Thursday, December 14, 2006

I went to Flan and all I got was a lousy head cold.

Quote of the day: “Thank You” said by con-goers all weekend to our new BDHs, the Backup Bash organizers.

Song of the day: “Shine On” by Jet

State of mind: befuddled.

Date: 12/13/06 My first day back to work.

I’m feeling a bit lopsided. I can’t tell if it’s jet lag from the overnight flight of if it is the result of a head cold which could be the result of standing in the rain on Saturday at an exclusive party just for stranded Browncoats at La Cantina, which is a not as of yet open bar/restaurant that is owed by Clare Kramer, who played Glory on Buffy during Season 5. Nice name-dropping there, huh? I have more. And all because of the convention that wasn’t.
I arrived on Thursday. That was the day they cancelled it. Nice huh? They took down their site and on it was only one sentence, Flan was cancelled and they were sorry for the inconvenience. Inconvenience?!?!? Is that what they thought stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a sold out convention and then leaving everyone stranded in California with nothing to do for a weekend would be? I think their dictionary must have a different definition of inconvenient than mine. Despite cancellation, these are the folks that turned up, in chronological order:
The Bedlam Bards
Adam Baldwin, who was serenaded by the Bedlam Bards and about 100 Non-Con guest to a few bars of “The Man They Call Jayne.” It was sweet.
Mark Sheppard, who is a doll.
Brett Matthews, another doll. And quite cute.
Jonathan Woodward, who is hilarious and sweet.
Christina Hendricks, who I only caught a glimpse of in the bar and as she was leaving.
Nathan Fillion, who gave away stuff and got mobbed.
Alan Tudyk, sweet and funny and wore a hat.
Greg Edmondson, who almost made everyone in the room cry as he was talking about his love of Firefly.
Camden Toy, who played one of The Gentlemen in BTVS episode Hush, and who has a very very firm handshake.
Michael Fairman (who is so sweet in person!)
Ron Glass, who I didn’t get to see at all. He was one of the two reasons I wanted to go to Flan in the first place. I mean, is hearing that man laugh in person JUST ONCE too much to ask?
Morena Baccarin, who is just as gorgeous in person as on the screen. Which kind of annoys me, but I’m over it.
Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb From Veronica Mars) Three words: cutest dimples ever.
Shawna Trpcic I couldn’t see her during her Q&A, but she was funny and articulate and made hearing about costumes actually interesting.
Tim Minear. Hilarious! And unable to keep a secret apparently. He kind of spilled the beans that a certain tight panted former Firefly cast member is going to be in his new show “Drive” on FOX. One con-goer got up and asked when the show would air and then promptly asked when it was going to be cancelled.
Somehow, despite a cancelled convention, we ended up with more people connected with the show than we would have gotten if it had gone forward as (not so very) planned. We did lose the structure though. When a few of the BDHs showed up for the “Shindig” the Backup Bash folks put on in the hotel bar, the actors were mobbed. I was in the crowd for the first 10 or so minutes, but couldn’t stand how everyone was really getting dense around them and had to leave. Despite the chaos I had a great time, but I think it was more due to what people were willing to do for complete strangers than it was the actual time that I had. Makes no sense, but then I am me. Do I ever make sense?
The California Browncoats with the help of Sean Harry (who runs cons in the UK) and a lot of help by one of the non-con’s guest Jonathan Woodward were able to pull together some pretty amazing stuff in such a short time. I’m just so angry because they shouldn’t have had to. It was someone else’s job… A job that they had been paid very well to do. And didn’t. I’m happy with the weekend. I don’t feel like I wasted my time by being there, but it wasn’t what I signed on for either. I chose this convention specifically because it was described as being a small well-structured convention. I don’t like chaos. Or mob mentality. I’m not obnoxious enough to push my way through a crowd just to say the same thing everyone else is. Too laid back I guess. Reserved. Shy. Whatever.
I’m also angry because those of us who were going to be attending the convention weren’t the only ones that got screwed. The vendors did. They paid for space to sell goods, created stock just for the event, and paid to be there as well. The actors didn’t get their fees, yet they showed up anyhow. The Bedlam Bards came on the promise of being reimbursed their travel and lodging expenses as well as being paid to perform. They got there to find they had no gig and had to pay for their own room. Jewel Staite mentioned in her blog that she had actually turned down other things and had to rearrange stuff just to be at Flan only to have it cancelled and all those other opportunities gone. And of course the Backup Bash folks. They gave up a weekend and probably some of their own money to make sure a bunch of people they had never met had a good time. They didn’t have to do that. They were under no obligation what so ever and yet they just did it anyhow. Sometimes, people really don’t suck.
So now I am back home, still mystified by the weekend. Of course, it could be the cold medication I’m on.

Show quote of the day: “Just once I’d like things to go according to the gorram plan!”


LL said...

I thought you said Morena wasn't there? I'll bet you weaseled out on the kiss too... ;)

Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a memorable weekend! Even without your cold to remind you...

trinamick said...

So I assume that means you didn't get your money back? What did they do with all of it? Vegas? Off-shore accounts? Dollywood memorabilia?

Glad to hear you had a little fun, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they invested the money in a big shipment of humping dog USB drives...

Beth said...

Wow, what a jam packed weekend.

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling any better now?