Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The New 14

Quote of the day: "Where ever you go, there you are." ~Thomas a Kempis

Song of the day: "Lifts You Up" by Beth Hart (seriously, go out and get her albums! Don't make me tell you again.)

State of mind: somewhere else

Date: 3/7/07

So I'm thinking of running away from home. Seems silly to consider doing so at the tender age of 34... but if 50 is the new 30 than I'm really only 14 which is exactly the age to consider taking a long hike with nothing but some peanut butter sandwiches wrapped up in a bandana on a stick. I've got more than peanut butter sandwiches however, so I am way ahead of the game. I also have responsibilities that won't pack away so neatly.


But where would I go? Someplace with less snow that's for sure, but not too hot. I only like hot if it's temporary, so the South is out of the question. I'd move to the Midwest but there be tornadoes in them alleys. Tornados do fascinate me, but not so much I want to see one gobble up my house. Twister was close enough for me. (By the way, does anyone know which scene it is that the wind is supposedly going the wrong way, because I can't spot it.) The Southwest is out of the question for one very simple reason: killer bees. No thanks. That leaves the Northwest. I can do that. I have a top five list of cities that interest me and 4 are on the West Coast. One is in California, but I'd have to check how far up the coast the bees have gotten. Have they migrated to San Francisco yet? Hope not. The place looks promising. And hilly. Portland Oregon looks nice too. As does Seattle, but I'm not sure they would let me live there since I can't stand coffee. But I do like rain, so that should make up for my caffeine shortcomings, right? Vancouver looks very cool, but it's in Canada and I'm not sure they would let me in since I have that 'too cool for school' attitude that is so well cultivated here in New York. (But I am cool so.... )

Well, maybe I'll stick around here for a little while longer. The weather has to get better eventually and I already know where everything is. Plus, my cats live here and they won't fit inside a bandana on a stick so easy either.

Show quote of the day: "Now I'm almost sorry I didn't save you a bite of cake."


trinamick said...

You could always move here to the Sandhills. We rarely get tornadoes, and nobody's ever died from one here. And our summers are beautiful.

And it all depends on how big the bandana is as to how many cats you can fit in it. Steal one from someone with a really huge head, like one of those Hell's Angels bikers. Once they know you're running away, I'm sure they'd understand.

John said...

It hasn't snowed here for a while. Plus they make Tang here. I was not aware of that. Thanks, Wikipedia.

But we do have that nagging Joe problem...

LL said...

"I've got more then peanut butter sandwiches"

*sigh* than

As for moving to the Northwest... you do realize that you would be moving closer to me, don't you?

fermicat said...

San Fran may not get any snow, but never fool yourself into thinking that it is warm. I nearly froze myself to death there one August evening.

wa11z said...

I think you should move to Hotlanta.

fermicat said...

Seconded. The motion carries. You now have to move to Hotlanta.