Monday, April 09, 2007

Click me

Today is Monday the 9th. Already in Canada the first episode of DRIVE has aired. Here in the States, we have to wait 6 more days. Until then, enjoy this little tidbit:
Angry Alex.



LL said...

Why would I want to see an Angry Alex? Isn't that like watching a crotchety old guy at the supermarket?


fermicat said...

Mmmmmmmmmm. He's cute when he's angry.

LL said...

You two are disgusting... :g2f:

ctheokas said...

Yeah, I'll watch this. I'll give it a shot, anyway. My time is expensive. Just ask those ladies on the Upper West Side.

fermicat said...

Is it wrong of me to wish that Drive will have a "Cap'n NoPants" kind of scene in it? If not, I'd settle for "Cap'n TightPants"! :D