Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Classes start tonight, and DRIVE!

Quote of the day: "I hooked up my accelerator pedal in my car to my brake lights. I hit the gas, people behind me stop, and I'm gone." ~Steven Wright

Song of the day: “Monkey Back” by Beth Hart

State of mind: busy, busy, busy

Date: 4/18/07

It’s back to school for me and I don’t have my saddle shoes!
Anyone remember those? I got a new pair for the first 6 years I was in school. Or close to new. Actually, I usually got my sisters that she grew out of and had to cover the scuffmarks with that white shoe polish that never got as shiny as they claimed it would. Didn’t really matter to me though. What mattered was that those babies really hurt when I kicked someone in the shin with them. Ahhh yes… saddle shoes and metal lunchboxes. How did any of us survive?
Anyhow, tonight I start classes… in what I’m not saying. But it isn’t in archery or Nathan Fillion. Seriously… Nathan Fillion? Pfft. Please. I could teach that class. (Wait… what? Yeah, I don’t know what that means either.)
But speaking of Capt. Tightpants … are you watching Drive? It’s on FOX. Yeah, FOX. They already aired the first three episodes, two on Sunday and the third on Monday.
I liked it. Normally it isn’t really my kind of show but because I knew Tim Minear was involved I decided to give it a shot. Some of the characters annoy me, but the main focus is on Alex Tully, who is pretty damn interesting. At first you think he’s some mild mannered, yet panicked landscaper whose wife has just been kidnapped. But once he’s pulled into the race, you realize he is something else entirely... someone very dark and who isn’t very pleasant if you make the mistake of being on his bad side. Initially some people have compared him to Mal, but Mal was never this scary. It’s so much fun!!

Did Mal ever look that evil? No. I don't think so.

Fox put the first three episodes up on a new My Space page for Drive, so if you want to get caught up you can watch them for free there. So… what are you waiting for! Go!! And then remember to watch the fourth episode this coming Monday at 8:00 PM.

Show quote of the day:
“Fine. But it won’t be nearly as impressive without the visual aids.”


wa11z said...

Neat! I am so gonna watch this "Drive" show. It sounds like it will be good.

fermicat said...

I'm still trying to guess what subject you're taking.

Master Gardening?
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Repair?

NYPinTA said...

Are we playing 'hot/cold' because if we are: cold!

Beth said...

I forgot to watch this. I actually Tivoed "The Riches" and love it. My Tivos usually sit until they're erased, but the whole family is digging this one. Now we have three shows to watch every week. Yahoo.

Dare I make it 4 with "Drive?"

LL said...

No... you shouldn't Beth... ;P

What the hell's that on his lip, herpes?

I suspect Miss P is studying advanced linear equations, so that she can not only talk to the moon, but go there as well.

Either that or some sort of course in how to be a librarian... ;)

NYPinTA said...

He got hit in the face! That's what's on his lip. If you had watched it, you'd know that. And wouldn't that have made you happy? To see him get beat up.... sicko.

Beth, don't listen to LL.

someone else, certainly not LL said...

Beth you should listen to LL. He always knows what he's talking about...

And he's usually right too.