Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anyone got a tissue?

Quote of the day: "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." ~Albert Schweitzer

Song of the day: Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band

Date: March 19th, 2009

I’m out of phase with my own comfort zone today. Just a little bit off and it’s really making me cranky. Or it’s making it so that seemingly little things that shouldn't tick me off but are, like: being interrupted, or a co-worker asking another co-worker about a form that she’s never had anything to do with in all the years she’s been here, typos, my internet not loading fast enough, the music in our showroom, the music on the radio in our office. I stopped listening to Def Leppard in 1985, why would I want to listen to it now? And talking- of any kind. This is like having a runny nose but no access to any tissues. It’s not life threatening, but it’s annoying as hell and I'm not in the frame of mind to be able to let those tiny issues just roll off my back.

It started even before I left the house this morning and because I had to stop at the store anyhow my response to this feeling of discontent was to buy a donut. After I ate the donut it occurred to me that in this direction obesity lie. I’m not sure when the tendency to buy food in response to negativity started, but I need to find a replacement for that behavior pronto or I won’t be able to fit in my Hyundai anymore.

My hands are dry, people keep interrupting my thoughts and walking behind me which makes me tense up and sigh rather loudly because I would rather that everyone just stay the hell away form me, my arm hurts and I have no idea why, I continue to not be a lotto winner, and life in general just stinks.

Frak. Frell. Fudge. Fongu. Fluck. %&#@!

And it’s raining.


And then I read this: Kenny the cat abuser. Although, to be honest, I’m a little concerned that his personal information has been posted online. I mean, the kid deserves to pay for what he did but I think it’s also obvious that the kid is sick in the head and needs help too and actually getting revenge by hurting this kid outside of what the justice system deems appropriate isn’t cool. I also hope someone looks into his home life because hurting those cats might have been in response to how he himself is treated. People should be expressing their outrage at what was done, and working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But I have a feeling that something else is going to happen and it won’t be good for anyone involved. I’m just happy that the cats are in good homes now.

*deep breath* OK! Things coming up, when I’m in a better mood and able to think: Castle review, D4S Update (that I’ve been working on for two weeks but can’t get past the third paragraph- which might be ironic since it’s about my own increased productivity at work), random moments from my life that would be cool to see in a movie, but not one about my life because that would be boring, food, and other stuff.

Show quote of the day: “Maybe life is a dream and we wake up when we die?”


Stellar said...

Wait for the wheel.

LL said...

Hmmmm... donuts eh? I'm not sure of the obesity thing, but diabetes probably grows from that.

I think you're just suffering from a toxic level of old guy lust that's only gotten worse since Castle aired. You're like a moth to it's flame... :ewink:

Kathleen said...

You might as well eat the damn donut...I've been avoiding all junk food since Ash Wednesday (actually before since I was too sick to eat for the three days before it) and exercising and literally watching everything I eat and guess what? Yup, you guessed it, I haven't lost a single freaking pound. Being a 40+ woman sucks.

BTW, Castle? Hmmm, Fermi mentioned it at LL's in the same breath as Nathan Fillion. What am I missing out on?

Madre Farbot said...

This is what happens when comfort zones collide. Some people just aren't capable of thinking too deeply about anyone but themselves.

There are people I work with who will not think of the next person's feelings, but will instead raise the roof against others with their own stupidity, mostly because it's easier.

It's a pity that there isn't a micro spy remote for the radio, or for people, for that matter. LOL

LL said...

"What am I missing out on?"

Not a damn thing...

Red said...

I hate edgy days! Eat the donuts and don't worry about the hips. You've been too pretty too long, hey eat another one! Just teasing. About eating another one... not about you being the pretty one...

Hey my veri word is monti ... um don't go showing us details on where that donut went, aight?