Sunday, November 16, 2008

FarScape Premiere and Quantum of Solace- in brief.

Quote of the day: "Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art." ~ Kurt Cobain

Song of the day: Wings for Marie Part I by Tool

State of mind: lagging

Date: Nov. 16th, 2008

It's chilly today. A real autumn day, with a blustery wind and crisp leaves on the ground. (I don't know why I mention that. I guess to demonstrate how much I wanted to go to the movies that I would willingly get out of my warm comfy bed on such a bitter day.) I got up early and went to see Quantum of Solace at the mall. Despite what the critics are lamenting about, I thought it was a damn fine film, but then I never really liked the things about Bond that people seem to think makes him Bond, such as the gadgets, hokey villains, and the girls with the double entendre names. (Octupussy? I mean, really? Silly boys. Grow up.) It was a solid movie with a sadly realistic villainous group with sadly realistic goals to roll in the dough and control the fortunes of millions of people. And this James Bond is still a little bit pissed off about losing the one woman that he has ever loved. So was I upset to not see the suave always smug Bond? Did I feel jipped that this Bond had a bit of an edge and got dirty more than once in the pursuit of the bad guys? Nope. There were car chases, fancy hotels, tuxedos, exotic locations, and dead bystanders. It was all there. But this James Bond is still on his way to becoming the Bond everyone knows,loves, and longs for. The Bond that makes it seem like the world of villainy is one so far removed from the real world that it will never effect their lives as long as they walk the straight and narrow. But wait, just one more film and he should at least be ready for the martinis, shaken not stirred, and the torrid affairs on the run. But I think the days of bad guys with bases on the moon are over.
In the meantime, enjoy something chock full of gadgets but totally lacking in suave. (A nice yin to the Bond yang.) Farscape, from the first episode:
FarScape on

Show quote of the day: "Boy was Spielberg wrong."


Beth said...

Hey, I tried to get Farscape off of Netflix, but they're "missing" the first season. That's just so weird ... to be missing an entire season.

My husband and son had a man's day and saw the new Bond film. I LOVE Bond films, but they needed some bonding time. Nyuk nyuk.

Anyhow, they both loved it and I have to say, I love this new Bond. He's more cantankerous, more unpolished than the norm, but I likes it.

trinamick said...

I be going to Bond tonight! I would have like to have gone Friday night, but all the douchebag teenagers in their pink shirts and popped collars go on Fridays, and then I am distracted from the movie by the overwhelming urge to pimpslap idiots. Tonight, the theater will be close to empty! Woot!

Kathleen said...

I haven't watched Bond since Roger Moore, but the guy at work today said it was one big car chase. He definitely commented on the lack of gadgets as well.

BTW, are you watching Sanctuary? If so, what do you think? I can't decide if I like it or not...still waiting for Peter Wingfield to show up. If you're not watching, I'll try to let you know if I get advanced notice.

trinamick said...

Ok, so I thought it was awesome. But I still liked Casino Royale better. And I should have gone back and watched CR again before I went. Otherwise, it's kinda hard to remember why you should know certain characters in QofS. This has some amazing action sequences, but I miss the humor and sarcasm of CR. I'm all about the new dark, gritty Bond and no Denise Richards (gag), but don't lose the cool gadgets and biting wit.

Loving me some Daniel Craig, though. Definitely on my To Buy list.

fermicat said...

I haven't seen it yet, but that movie is on my list. I don't miss the cheesier aspects of Bond.

Love that show quote!