Friday, May 04, 2007

Forget Spider-Man? How could I!? Oh, this is how…

Quote of the day: “I'll forget the Lord's middle name sometime, right in the midst of a storm, when I need all the help I can get.” ~Mark Twain

Song of the day: None

State of mind: forgetful, obviously.

Date: May 4th, 2007

I can’t believe I completely forgot that Spider-Man 3 starts this weekend! I was reminded this morning by the reviews in the paper and copious articles online about the phenomenon that is the movie trilogy and how usually most trilogies suck. (Naturally, each article I’ve read had to include the “Lord of the Rings Exception” and most went out of the way to really bash the third Godfather movie. Wow is that movie hated!! I had no idea.) I guess I’ve been too wrapped up in my post Fox-sandbagging-of-Drive funk to remember any other pop culture dates of import. See what you’ve done, Fox!? Bastards.
Seriously. B-A-S-T-A-R-D-S. *sigh* Well. Whatever. I shouldn’t be surprised.
All four episodes are online at the Drive My Space site and all four scripts have been put up on Tim Minear’s website, TimMinear.Net, in case anyone was interested.
It’s so frustrating when a show I like gets cancelled. I just don’t understand the logic (if there actually is any) behind the decision of what shows to put on and what shows to axe on any network. The ratings system is flawed and the only reason ratings actually matter is because of the commercials… and no one pays attention to those damn things anyhow so what does it matter if its 10 million or 1 million people ignoring the ads for any given show?
Network executives make the DMV look like a beacon of wisdom and serenity. Which is my horrible segue into the fact that I spent a good chunk of my day (and probably my soul) in line at the DMV yesterday to get plates for a car that we aren’t even selling for a guy that doesn’t have to pay to drive a brand new car. Why does the world hate me? I figured that at least my time there would spawn a great blog post. Boy was I wrong. Nothing of note happened. I got a pretty good parking spot, I stood in line with a bunch of other slightly annoyed, yet well behaved people, and I got the plates with no problem. But still, I could feel the denizens of All Evil nibbling on my soul. I think they have a franchise contract with the DMV or something.
Well, what little soul I have left will be soothed this weekend at the movies to see the movie I completely forgot about… and will be soothed even more next weekend when I drag my mother to see Waitress at a special Mother’s Day screening. She isn’t as excited as I am for some reason. I think I know why. It’s because she loves musicals and no one makes them anymore. Yeah, well. Get over it. They don’t leave TV shows on long enough for any semblance of a story to be told, but you don’t hear me crying about it! Oh… wait. Never mind.

Show quote of the day: “Oh no, thanks buddy, I'm not drunk. I'm just crazy"


LL said...

Spider Man 3 starts this weekend? Damn... good thing I've got you around to remind me of these things in a timely fashion. Why... I could've missed it completely. ;)

fermicat said...

PDM and I are thinking that this is definitely not a good weekend to be anywhere near a theater. But we don't like crowds. Let us know if Spidey III is worth it. Maybe we'll go once the crowd dies down.

Beth said...

I saw spideman-3 last Saturday witht son, his friends, and hubby. It felt frazzled, too much stuff going on here, not enough there, but in the end, I really liked it. This isn't a trilogy though. There's supposedly more coming.

I grew up loving Spidey comics and still enjoy superhero stuff.

Beth said...


ctheokas said...

Seeing as Spider-Man 3 is a modest, independant film, it's not suprising that it flew under your radar. I heard it did decent business for an indie, but I expect most of us will have to wait for it to come out on DVD before we get a chance to see it.

trinamick said...

Going to the flick tonite. But my mother decided to go with me (!), before I realized I could drive myself. So she won't hear, I'll repeat, she'll sigh and lament any violence or destruction, and I'll die a little inside.

Love the Raines quote, BTW.

Beth said...

Trin's comment made me laugh uncontrollably -- and I'll die a little inside. Bahahaha.

I came back to tell you I feel your pain with that cancellation. I think I told you before, but every show I've loved has been canned. Twin Peaks, American Gothic, Homefront ... I was hooked and then they were gone.

NYPinTA said...

Love the Raines quote, BTW. Finally! Someone is playing along. :)

It seems all the shows I like get the axe way to early. I don't even know why I bother watching TV anymore. Seems pointless.