Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dr Horrible Takes On Manhattan

Quote of the day: "In a cruel and evil world, being cynical can allow you to get some entertainment out of it." ~ Daniel Waters

Song of the day: "Chasing Pavements" by Adelle

State of mind: Mostly sunny with patches of rant.

Date: 9/27/09

So it's been about 5 days since I took the train down to NYC to see Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog and Joss Whedon at The Symphony Space to benefit and I wanted to do my own non-singing blog about it pronto but I caught a cold while there and haven't had a lot of energy, plus a lot of shows premiered this week so... whatever. Also I lost my notes.

I could try and recount all the witty things Joss said in the Q&A after the screening but I'd ruin each joke with my bad recall and besides you can hear it all for yourself on the website. They do ask, and quite kindly too, that you throw a little cash their way in return for being able to hear the interview. Trust me, even at 20 bucks, it's a steal. So give deeply and give often.

The screening itself was a lot of fun. The theater was a pretty good size and as Abby and I had gotten in line two hours before they opened the doors we were able to snag pretty good seats. About 7 or 8 rows back, I think. Close enough to see everything but far enough away to wish we were closer. ;)

After a slight technical foul up, which was more funny than foul, Sarah Vowel explained the reason for the evening and also explained that following the screening Joss Whedon would be Q&A'd by Ira Glass. Ira got a large "woot" of applause to which she replied after a short pause, "Yeah, he's ok."

Then Joss came out to a standing ovation, and that seemed to both please and fluster him.

Then the screening! Woot!!

After all this time I don't think I have to say how much fun Doctor Horrible is. Everyone reading this has had to have seen it by now. I mean, I mention it enough don't I? It broke the Internet. It was one of Time's "Best Inventions of 2008". It just won a freaking Emmy! So if you haven't seen it, do so. It's on iTunes, Hulu, honestly, if you can get to this blog you can get to the Sing Along Blog. No excuses will be accepted.

But seeing it with a room full of other people is an experience, both good and bad.

One ad lib that got a lot of approval was when someone called out, "You're forgetting something!" in the second Act as Dr. Horrible is ranting about Penny calling Captain Hammer sweet and getting off track about the Freeze Ray. (It's not a Death Ray. Or an Ice Beam. Why? If you've seen the Blog, you know. If not, I'm not going to tell you.)

What I don't approve of is trying to recite the lines along with the good (but, you know, evil) doctor. It's a Sing Along Blog, not a Talk Along Blog. Honestly, everyones timing sucked. They were enthusiastic, don't get me wrong! Just waaaaaay out of synch. I mean, if your going to say everything along with him, shouldn't it actually be with him? For all the same reasons I listed above why there is no reason that everyone shouldn't have seen DHSAB, there is no reason those who wish to act it all out couldn't practice their timing- at great length. And of course the audience wide recitals were of the best lines that are not just funny but also require the impeccable timing of someone like Neil Patrick Harris. Besides being kind of annoying, the bad synch with the lines also ruined the funny for anyone that might have been brought to the screening by their friends and had never seen it before and lost the effect of those lines because 100 other people stepped all over them. Think of it this way, if you were at a party with some great comedian and he was telling one of his (or her) more famous jokes that you knew the punch line too, would you jump in and say it just before he did? Or worse yet, say it before he even finished the joke? No. So don't do it just because that comedy is on a screen. Please.

Other than that, the screening was awesome. And funny. Then sad. Then funny. Then sad again.

It ended and the screen rose up to reveal Ira Glass and Joss Whedon sitting facing each other for their Q&A. Again, standing ovation. Again he was pleased and flustered. I think it'd be OK though to reveal a secret. The ovations are always heart felt, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Whedon fans like giving them because a) they are deserved and b) they make him blush and that's kind of funny. But shhh, don't tell anyone, 'kay?

Again, if you want to hear the Q&A, go to It's all there. Then you will understand my two tiny complaints:

1) Wooting. Anytime any actor was mentioned that had worked on anything in the whedonverse that was beloved by any portion of the audience, there would be much wooting. Which was cool, but it started to get annoying and on more than one occasion I couldn't hear the answer to whatever question was being asked because it was lost in all the woot. And one never knows if a recording of an interview is ever going to be available. (Example: It took until August for the Humanitarian Award speech to make it online.)

2) Shouts of "spoilers!" Look. For fraks sake, the finale of BSG aired in March. That was six months ago. That episode, along with every season of that show, is available online and on DVD and if you haven't made the time to see it yet, that's your problem. This is the second time where I have been present that someone asked Joss what he thought of that finale (because not only is he a writer that might have some interesting insight, he's also a huge fan) and again he was prevented from giving his opinion because people in the audience actually thought that they not having seen it yet was more important than his opinion of it. And guess what? They're wrong. When it happened in Boston during the Easter weekend, I could understand it. The finale had only aired a few weeks previous and chances are that a good portion of the audience were Harvard students and maybe watching a sci fi show wasn't a priority. But six months later? Give me a fucking break. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT THE ENDING! Next time he's asked that question and if you are in the audience and hadn't bothered to watch the finale, plug your ears and let him have his say.

The Q&A ended and woot another standing ovation. Which flustered him. Hilarious.

Show quote of the day: "Every person I know is pretty poorly constructed."


samatwitch said...

Thanks for writing this. I always seem to be behind on Whedonesque and Twitter lately so hadn't read anything else about it. I do agree with all your points.

Singing along to Dr. Horrible is fun - talking along spoils it for me, and especially for people who haven't seen it. (Of course, I also don't like shouting at Dawn or anything else when singing along with OMWF, either.)

slgn said...

Sounds like it fun.

People step ALL OVER FF/S lines too. WTF people? Yeah, guess what, I've seen it too... but I wait until the freakin' line if I feel compelled to shout it out (which isn't often). Nothing like trying to get a noob to watch FF, S, DHSAB or whatever, and have you ruin it with your poor timing and bleepy delivery. Asshats. [/rant]


And yes, there HAS to be a timeout on spoilers. A friend of mine had someone freak out on her (I mean FREAK OUT!!!!) during a conversation at the the time Star Wars II came out. My friend mentioned that Anakin/Vader was Luke's father. Apparently this woman had never seen SW, had finally decided to do so and my friend ruined it for her. For which apparently my riend should go directly to hell. Whatever. I think 20+ years nulls any spoiler expectation. And even if she hadn't seen SW, how in the freaking hell did she escape popular culture references so long?


I think this is why I don't go out in public anymore. ;)

slgn said...

Or in English:

"Sounds like it was fun."

LL said...

*sigh* Vlog dammit!

It's always the fans that ruin it... isn't it. :ewink:

trinamick said...

Fans get so annoying sometimes. Especially to those of us who are TRUE fans. :P

Tara said...

I TOTALLY agree with your point about stepping all over the talky bits. I was so annoyed both times we saw Dr. Horrible on the big screen (the other time being the Paley event last year...that was an even worse example of this!) Singing is almost mandatory but saying the lines? It's almost embarrassing how out of synch everyone was. Besides that, it was a really awesome night, though.

Christy in Seattle said...

Yay for Joss!

Dollhouse is even starting to prove itself worthy!

NYPinTA said...


Yes! Finally, someone understands.


Dr Jenn said...

I'd know nothing about SW if it were not for NYPINTA and the viewaskew message boards... I have escaped the whole saga... but don't tell NYPINTA she thinks I am an avid fan

Now... I've read the comments and completely forgot what I was going to say... Oh yea... hey.. Grace ... new email xoxo

trinamick said...

Was that not the best Castle episode? I submit that it was. Firefly, Buffy references, and Nathan Fillion all rolled into one show? My night is complete.

LL said...

Not you too KTM...

Oh, the humanity...

NYPinTA said...

The writers of Castle are on a short list of people I would hug... if I really really had too. And that episode was made of 100% pure uncut awesome.