Saturday, June 13, 2009

@twitter #fail

Quote of the day: "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster." -- Friedrich Nietzsche (quote found on twitter. Posted by @gojiro

Song of the day: Separate Ways by Journey. No, I'm not kidding.

State of mind: Baffled, but willing to tinker.

Date: Not Friday ... but it is some day’s Tomorrow.

I've been scribbling notes for days on this blog post because there is so much to say about twitter. Which I think is some form of irony. And all because Red commented her frustration on following some conversations while on twitter. Inspired by that frustration, I started a listing all the features, some twitter lingo, twitter events like Follow Friday and #hashtags, finding articles both pro and con twitter all for a thorough post on this, the latest net phenomenon. I even have a new favorites folder labeled “twitter”, several post it notes of ideas scribbled while at work, a few hand written drafts… and then I remembered K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

She just asked about following what others were saying. How about I just answer that, hmm?

It can be annoying, trying to follow a conversation on twitter. Especially now that the minds behind twitter have decided to take away the option of seeing all tweets by those people you follow, even if it is an @reply to someone you do not follow. Before, you could choose to see all their tweets no matter to who or to only see those to you, to anyone else on your list, or those tweets not designated for anyone in particular. Truth be told, I had mine set to only seeing those tweets to and from people on my follow list because seeing all of the half conversations between one of my followees and someone I didn't follow clogged up my feed and I don't have as much time as I used to for web browsing (aka: time wasting). (This thanks to a cyber snoop at work. Now when I don't have actual work to do or when I take a break, I have to resort to daydreaming or playing Freecell because neither are online and "take up the company broadband". Pu-lease. If that were the case, why would have have installed a key stroke recorder? I can't even use Word at work to compose a letter (or blog post) without someone else being able to recreate it at their leisure. So, if it's not about our broadband usage and if we can all get our work done and do a little online shopping on our breaks, then WTF!? ... Pfft. Whatever.) Um, anyhow... A lot of people liked the option to see all tweets by anyone they followed because as the Robert Frost poem says, 'way leads to way' and they were able to find other interesting people by stumbling upon their page via @reply tweets. They figured, if someone they liked enough to follow found merit in someone else, maybe they should too. Now those tweets don't even exist for them and I've read it said that it's like being at a party with one ear clogged up from a sinus infection or one half of the room speaks a language too high pitched to register. How fun does that sound? All of twitter is one large conversation. Why would twitter make it impossible for people to mingle with as many other people as possible? (Yet, they are going out of their way to offer the accounts of celebrities as the ones to follow when you join up, rather than let people find followees organically. Because, let's be honest... aren't celebrities the only people we, the dirty uncouth masses, should care about following?)

Sorry. Got a bit ranty there for a moment. Back to the simple:

However, even though twitter took away that option there are still an obnoxious amount of conversations that are a pain to follow because you have to keep hitting the "in reply to..." button and read the conversation backwards. But back in the day (like a few months ago) I recall there being a twitter app that made it possible for tweets to be organized in threads that made it easier to follow who was saying what to whom and in the order they said it. Tweetree.

So, there you go, Red! Check it out and I hope it helps.

See? Easy.

The rest, I'll post later.

Except I do want to say this:

I do love it. It is a random site, inspired into creation by the status lines of AIM users and their witty reasons why they were AFK (Away From Keyboard). Despite my ranting above and as has been said on t-shirts, twitter is not a chat. And according to one of the creators of twitter during an interview on The View, it also isn't a social networking site. It isn't MySpace or Facebook. I can follow whom I choose and can choose who follows me. It isn't automatically mutual, forcing the Internet and everyone on it together with some kind of electronic passive aggression. Honestly, sometimes I expect MySpace to spontaneously burst out into Kum Bye Ya. Guess what? The entire Internet is not all friends. Shocking, I know.

I use twitter to follow news sites like CNN, the NY Times, and Global Voices that update with the latest goings on, entertainment sites with movie and TV insider info, NASA in many forms, some celebrities (mostly famous for roles they played on one Whedon show or another), some fictional characters, one cat, and people I've run into on multiple message boards. I've found quotes, poems, pictures, funny You Tube videos, stories of the odd and incredible, images of galaxies far far away and images of our own Earth in action. Before, browsing the Internet was a solitary thing. But with twitter, it kind of feels like the Internet is talking to me. It is odd because MySpace and Facebook are designed to connect people, yet with twitter I feel more connected to the Internet as a whole, as if it is a living entity with actual people on the other side of my screen, where as those other two sites just make me feel like someone sitting at home tinkering with a website.

Plus, instead of randomly surfing the web, I can tailor my twitter so that the things I'm interested in come to me, which I find pretty efficient. Well, as efficient as a time waster can be.

Show quote of the day: “Do you know how hard it is to clean clown makeup off a bone saw?”


LL said...

Never could get into twitter...

I can understand why you can feel more connected to people though. Blogging is very isolating. You don't get the interaction that you do with something like a BB or twitter. Chats are by far the most interactive, but that means that everyone has to be there at the same time and it chews up a lot of time.

Oh... and your showquote is quite unusual... :P

BTW, did you catch the last two eps of Pushing Daisies? Yeah... last Saturday and tonight. Good thing they advertised it, eh?

NYPinTA said...

No kidding. They couldn't even be bothered to let people know the last few episodes of one of the most fun show ever were airing. Sad. Just really sad. But yeah, I watched. I'm going to miss that show. It was funny, clever, colorful... Damn shame.
But blogger is one other way that does make me feel connected, but not in the same immediate way. And mostly it's just to people I've either already known or "met" someplace else online.

NYPinTA said...

PS Do you know where the quote is from?

LL said...

Of course I do... you found it on twitter. :P

Oh... you mean the showquote... what do you think? :ewink:

çiçekçi said...

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trinamick said...

It's the chick's deadpan expression when she said it that makes it priceless. I spent the rest of the night imagining the process of autopsying a clown.

Not a fan of twitter. It's too random for me, especially since I've been trying to spend less time perusing the interwebs. It feels like the whole world has ADD, and I have enough trouble focusing as it is.

NYPinTA said...

Sometimes I think the Internet is what caused my ADD.

Red said...

ummm urmmm, maybe I will stick to blogger! WOW. What a pain in the ass. Was there something that awfully wrong with the old fangled chat rooms?

eda said...