Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Stuff

Quote of the Day: "Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual." ~Terry Pratchett

State of mind: Bored.

Date: I don't even know anymore. Let me check my home page! *clicks* *clicks back* It's the 27th of July

So, I've been tooling around the internet a lot this past weekend, refreshing my twitter and io9 live blog to see what was the latest from Comic Con. It's like I'm there! But without the smelly crowds, long lines, or actually being there.
But during my travels on the DubyaDubyaDubya, I noticed something. I have a lot of shit on the net to read. Blogs, BBs, You Tube, news feeds, multiple MySpace pages, Facebook, Twitter... and no way to really keep track of them all easily. What I want is a widget. A widget that lets me know when a blog I read has been updated by the blogger. That's the only thing I like about MySpace. The fact that whenever anyone on my 'friend' list updates, it shows up on my home page. It's handy. It would also keep me from clicking on Stellar's blog in some vain hope the man posted something. The closest I have found to suit my needs is iGoogle. You create a home page and you can add blogs to it and it actually gives you the last blog post listed. Neat feature, IMO. Except a few blogs that I have links to here aren't recognized and I can't figure out why. LL's blog was accepted, yet Beth's wasn't. I'm not sure yet if I can add my twitter account and have all the messages displayed or just what I put up like on the side of this blog. I want to read everyone's updates. Not my own. I'll test that out later and let you know what happens.
I love the web. Lots of stuff to do and read. I just want to organize it so I don't spend hours going back and forth between pages because I can't remember if I looked at it yet or maybe something new has been added since I was last there.
The one downside to this iGoogle? It's not on my desktop. I have to be online in order to get to it. And I can't just leave it open and see if anything new has been posted. I have to refresh it for new content. Work, work, work.


fermicat said...

I use Bloglines as my feed reader, but I know a lot of people use Google Reader. It might be better, but I am too lazy to set up another feed reader. It is a big help not to have to click around endlessly looking for updates. If anyone posts something new, I will see it in my feeds. I downloaded a desktop notifier widget for my work computer, which eliminates the need to obsessively check the feed reader, which I am using to avoid obsessively checking individual blogs. Sweet!

Between that, and the "subscribe to comments" via email thingy, internet life is much more organized and not too much slips through the cracks.

NYPinTA said...

I've tried Bloglines but it was too confusing. Plus iGoogle has all sorts of silly gadets you can add. I have a virtual fishtank and a webcame that shifts to sights from all over the world at 30 second intervals. Word of the day, fun fact of the day, excuse of the day, reason to drink for the day... Ack! So much more to keep me from doing whatever it is I know I should be doing. Like work. Or housework.
Ooo... I found online sudoku! Sweet.

Cali said...

Just got back from comic-con - I actually went Thursday as well. Thanks for your suggestions about today, but I went with my wife and she's not a huge Buffy fan so we didn't stay for the musical finale. In fact we were in the same room just before it for Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra (yeah, I know, wtf is he doing there?) - it was the best session of the 2 days for me. Morrison has tremendous vision and imagination - between the two of them they had some pretty insightful things to say about the relevance of and need for superhero mythology in the world's current state of tension and fear.
Didn't catch much Joss Whedon-related stuff at the con, but caught up on some Dr Who/Torchwood and anime stuff. Funniest session certainly Kevin Smith's moderation of the Scream Like a Girl panel with Lucy Lawless, Jaime King and others - mostly not appropriate for reposting here! As a first visit to comic-con I enjoyed it immensely - definitely plan to go back next year.

LL said...

I just do the RSS feed thingy... mostly anyway.

The reason iGoogle won't accept Beth's is that she doesn't have her RSS enabled.

ctheokas said...

LL, you have an RSS feed, but you won't sign up for websites? Dude, RSS feeds are worse than anything! Those dudes in the black copters know everything about you now!

Me, though, I just travel around the interweb, and don't worry about such time wasting things. Because in my day, we had to search for our news! We had to surf uphill! Both ways! Across a street of razor blades and then through a river of rubbing alcohol! And we liked it!

Dang kids. Get off my lawn!!!

wa11z said...

Yeah, why make it so complicated? Waste time when appropriate. Then work. Lather, rinse, repeat.

NYPinTA said...

Is there an appropriate time to waste it? Hmmm. Oh right. That would be all the time. ;P

Beth said...

If it doesn't recognize me, it sucks ... or has just really good taste. Haha.

I still haven't seen Joss' new sing a long cause it never works, so I am going to hula with high hopes right now.

Glenn said...

That quote is priceless.

JennyC&F said...

quit bytching already. stay here click on ya slackers bloggers and see if we update (hey, it makes the counters work, right, right, right?) You know I am right. Anyway.

:) I just can't imagine you and comic con. I am holding the scales of justice and I can't see this ....!

Luv ya N E Way
OMG Cali posted? ~~faints~~