Monday, December 04, 2006

4 Days till Flan

Quote of the day: “Fragile” by Sting

Song of the day: The hold music for the NY State DMV Title Bureau

State of mind: going in more directions than should be possible.

Date: Dec 4 2009

So, only three days till I get on a plane, then get off, then back on another plane, get off, then board yet a third plane to get to Flan. Wow. Just typing that made me tired. Thankfully, I have things to occupy my time in transit. Namely: books and a band new mp3 player. It’s a Creative Zen V. With only 2 gigs of memory, it is supposed to hold up to 1000 songs. Of course that is if you download them with the lowest possible bit count, which was something I didn’t realize till after I had half filled the thing with the highest. That’s what I get for not reading the directions. But even still, I love this thing. I can’t believe I resisted getting an mp3 player for so long. It’s so freaking tiny! I thought it would going to be the size of a digital camera or hand held calculator but when I opened the box I was stunned to discover it’s about the size of a zippo lighter. It’s amazing that something so small can hold so much. Plus, I can copy from my own library of CDs, of which I have many. Plus, it comes with a record function, so I can pretend to be Sydney Bristow and secretly record conversations or something… if anyone ever said anything to me worth recording.
Should I explain the mess that is Flanvention- the convention that I have been eagerly waiting for since I snagged a Big Damn Pass in April? I had convinced myself that it was going to be a problem free experience because everything I needed to have the best time just sort of fell into my lap. I had never even heard of Flanvention or BE Booster events until one day I clicked the banner at on a whim. And there it was, with a bulletin board and frantic pleas from potential convention goers to buy someone’s Big Damn Pass. I looked at what it included and did the math and a Big Damn Pass was cheaper then buying a normal weekend pass and buying cocktail and banquet tickets separately. Plus, you get a lower number with a Big Damn Pass and so have better seats at all the panels and a better choice in who you want to sit with at certain events. So I added my name to the waiting list if some more Big Damn Passes became available, not really thinking I’d be able to get one. The next day one was available. The thread had just been posted. No one else seemed to have been online and despite being at the bottom of the list, I gave it a shot and sent and email asking if I could have it. No problem! It was mine. Then photo ops became available and I had no problem getting the ones I wanted while other people seemed to be blocked at every turn. Lastly, the special luncheon tickets…. of which there were only 25. Every single one went up on Ebay to be auctioned off. It was around my birthday so I decided to splurge on myself and try to get one. It seemed my luck had finally come to an end and I was out bid. But not two minutes after that round of tickets did I get a PM from another Browncoat on the board that had been bidding on another ticket and won. She gave it to me for my birthday. I was stunned. I’ve never met her! And here she is giving me a once in a lifetime ticket. Holy crap. So, what could possibly go wrong?
I know. The convention could be cancelled. But not months in advance so that everyone could have time to make new plans. Nooooo. It could be cancelled just 8 days before the event! After waiting months and months, eager to meet up with not only the cast members that have agreed to be there but with a large group of people I had been talking with in anticipation of the convention. The official notice on the BE Booster website stated ‘financial difficulties’ as the reason they might have to cancel. For a sold out convention? A sold out PRE PAID convention? How is that possible? I wasn’t the only one who wondered. Everyone else that was going wondered it as well. Out loud. And in writing. Everywhere. I’m not sure the people that run the convention were prepared for that. And I have a suspicion that if it weren’t for the noise that both convention goers and people who were not even going, BE Booster would not have tried as hard as they did to make sure the convention went on as planned. They posted a deadline of December 1st to get additional funding or the convention was off. Late Friday they got the money and told everyone what we where waiting to hear: Flan was a go.
I’m happy. Really. But I have to say that a lot of my enthusiasm for this event has waned. I have a bitter aftertaste in my mouth that just won’t go away no matter how many times I think of the photo ops and the Q&As that will be going on. I’m still going. I’d have to be crazy not to! I just wish I were happier about it because the transit is going to be a bitch!

Tomorrow(ish): Nads!!

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LL said...

I hope you're speaking of the Austrailian hair removal product and not a mans erm... close personal friends. ;)

You know what probably happened? They took all that money and gambled it away!

trinamick said...

I bet they spent it on booze and Chippendales. That's what I would have done. Especially if they gave one of the bow ties to Nathan Fillion.

LL said...


Don't tell me you're into old guys too. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Going into broken record mode: "He's NOT old, dammit!"

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your report on the Not Flan weekend. I heard a lot of people (who are not old) showed up anyway and everyone had fun.