Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike made Texas its Tina.

I realize this is a few days late seeing as the hurricane hit the week before last, but a friend of mine lives just 70 miles from Galveston and I haven't heard from her since just before the storm hit. I'm sure she's fine, but very very busy. But that made me think more about the people down there and the devestation they have to clean up. So if everyone could spare a few thoughts for her and everyone else in the region, I’d appreciate it.
But also I know with the economy playing Twister right now that a lot of charities are suffering and I think a lot of the emergency services charities are falling short on what they can do for people in storm ravaged areas. I was thinking maybe an online garage sale on Ebay using Mission Fish so that money from the auctions goes directly to the charity of choice via Ebay would be a good way for people that can’t otherwise donate to contribute. I believe the Red Cross participates with Ebays charity program as well as some others. As usual though, I caution everyone to research the charity they choose and a simple way to do that is with Charity Navigator. They even already have a page with a list of charities to help out with Hurricane Ike relief.
Charity Navigator

Not listed on Charity Navigator I found the McCormick Foundation that has a matching program for hurricane relief. I don’t know much about this foundation as of yet, so donators beware. But I’ll include the link anyhow.

McCormick Foundation

Found another useful charity, in my opinion.

Habitat for Humanity

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I started a thread at and on SFSD for a wider audience discussion, because I would like this effort to transcend any particular fandom so I’d like to get as many people as I can to help out with this and we can organize our ‘garage sale’ for a specific date.


Kathleen said...

Just saw your comment at Beth's - I get an e-mail from some Peter Wingfield fan club which tells me when Peter is on anys show - it's how I got hooked on SG-1, it's why I wasted an hour watching Charmed, he's the reason I actually watched the most abominable movie ever: Catwoman, etc. I think his appearance is a few weeks out, but I already have the series set up on my DVR.

Kathleen said...

any show, not anys show. I really wish I'd learn to proofread.

JennyLu said...

Charity is amazing. I wonder how many people actually benifit from what is given? I ask because when the tornado's came through here on Mothers Day and whipped half the town or Kite or better and we were under a state of Emergency, it took FEMA almost a week to get here and the only help anyone got was price gouging on roof repairs.

NYPinTA said...

Next to lack of funds going to charity, the other problem is coverage. Towns that don't have journalists showing footage of seem to get forgotten while other towns are flooded (no pun intended) with good will and clean socks.

Starr Astronomer said...

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