Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good Day

Quote of the day: "Silence is a source of great strength." ~Lao Tzu

Song of the day: Heaven's a Lie by Lacuna Coil

State of mind: tired but optimistic.

Date: 5/9/07

So. I had a good day yesterday. Mind quieting good. Warm breezes good. Sunshine and birdsong good.
I had to leave work early yesterday and since I was already out and about I decided to head to a favorite park of mine and enjoy some silence, which is something I haven't been able to do in a loooooooooooong time. It’s a secluded place that never has a lot of people, a small cut of tamed lawn surrounded by a wild mass of trees next to a fat, lazy river. In a word: Perfect.
Before I went I stopped at a local bookstore to browse, and maybe pick up an ice tea to have while at the park. I think I’m genetically predisposed to never walk out of a bookstore without buying at least one book. At least, so far, I’ve never done it. I ended up impulse buying a Heinlein. (It’s like he’s a brand name!) At this store I'm in a club that gives you 15 dollars for every 100 that you spend there. You would not believe how many times that 15 bucks has kicked in. I never really keep track of when it’s going to kick in so it’s always a delightful surprise- as it was yesterday. She punched in my name, rang up my stuff, and then declared, “Well. You don’t owe me anything! Have a nice day.” Sweet! Out of work early and a free book! Can’t beat that with a stick.
With my lucky purchases in hand I went to the park and enjoyed about two hours of sitting in the shade of newly green trees, listening to the breeze and watching the Hudson roll by.
I get a little tired of all the noise I have to put up with in a day: Phones, people, the thruway, printers, the radio, the TV... multiple TVs. Once I even tried getting some earplugs and putting them in my ears so I could concentrate on a book I was reading. Didn't work.
Some of the noise is self-inflicted. I use a clock radio to wake up in the morning, so even before I'm fully awake I have someone else's voice in my head. At work I can't really control it. Work is work. It requires noise. But once I get back home... well, by then it's late in the day and I have so much to do I can't stop and just sit. Just be.
Those few hours at the park were very refreshing.
You know what else is refreshing? Craig Ferguson. I love that man. And guess whom he is having on his show tomorrow night as a guest? Another refreshing man: Nathan Fillion. So, set your VCRs folks! You’re going to want to watch that over and over.
And you're welcome. :D

Show quote of the day: "I scare me."


LL said...

:eh: I'll be sure to set the VCR right now...

fermicat said...

What a cool afternoon! Which Heinlein did you buy?

I like to turn everything off at home and listen to the birds sometimes. The cats like it, too.

NYPinTA said...

Starman Jones

fermicat said...

Ah, I don't have that one.

And for once I recognized the show quote right away. Great line, in context.