Friday, March 07, 2008

Six Word Story

Quote of the day: “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” ~Earnest Hemingway

Song of the day: None

State of mind: Halfway there!

Date: 3/7/08

In my local paper there was an article about an online request for posters to submit six word stories based on the famous challenge issued to Earnest Hemingway. The results of which are my quote of the day. After reading the story, I did a search and found that this sort of limited word storytelling is a popular challenge. So, just like many blogs and online magazines before me I'm stealing the idea.
But why six words? Why not seven? Or just five? Maybe there was a five-word challenge but no one could do it. Makes me wonder what the shortest story is. How many words does it take to tell a complete tale? Maybe we’ll try that challenge later. I might even make this a semi regular feature… with alterations of course. But for now I’d like to stick with the traditional six words.

Show quote of the day: “Do I have to kill you now too?”


John said...

Joe is really loud and annoying.

Hmmm...not quite as eloquent as a Joe-ku, but it gets right to the point

LL said...

Dangit! Blogger ate my best stories!

Well... here goes again, but I doubt they'll be a poignant this time...

"Her brain melted. Old-guy toxicity."

"*Pfft* This gun's not even load..."

"Honey, I'll pull out in time..."

wa11z said...

"Then God died."

NYPinTA said...

Ok, my entry today:

"Read the obituaries today. Kept one."

LL said...

"Lord Loser's dead. Pissed PinTA off."

And because today is someone's special day:

"Turned 28 today. Life is over."