Monday, January 15, 2007

Children of Men

Quote of the day: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” ~ George Santayana

Song of the day: “Twisted Transistor” by Korn

State of mind: blah

Date: 1/15/07 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This was what my horoscope said for Sunday:

“If you decide to play the recluse or indulge yourself, make that OK. You might not be convinced that you have chosen the right path. Why not live more and worry less?”

Who am I to ignore the universe? So, I indulged myself. I went to Best Buy, (where I made a few impulse purchases), Borders, and then to the movies. While in Borders I heard from two aisles away as a group of giggling teenaged girls flittered around an end cap overjoyed to find that box sets of Firefly had gone up in price. “That means people are buying them!” one loudly exclaimed. Well, lets hope that’s true. But it sucked for me because I was going to get another loaner set. I would have had enough money had I gotten to the movies in time for a matinee ticket. Instead I ended up paying 10 bucks to see Children of Men. But it was worth the price of admission.
This movie is loads of fun... except for all the bleakness. It starts off with a bang, literally, and then heads very quickly into the surreal. Or what I have convinced myself is surreal despite it’s plausibility. It’s unsettling in how possible this future really is. Especially the scenes of British officers rounding up immigrants and shipping them off in Nazi-esque buses and trains while ordinary citizens just walk on by and pretend there aren’t large groups of their former neighbors standing in cages on the side of the street. I woke up in the middle of the night because even while sleeping my brain wouldn’t let this movie go. There are moments of humor, but the kind real people would have when faced with such a crappy reality. It does end on a note of hope, small as it is, and I’ve convinced myself that the world outside of Britain isn’t really as horrible as the characters in the movie would have you believe. But that’s just me. One thing that comes across loud and clear in this movie is this: there is no such thing as true righteousness. It’s all made up. It’s all bullshit. And the only thing it ever really accomplishes is to get a lot of people killed.
Clive Owen is great, and seeing Michael Caine as a disheveled old hippie is a lot of fun… while it lasts. Chiwetel Ejiofor is also fantastic playing another man of unwavering conviction, but without the same arrogant precision he displayed as The Operative in Serenity. There are similarities with each character, but they are definitely two different men. Nice. The fate of some characters is left open, and those are the ones that are the hardest to deal with. But when has uncertainty ever been fun? Good flick. It’ll make you think.
Before the movie was the usual commercials and previews. I love previews. Sadly, most previews are better than the movie they are for. This batch included brief glimpses of Spiderman 3 (Yay!), The Invisible, which looked intriguing, and The Hills Have Eyes 2. That preview was short and unique, but there is nothing on this planet that will get me to see that film. No way. No how.

Oh, and here is a random request- no a plea- by me to ad agencies everywhere: Would you please stop using talking cartoon boogers in your ads. Do I really need to say why??

Show quote of the day:
“I’m not sure that’s legal.”
“It’s not. It’s vodka.”


trinamick said...

I've been wanting to see Children of Men, but it probably won't come here. We only get high-class fare like Borat here. :rolleyes:

wa11z said...

Michael Caine was great as a hippie. Maybe a Best Supporting Actor nod?

fermicat said...

OK, you've given me yet another reason to want to go see this movie. So I probably will. After it has been out for several months. Sigh. We don't plan it this way, it just happens.

mr. schprock said...

I enjoy watching previews too, but what's with all of them using fade to black every 5 seconds with the eerie heartbeat sound? It feels like I can't keep my eyes open.

Michael Caine will never equal his performance as Nigel Powers, but maybe I'll see this flick.

ctheokas said...

Saw it, blogged about it, trying to get my ex to see it. The Mexican directors really hit it out of the park in 2k6, what with Babel, Pan's Labyrinth, and now this.

Beth said...

I enjoyed Firefly and Serenity immensely. I love the strange and weird, some sci-fi, but mostly a good sense of humor! I also like previews. I am SO looking forward to Spiderman 3. The Painted Veil looks awesome too.

Ben O. said...

Haven't seen it yet, but it sounds pretty good.

Thanks for the review.

Ben O.

NYPinTA said...

I do what I can.