Friday, March 06, 2009

March Muchness

Quote of the Day: “When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.” ~Deepak Chopra

Song of the Day: none right now

State of mind: hopeful

Date: March 6th, 2009

If I could, I would hug March. It is the month everything begins to change. I’m tired of winter and March gives me the first glimpse it’s almost over. Why isn’t March the beginning of the New Year? It is the month of rebirth and renewal. Spring starts in March, on the 20th. Daylight Savings starts in March. I’ll finally see the sun after work. St Patrick’s Day is in March. What is there not to like about March? As a bonus, this year there are tons of entertainment enticements in March as well. The Watchmen movie starts this weekend. Castle starts next Monday. Yeah, it’s another in a long line of mystery procedurals with bickering co-stars that actually don’t hate each other but it looks charming in that obnoxious sort of way. Next weekend is the release of Return to Witch Mountain. (What? It looks fun! Shut up.) And the week after that Knowing with Nicolas Cage opens. All I know about that movie is there is a secret code, things explode, and the end of the world has to be averted. Awesome, right? Tickets to see Joss Whedon accept the Humanist Award from Harvard went on sale in March. (I already have mine.) And I have no doctor appointments for me or my cat on the schedule. My tax refund should be coming in March and my unused vacation pay from last year is about to land on my desk. March rocks. March rolls. March FTW.

Plus, it isn’t February. February was rotten. I was sick and I missed a lot of days at work during a really busy time and that just kept causing problems for the rest of the month. Its cold, dark, and I am glad it’s gone. Valentine’s Day isn’t even enough to make February ok with its bountiful boxes of candy and fresh flowers for the giving. Every project I had in my planner had to be thrown out the window and I was so in the midst of the winter blahs I didn’t much care.

But March is motivating. It’s the name. March is a month, but it’s also a command. Get moving. Go, go, go! And I have a lot of going to do to make up for the time I lost in February. I’m a month behind in my Designed for Success project. But I have a plan. I’m going to double up this month. So, be on the look out for both Chapters 2 and 3 in the weeks to come. (When I’m not busy at the movies or outside enjoying non-freezing temperatures.)

What does March mean for you?

Show quote of the day:"What part of an inverse tangent approaching an asymptote don't you understand?"


Beth said...

My daughter turned 16 in month. Really a strange moment in life. I can't deny that she's a woman now or will leave me someday.

So March is always the month of my daughter, BUT it's also the month for Castle to premiere. Are you psyched or what?

trinamick said...

March means a record high of 62 degrees a few days ago. Then March means -30 degree windchill predicted for tomorrow. Oh, and it means I turned another stinkin' year older today. But it also means that in one week, 11 of my speechies are headed to State! And stupid basketball on television. But Castle starts tonight!

As you can tell, March around my house means schizophrenia is in full swing.

NYPinTA said...

trinamick, Fun, isn't it?

Beth, Yep. I'm pleased that he'll be on TV on a regular basis. ;D

trinamick said...

And it was so worth watching! I must say, I did a great deal of chuckling last night. It's definitely getting moved up in my DVR priority.

Have you watched the clips from onset at MSN? Funny stuff.

NYPinTA said...

Yeah, he does smarmy obnoxious man child well. I think I'll be DRVing Castle and watching Medium from now on. But I couldn't wait last night.

Nope, haven't seen any clips.

slgn said...

"What part of an inverse tangent..." I had to Google to be sure, but I thought that was Sheldon. Yay! I heart BBT.

I was psyched about March but then I've had snow the last two days (nothing major) and it was 26 degrees while I waited for the bus this morning (it's not supposed to get that cold where I live). Boo! Bring on spring, March!!!

NYPinTA said...

Hee. I should change it to "Sheldon quote of the day" because he gets to say the funniest stuff. I really thought I wasn't going to like that show when it first started, but it just kills me it's so damn funny.