Sunday, June 03, 2007

Girl colors and a second helping of "Waitress"

Quote of the day: “No statue has ever been put up to a critic.” Jean Sibelius

Song of the day: None

State of mind: busy

Date: June 3, 2007

I’m wearing a pink shirt today. That might not sound like an out of the ordinary type of thing, but here’s a little fact about me: I hate pink. Always have. I’ve never purchased anything for myself that in any way resembles the color pink. Except the shirt I have on today. And a book called New Zen for Women- but that is beside the point and this isn’t just any pink shirt. It’s a pink shirt with Joss Whedon on it. He likes pink. There is a somewhat famous story about the fact that he uses a pink back pack to carry his stuff around. I’m not sure how he chose that particular back pack, but I have a feeling it had less to do with the color and more to do with him being a guy, needing a back pack, and that one being handy. The fact that it was pink probably never occurred to him, but I’m sure when it did it tickled him (pink) quite a bit. I also have a feeling he couldn’t wait for the first smart ass to come by and make a comment about it. I have a theory- and this isn’t one I’d ever want to test, but I’m pretty sure he is always the victor in any war of words that he finds himself in. The word ‘eviscerate’ comes to mind actually.
My favorite color is blue. The darker blue the better. I also never played with dolls. That didn’t stop my mother from buying them for me though. I loved matchbox cars. I didn’t like playing house either. I preferred to climb (and fall out of) trees; although the falling was never the goal. I was a ‘tomboy’ as a kid. The fact that I was a girl and almost all of my friends were boys wasn’t something I thought about till I was about 12. That was the year I stopped looking like a boy. I had no idea why people were suddenly treating me different. Sure my hair was much longer, and my stupid sister talked me into bleaching it over the summer, but I was still me. The pink hating, tree climbing, baseball playing tomboy. But it’s like that tree in the woods thing. If everyone around you treats you like a delicate, doll loving, boy crazy creature are you really still a tomboy? No one seemed to think so... except me.
Why am I bringing all this gender expectant crap up? Not sure. It’s been on my mind lately. I look like a girl, sometimes dress like a girl, enjoy girl things occasionally- (like irresistible hot men that can’t spell irresistible) but I’m a pretty crappy girl. At least the kind of girl I’ve always been told I’m supposed to be. The giggling kind, that loves shoe shopping, getting make overs and manicures, and watches chic flicks.
I laugh a lot, but that isn’t the same as giggling.
I hate shopping. Unless it’s for books, CDs, DVDs.
I prefer action adventure, sci fi, ass kicking movies to relationship movies any day. Except today.
Today I went and saw Waitress again. It’s actually better then second time around. I took my mother to the special screening on Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. When I saw it then, there were moments in the movie that seemed clunky. Jarring. I expected it to be so this time as well, but that didn't happen. The movie flowed really well. Not sure why. It’s the same movie. Which, by the way, is a good movie.
Waitress is set in the south and features Keri Russell as the waitress in the title, who is stuck in a suffocating marriage that she desperately wants to escape but her path is blocked by a sudden and unplanned for pregnancy. Despite being ‘in the family way’ she takes up with her OBGYN (played by Nathan Fillion) in a several month long affair. Meanwhile, another waitress is having an affair with someone unexpected and the third finally finds love, also by someone unexpected. Although his role is rather small, I have to mention that the man who own's the pie shop Jenna (Keri Russell) and her cohorts work in is played by a cranky Andy Griffith, who get's the biggest laughs in the movie. (And all well deserved!) There are no car chases. No international plots of destrcution or teenagers with mutant powers. It’s a sweet story about flawed people. And when I say that I mean the people are real, but the movie doesn’t punish them for it. It’s just how they are.
Wouldn’t that be nice if life was like that too?

P.S. Eventually I will get to the meme Beth tagged me with, and the thinkers blog thing as well. There are people whose blogs deserve to be recognized, so I don't want to skip it. I've just been... busy.

Show quote of the day: “I'm sorry I've given you such a hard time. It can't be easy being dead.”


fermicat said...

I had planned to have a second helping of Waitress last Tuesday when I spent the day with Mom. I knew she'd like it, and had a feeling that the movie would stand up to repeated viewings. But the theater didn't have the early showing they had during the weekend and I didn't want Mom to get stuck in traffic going home, so we just went to lunch instead.

trinamick said...

Haven't seen Waitress yet, and it probably won't ever make it here. Shrek III has been here for 3 weeks. *sigh*

As for the gender issue, I do believe I have found my non-brunette twin. Preachin' to the choir here. Except black is my favorite color, then blue.

Beth said...

Waitress didn't come here (I kept checking) and I'm pissed. I've only heard the best things about it and it looks so cute!

BTW, our childhoods and experiences are like I've written them. Tomboy here. Don't like pink unless it's associated with flowers. Love blue.

NYPinTA said...

I think I read somewhere that they are going to be expanding the number of theaters Watiress will be in soon. They were going to do a 'slow release' of it instead of flooding the theaters like Spider-Man or Shrek III. So, instead of being everywhere at once, it'll go in waves. I guess I'm extra lucky since it's in two theaters down here. One is only blocks from my house and the other is the mall one exit down the throughway.

fermicat said...

Yeah, the week after I drove way out of my way to see it, they started showing Waitress at the theater close to home where I usually go to the movies.

LL said...

So let me get this straight...

You're pimping a show where they promote adultery just because she's diddlin' the old guy? Idunnoaboutthat...

"As for the gender issue"

SEX people, SEX! People have a sex, words have a gender...

NYPinTA said...

I'm talking about THINGS that people assign to one SEX or another. The THINGS are words, no? Pink? That's a word. It doesn't have a sex. It has a gender.
Sheesh! Is sex all you think about?
Wait. Don't answer that.

And the movie doesn't promote adultery. It promotes... waitresses, pie, not sticking around to be married to an egomaniacal jerk, and being nice to old cranky guys.

mr. schprock said...

I saw "Waitress" with Daughter Number 2 and I thought the movie was wonderful. I was completely swept up in it and assumed DN2 felt the same way. When the end credits were rolling, I asked her what she thought of the film, and she replied she couldn't stand it, that it was an incredibly sappy chick flick and the pie song (with the line about "the heart in the middle") drove her crazy. So I accused her of being an "unfeeling monster," and she came back with, "I'm more of a man than you are!"

I'm glad I didn't find out about Adrienne Shelly until after the movie was over.

NYPinTA said...

It is a chic flick I guess, but it isn't sappy the way most usually are, IMO.
The song bugged me the first time too actually, but like I said- the second time was better. I'm not sure why that is, but it is.
Glad you liked it.
Sorry DN2 is dead inside. ;)

Yeah, what happened to Adrienne Shelly was so sad and stupid. It was wierd watching her on the screen knowing what I knew. :(

trinamick said...

I'm pretty sure DN2 is my new hero.

LL said...

"It promotes... waitresses, pie, not sticking around to be married to an egomaniacal jerk, and being nice to old cranky guys."

So then why aren't you nice to me? Hmmmmm?