Friday, February 29, 2008

The saddest book I've ever read.


I'm not sure how to start this post. Yesterday I got home from work and sitting on my footstool was an box. Nothing unusual about that. I even have an credit card. But I hadn't ordered anything. And it's important to know my frame of mind at the time this unexpected box arrived. Not good. It hasn't been good for a while now. Why? Life is annoying. Not bad. Not a waking nightmare. Just annoying. But annoying enough that my soul is starting to get tired. But then I get a box. (Actually, it was my second. At work that day was a box of cookies on my desk.) This box baffles me however. Did I order something? Was it a preordered item that finally came in?
It's a book I had never heard of. At first I thought it was a mistake till I see the message on the invoice. A friend, who isn't on this blog, sent it to me.
Good-bye, Chunky Rice. It's a graphic novel by Craig Thompson about a turtle that decides he must move on and leaves behind his best friend, Dandel. Along the way we meet a fellow boarder that lends a hand getting Chunky Rice to the docks and on a boat captained by his brother Chuck, and his passengers, a pair of conjoined twins.
I'm not sure how to describe the book. It's short. Drawn in black and white. And it made me cry. Kind of a lot. So, if you're looking for a book that has emotional impact, this is the one for you.


mr. schprock said...

I'm already crying. I'm a freaking mess here.

I defy any book can equal the end of "Of Mice and Men." That's sadder than ET saying "ouch" to Elliot.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and blow my nose.

LL said...

Boy... you sure know how to sell a book don't you. My life's so happy right now what I need is a book that's going to make me cry uncontrollably.

NYPinTA said...

Never said I was recommending the book. Just telling everyone how it effected me.
I guess it's a book that probably best invokes what it feels like to have to say good-bye to someone. *shrugs*

LL said...

Seems it robs you of your sense of humor too... ;)

fermicat said...

Goodbyes are the hardest kind of sad.

wa11z said...

I have this book and it is very melancholy. Check out Thompson's "Blankets" for some good crying as well.

ctheokas said...

Thompson really knows how the pull the heart strings. The dude needs heavy therapy. Wa11z is right about Blankets.

Beth said...

May have to buy this for daughter as she rather likes turtles and melancholy stuff. I've missed seeing you and I'm sorry you are also melancholy.

John said...

Hey, that abominable snowman guy from the Bugs Bunny cartoons (Oh boy, my own little bunny rabbit! I will call him George, and I will love him and pet him...) was based on Lennie from Of Mice and Men! I didn't realize that until just now, mostly because I'm an illiterate rube whose never read Of Mice and Men. It's all so clear now. Except now all I can think of is Bugs blowing the poor guy's brains out. Oh, I made myself sad.