Sunday, August 02, 2009

Status Update: Where I've Been- Cyberwise

Quote of the Day:"Lost time is never found again." ~Benjamin Franklin

Song of the Day: Fix You by Coldplay

State of mind: Moist

Date: August 2nd, 2009

I can't make my normal rounds at work anymore, for reasons that make me ranty and incoherent. So I'm using my iTouch to get mail and use twitter, but that's about all I can do. I mean, have you ever tried to write a blog on something as small as a deck of cards? It can't be done. Besides, I can't create links with the cut and paste method I favor and what is a blog post without links?

I miss my morning routine. I'd get into work, sort my stuff and rearrange it all in order of importance or time, do deals that were to be delivered before noon, and get whatever else needed to be done finished. Then I'd take my break, grab a snack, and take a whirlwind tour on the internet. I'd check my email first, then I'd make my blog rounds. Witty comment here, hilarious observation there... then I'd stop at the 2 or 3 bulletin boards I was frequenting at the time and give everyone my 2 cents plus a few dollars.

Break over. Back to work.

What is so wrong with that? It's not like I turn off my computer when I'm not using it for work so what exactly is it costing anyone when I did this? Now I still take that break, but I can't do a fucking thing. Hurray for technology and nosey employers.

And don't bother telling me of all the cases where employers won the right to know whatever it was their employees were up to while using their equipment. It's still crap.

So, I haven't been around. I try and get online once I'm home, but frankly, I'm tired of looking at a computer screen so I don't, and it sucks.

What I've been up to:

Still working on the home office. It's something else I'm too tired to do when I get home from work so weekends are my only time to try and get it done. Almost there!

I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. If you are unsure what the hell a Sookie Stackhouse is, she's a waitress with telepathy that falls for a vampire in northern Louisiana after vampires "come out of the coffin" because a Japanese company has invented a blood synthetic vampires can drink instead of feasting on humans. I'm in the middle of the second and although they are leaps and bounds better then the Twilight series, they don't compare to anything vampire written by Anne Rice. That women just knew how to write blood suckers. The Sookie books fun and just a touch smutty. Shut up.

Went to see Coldplay with a co-worker last Monday and I've been resisting the urge to sell all my belongings and follow them on tour. Damn fine show. They played at SPAC and we were lucky enough to get a dry day for the show. (Sorry Texas. If I could, I'd send you some of our rain. I'm tired of it.) Nothing better than a happy crowd dancing to amazing music while under a clear summer night sky. And I've been reliving it with the free CD they handed out to everyone as we left. 9 songs, recorded from a concert in the UK. You can download them free too off the Coldplay website. Hint, hint.

Went to a company picnic and it didn't suck as much as I thought it would. Never mind that I had been suggesting one for the past 8 years. Whatever. It's not like I'm bitter or anything. ;)

Celebrating my mother's birthday. (It was yesterday.) We had cake!

Laughing at my sister, who at the age of 39 went into the hospital on July 13th thinking she was having a bladder attack only to discover she was in fact pregnant and in early labor! A baby girl was born by C-section, right after my sister burst into tears. In my defense, her other daughter who was with her when she got the good/bad news busted up laughing too. So... it must be genetic.

Watched the 5 part Torchwood special Children of Earth. It was devastating it was so good. They really went to the dark places that most sci fi likes to skirt around. And they didn't pull any punches at the end. It came out on DVD on the 27th of July but I haven't gotten it yet. I don't know if I can watch it again! It just tears you up in ways that are inexplicable, and yet delicious. If you haven't seen it, I say go for it. Then you'll understand.

Not much else. Laundry, grocery shopping, blah blah blah.

See? This is what my company is trying to protect you from. Well, they can take my internet when they pry it from my dead cold hands!! (Or they shut it off. Whatever.)

Show quote of the day: "When something seems to be too good to be true, I shoot it just to be sure."


slgn said...

Glad to see you alive n' kickin'. Sorry that work internets is such a pain. I don't enjoy logging on at home after sitting at my computer all day either.

I've read the Stackhouse series too. Is it me, or has vampire stuff been exploding the last few years. Crazy. I got hooked after I saw one True Blood (S1) ep. Fun brain candy.

Haven't watched TW:COE yet, but I was spoiled. Hrmpf.

Hang in there.

Dr Jenn said...

LOLOLOLMAO @ Mary. OHHHHH MG>>>>> I can't stop laughing.... tell her please! Is she still with dirt bag in fl. ?

I blog from the blackberry all the time, lol, that is when it looks like Mandy wrote it. LOL.

LL said...

You're alive? And slgn* (note the "*") even came out of the woodwork because of it? Wow... talk about two strokes of bad luck... :P

And you should be ashamed... laughing at your new niece like that. *snicker* No... really...

Beth said...

I read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels so far. I didn't like them at first, but now, I'm hooked. Can't wait for the next one!

Please, visit and subscribe to the e-mails for my site. It would be much appreciated. That's my shameless self promotion.

Stellar said...

I thought that surprise pregnancies to term were an urban legend, like waking up in an ice bath missing a kidney, or the moon landing.

I don't know why so many vampire stories are set in my beloved Louisiana. I'd suspect actual vampires would prefer a cleaner blood supply. Not to mention the invariable flop-sweating through dark clothing. Nobody wear dark clothing here. It's too friggin hot.

NYPinTA said...

I don't think vampires sweat. And my guess? The food their food eats. ;)

Beth, same with me. At first I was a bit meh, but then suddenly I was on the fourth book. Their like crack, but with words.

LL, if you didn't have bad luck, you'd have none at all.

Jenn, I'm still giggling. And yes, she and J are still together.

slgn, Hi! Not sure what it is about vampires that makes them such a trend right now.

I was spoiled for Children of Earth too, but trust me, it's still worth a watch.

eda said...