Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day List

Quote of the day: "I slip from workaholic to bum real easy." ~Matthew Broderick

Song of the day: none

State of mind: busy

Date: September 1, 2007

I get a three day weekend. Whoopee! And the weather reports are predicting fantabulous weather all weekend! Again: whoopee.
So now I can get tons of laundry done while looking outside whistfully as I pass by the door that leads into all that fantabulous weather as I make my way back and forth from the washing machine and the upstairs to wait for another load to be done and needing a transfer to the dryer.
Yep. A real labor day weekend for me.
I might take down the hidious wallpaper that has been hanging in my room since Napoleon conqured Europe. Well, most of Europe anyway.

And here are some other things on my To Do list:

Finish 11th Character.
Write Rings of Orbis review.
Write Softwire review.
Finish a calendar thing I've been working on.
Pay Bills. Cry.
Thwart Kimmy.
Sell my dad's car.
Write a little thing for a friend of mine named Jane.
The Mall. (Books. What else?)
Clean out the fridge.
Go outside at least once. (Probably on the way to the movies/mall.)
Feed my knudnicks.
Continue plans to take over the known world.

I know, you're all jealous. Well, not everyone can live my swanky kind of life.

Everyone else enjoy your holiday and stay safe.

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fermicat said...

We did laundry today, so you are not alone. We stopped at 3:30 so the washer and dryer would not be making noise during the game.

Kimmy sucks. Bills suck.

Jane, or Jayne? :-)

Ah, movies. We should try that.

Knudnicks? What are knudnicks? And what do they eat?

I did half a pedicure so far. Removed what was left of the polish I applied well over a month ago. If I get really ambitious, I will apply more polish tomorrow. I was going to do it during the game, but that didn't happen.

Swanky? I got your swanky and raise you a highfalutin'.

LL said...

You're trying to thwart Kimmy? Whatever for?

And there's no need to cry my dear. Just dig out that wad o cash you've got stuffed in your used underwear drawer.

A raise to highfalutin'? Whoa... I had no idea we were playing for such high stakes...

wa11z said...

I noticed something missing from your list. What about flirtin' with Wa11z? Isn't that somewhere on your priority list?

ctheokas said...

I did laundry today, and cried. All those quarters. And tomorrow, Sept. 3, I'm going in to work for a few hours. On top of that, the DVD I got from Netflix - The Master and Margarita - has crap subtitles. Has God not punished me enough!?!

NYPinTA said...

Netflix is a tool of the devil. You didn't know that?

"What about flirtin' with Wa11z? Isn't that somewhere on your priority list?"

That is what mathmeticians call a given. Doesn't need to be said. ;)

LL, the only thing I have in my underwear drawer is underwear. Wad of cash! I wish.

Well, you've trumped me fermi. I don't have anything that beats a highfalutin'. :D

I did go outside today though. The fride can wait.

John said...

you post on Saturday now?

NYPinTA said...

And Sunday!

fermicat said...


LL said...

So you keep your wad in the sock drawer?

trinamick said...

When you finish your laundry, feel free to start on mine. I did a couple loads yesterday and blew the breaker, so I think I can wear dirty clothes for awhile.