Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Seasonal Identity Crisis

Quote of the day: “No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face.” ~ John Donne

Song of the day: “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin

State of mind: cautiously optimistic with a touch of gloom and doom on the horizon

Date: 9/5/07

My birthday is coming up. Fast. It’s just a few days away. Having a birthday this week means I am a Virgo- if you follow astrology, that is. Born in the month of the Harvest Moon. School usually starts at this time, and there have been plenty of years where it had started on my birthday or just the day after.
What does all that mean? Most of my life I thought my birthday was in the fall. I thought I was an Autumn Child, Daughter of knowledge and thermochromic trees. Well, I guess that last one is true. The maples in the backyard have already started to shed and you can see the rest of the trees take on that end of season pale before they burst into their swan song of bight oranges and reds. It’s like an inhaled breath, a small step back in intensity before entertaining us all for the next few weeks. All of that color displaying and timed leave falling (as in just after the neighbor rakes his entire yard) has got to be exhausing.
But it isn’t Fall. Summer doesn’t end till September 22nd. Go ahead and check your calendars. The First Day of Fall is September 23rd. That is more than two whole weeks away. So you can imagine, now that I know I am in fact a Summer Child- of Barbeques and Boating, that I get a little touchy around Labor Day as every person in the known universe starts bemoaning the end of Summer! It feels a little bit like my part of the season doesn’t count. It’s neglected. Ignored. Over looked.
Does anyone look around at all the cool things they can still do in September? That although the nights take on a decidedly unfriendly chill the days are still warm and sunny? Still ready and waiting to be filled with frolicking and misadventure?? Nope.
Me? I’m taking some time off and enjoy the last few days of SUMMER. Not sure what I’ll do. Go to the park, the movies, plot, scheme, and maybe work on my tan. But because everyone else has given up on the season, I’m sure I’ll find plenty of peace and quiet.

Show quote of the day: “I hope your apple pie is freakin' worth it!”


trinamick said...

If it makes you feel any better, I haven't given up on the season yet. I still intend to lay out in the sun, curse the flies, scream at the children riding their bikes through my sprinkler, and generally gloat that I'm not in school anymore.

fermicat said...

Of course you are a child of summer! If you lived down south, you would KNOW that you have a summer birthday. Not a hint of autumn in the air here, day or night. The leaves aren't even thinking about the wild colors they'll eventually turn (around Thanksgiving, give or take a few weeks). Days are steadily hot, evenings are barely tolerable, but early mornings are finally decently cool now. The only difference between now and a month ago is that a lot of big huge spiders are building their very impressive, large orb webs. I always manage to walk through one or two - yuck, yuck, yuck. But it is still hot, and still summer.

And you have a happy summer birthday!!!

LL said...

So when can I start to refer to you as the old gal? ;P

wa11z said...

You used the word thermochromic. Do you know how sexy that is? Fall is my favorite time of year and always will be. Tolerable days and crisp nights, perfect for lying in bed and reading.

Beth said...

I was born on Halloween. It doesn't get more dismal than that. Yes, it does ... try having two gay brothers who love dressing up in over the top drag on Halloween. Totally overshadows your birthday.

Ok, on a serious note, happy early birthday. The weather is still warm. There's a lot to enjoy!

fermicat said...

Beth - I think it would be cool to have a Halloween birthday. It is a day when lots of people try to be festive and creative and have fun.

mr. schprock said...

I love this time of year. I feel excited for the start of school even though I graduated sometime during the Hoover administration. I like it when it's cool enough for a sweatshirt, yet you can still get away with wearing shorts. I dig the trees turning color and I've never really minded raking leaves. Happy birthday, Nypinta!

Btw, when John and I talk about you at work, I call you "EN-WHY-PINTA." Is that how you say it? Or is it NIP-INTA? And will your birthday party have an N-Y-piñata?

ctheokas said...

Happy early birthday, kiddo. As an official child of the autumn, I could meet with the elders and see if we could get you an honorary membership. There may be some hoops through which you'll have to jump, but I don't think it'll be too hard.

On another note, someone turn a hose on our man Wa11z.

LL said...

Beat him with a rubber hose you say? Wouldn't Kristin get mad at that?

Beth said...

Fermicat, it wasn't all bad. Fall is my favorite month and I think my "dark" tastes come from being born on that day -- love of vampires, werewolves, Emily the Strange, dark comics, etc.

NYPinTA said...

For my B-day and quite a few days after it, my computer decided to not let me post comments. On everyone's blog, including my own. Very frustrating!

So... trin, I'm going to start doing that gloating thing. Thanks for the tip.
fermi, I was with you till you mentioned big spiders. *shudders*
LL, like you don't already!
Wallz, thermochromic, thermochromic, thermochromic. ;)
Beth, Halloween seems like such a cool holiday to be born on. At least it isn't Christmas and you get shafted on gifts.
mr. schprock, I pronounce it En Why Pinta in my head. And sometimes Nigh Pinta. Not sure why. But... what exactly is it you and john are discussing about me? And alas, no pinata. Just cake. Ice cream cake.
ctheokas, thanks! I'll jump through some hoops. I can do that.

Beth said...

That's true ... I was poor growing up, but still had at least a gift and lots of candy. Yum!

trinamick said...

Still celebrating, are we? It's 47 degrees here, just so you know. If you're going to enjoy summer, best get with it before it's gone.