Monday, March 09, 2009

What Would You Do?

Quote of the Day: “Everybody blames the culture without taking responsibility.” ~ James Levine

Song of the Day: Here Comes the Rain Again by The Eurhythmics

State of mind: Ponderous

Date: March 9th, 2009

In life it’s seems odd but the small dilemmas we are confronted with can cause just as much, if not more, consternation then the big ones. Mostly because they are small and one becomes torn about how much of a fuss to make to correct a situation- if any. You justify letting whatever it is go and move on with your life, but have to wonder if doing that so often makes you life’s bitch.

So, just for fun, I’ll describe one of many small dilemmas I found myself facing and just to see how everyone else would have handled it.

Today’s Dilemma for deconstruction: On Friday I called in an order of Chinese food for pick up. They gave me my order number and told me 15 minutes. Cool. I stopped at the pharmacy first and then sat down at the few tables in front of the register and waited for my food. She rang up my order and I recall the amount stirring something in the back of my brain, but I ignored it while at the register, but not enough that when I got to my car I didn’t stick my hand in the bag and see if I had the correct amount of containers, thinking I must have more than I ordered. Because I came up with the same number of containers for what I ordered and didn’t investigate further. Five miles later as I’m pulling the food out of the bag at home, I discover how wrong I was not to checked.. I knew I should have checked. Why didn’t I check!? But it was too late now… right?

What should I have done? I got order number 86 but was supposed to get 89 so that means when 86 showed up for their order, they were probably handed mine. Or they didn’t. Who knows what happened. But should I have called? Should I have packed up the food and driven all the way back to get a credit for the wrong amount and then waited for my correct order? Because I most definitely did not do that. It was the end of a long week, I was home with my shoes off, it was drizzling, and I didn’t want to go back out in the rain. And maybe I felt like it was partly my fault since I had an inkling something was wrong but ignored it. Besides, the stuff in the bag looked just as good so we ate that. I mean, I already paid for it, so why not?

So… in that situation, what would you have done?

Show Quote of the Day: “In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is a second awesome gland.”


korkster said...

I would have eaten the food as is. IF I had checked before I made it back to my house... yeah, I would have asked for an exchange.

But, since getting the wrong food didn't disrupt my world & I was still feeling good, there was no "wrong" to be righted.

If the customer who got your food instead of theirs decided that they'd rather have their food, the restaurant wouldn't have a problem making them their food.

My mother would have made a big stink about it that upsets her day & others. From that raising, I focus more on a let positive moods flow kind of thing.

LL said...

As long as you'd paid the proper amount for it, it's hardly a theft. You may not have got what you ordered... but you did get what you paid for.

Red said...

you know I would have pitched a fit. LOL. Maybe not, I have mellowed out a lot over the years.

NYPinTA said...

Yeah, I paid the right amount for what I got. So I didn't feel guilty eating what we had.

And I'm pretty laid back about these things. I'm just wondering if I should be.

ctheokas said...

I woulda taken a hostage. AND I would have gotten the correct order. AND I would have eaten both orders.

Beth said...

I always check my order before I leave because my kids are so order specific. I don't think you did anything wrong though. It would have been different had the order you got been like $50 and you paid $20 for it. They wouldn't have re-used the food anyway so it just would've went to waste, right?
Are you watching "Castle?"

NYPinTA said...

Castle. Yep. :D

Beth said...

Had to check answer. Nathon makes the whole show. I'm watching this every week. Even hubby likes it.

samatwitch said...

I'm late with my comment but I would have done the same thing. You paid for what you got and as long as it was food that you liked, I think that was the sensible thing. Now, if you had your heart set on, say, dry ginger beef, and the order you got didn't have any, well, that might have changed my mind. ;)