Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wish lists

Quote of the day: “You mean what we thought they thought we think and thought they thought. We think?” – Patrick, SpongeBob Squarepants

Song of the day: “World Wide Suicide” by Pearl Jam

State of mind: a little cranky

Date: 11/22/06

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. When I was little that meant all of us packing ourselves into the car and heading across the river to my Aunt and Uncle’s house; except they weren’t really my Aunt and Uncle, they were my cousins, but because they were the same age as my parents my sister and I were told to call them Aunt and Uncle. Which meant their kids were actually our second cousins, not our first like we had always thought. Not exactly Earth shattering revelations when we got older and put all the facts together, but I don’t have anything really interesting to say today.
Around this time of year I make mental wish lists. Things I’d like, things I’d like to get other people, things I’d like to do or have happen, things I’d like to see happen. (*ahem* For instance: Humans on Mars- in my lifetime. )
This morning as I was waking up (it’s a process. Never happens all at once.) I was making a general wish list.
1) I’ve always wanted a rubber ducky.
2) I would like to live somewhere with a bathtub large enough that having a rubber ducky makes sense.
3) A nice powerful telescope.
4) I’d like a house with a backyard in a town that isn’t overrun with light pollution so I could use that telescope for things other then spying on the neighbors. (Hmm. I’m sensing a theme.)
5) I’d like to have good luck. I don’t have bad luck; I have indifferent luck, or ‘things always end up even’ luck. I could get tickets for a concert and end up with lousy seats, but the next time I will end up 7th row center. Find 20 dollars, lose 20 dollars. (I think there was a Seinfeld episode that dealt with this kind of phenomena.)
6) I wish I had a point for this blog.

Show quote of the day: “Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods!”


trinamick said...

I, too, have never had a rubber ducky. But if I did, I would call him George.

LL said...

After George Takei? Erm... wouldn't that make being in the same tub with him very strange?

fermicat said...

I have a rubber ducky. I highly recommend you get one, too. It makes taking a nice hot bath so much more whimsical and fun!

Anonymous said...

Try the Archie McPhee site ( They should have something in the way of a rubber duck.

trinamick said...

I love Archie McPhee! They have an excellent devil duckie I think you would appreciate.