the 10 Most Wasted or Lame Deaths in sci fi. So of course, I decided to make my own list. I am going to exapand the criteria a bit to both Sci Fi and Fantasy, just because I can.

Let's start with the slightly annoying and move on to deaths that to this day make me want to pull my hair out:

1)Cyclops- X-Men 3. He was kind of a waste of celluloid so I wasn't so upset, except that it was pointless. What reason did Phoenix aka Jean Grey have to smelt him?

2)Mace Windu- Star Wars: Ep III. On one hand it did take an awful lot to kill him. On the other why can Anakin soar from thousands of feet in the air through traffic and land himself safely onto a moving vehicle, yet Mace couldn't?

3)Data- Star Trek: Nemisis. Brain the size of a planet and he can't get off a ship before it goes boom. Wait... am I confusing my robots again?

4)D'Argo- Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. It wasn't that he sacrificed his life for his friends. It was the cliched way he did it. Farscape was all about tacking worn and weary Sci Fi plot devices and turning them on their head but then they kill D'Argo off in the most overdone war story way possible. D'Argo deserved better.

5)Dr Carson Beckett- Stargate Atlantis. Because they kept bringing him back.

6)Colin/Quinn- just because it looked so lame since the actors playing them quit/were fired the season before so the show runners were forced to resort to showing a guy that was vaguely the size of Quinn waving his friends through the vortex and that was the last you saw of them... except, no! They bring in a new guy that is an alternate world Quinn, but he's stupid! Was that supposed to be an insult aimed at Jerry O'connell? Childish. Also, why didn't the geniuses use the actress that played an alternate Quinn in season 3? No need to explain why she looks different since it's already been established.

7)Connor Macleod- Highlander: Endgame. Never happened. Duncan was hallucinating.

8)Marcus Cole- Babylon 5. His death would have had meaning except the person he gave his life for didn't return for the 5th season and that made his death moot. Which was a pity because Marcus Cole was one of my favorite human characters on that show. He was full of delight and sarcasm, both of which was sorely missed in the last season.

9)Wier. Wier again. Wier 2.0- Stargate Atlantis. Not only did they kill her, they killed her Replicator clone, then killed another actress playing her as yet another Replicator clone.

10)Padme- Star Wars: Ep III. Death by heartbreak? I can't believe they wrote off her character as if she was too weak to deal with the fact she married a psycho that helped take over the galaxy; especially since she was voted Queen when she was just 14 years old and now has two children that will be left alone in that now very dangerous galaxy. What the hell does Lucas have against women that he writes one that is supposed to be so strong and extraordinary yet they can't even be counted on to take care of their own children when they are needed the most?

Show quote of the day: "I think your face is going to catch fire."


LL said...

I wouldn't actually call them useless... especially... erm... no, that one was pretty useless. Ok... well there's tha... erm... no, that one was pretty useless too.

Erm... I... I'll get back to you on this.

ctheokas said...

Shouldn't this be Useless Deaths in TV and Film? I mean, technically this was all fiction, but there were no book deaths. I'm just sayin'.

NYPinTA said...

But all the useless deaths I can think of from books would all be from just one series. *coughSookiecough* Maybe I'll do another list!

ctheokas said...

You know, I can't really think of any useless deaths in books. Anyone?