Monday, October 30, 2006

One Very Full Cat.

Quote of the day: “Are you paying attention?” ~Christian Bale, The Prestige

Song of the day: Somebody to Love by Queen

State of mind: verklempt

Date: 10/30/06

You know that skit on Monty Python where the ridiculously obese man goes to a restaurant and eats everything in sight and then when the waiter asks if he would like an after dinner mint the man explodes? Well that was my cat this weekend. Except he didn’t explode. Or eat a wafer mint. Or go out to a restaurant. No, he was full for different reasons. My poor, food allergy suffering cat Stanley has a bladder infection.
I did not realize anything was wrong till Sunday morning. He was just a little less peppy but before I could really take a look at him, he scooted under my dad’s bed which is typical behavior so I didn’t think much of it and I went to the movies. (I am such a sucky pet owner!) I got back and there he was, lying on my bathroom floor and he didn’t move a muscle when I approached him. As skittish as he is, I knew something was wrong. On a Sunday. At 7 o’clock at night. So I packed him up and made my mother drive two towns away to an all night Vet Clinic. 878 dollars later, I have a less full cat that had to be picked up before 8:00 AM Monday morning and brought to his usual vet for follow up care. (I’m not usually awake at 8:00 AM. I should be, but I’m usually still hitting the snooze button.)
I should have gotten a gold fish. This cat is by far the most expensive thing I own. And that includes my computer and all my CDs and Books combined! But what was I going to do? Let him suffer? Put him to sleep? Because he couldn’t pee??
He should be home tomorrow and, surprise surprise, has to go on a special diet- of which he already is because of allergies. But this will be a new and different diet. How exciting! (Or not.)
So please send any healthy, free flowing vibes my cat’s way if you could. It’s too expensive to go through this again.

Oh, I finally got to see The Prestige this weekend. Good movie. Someone described the ending as Sixth Sense like and although there is an ending that I did not see coming, it isn’t the kind of revelation that makes you remember bits and pieces of the rest of the movie that suddenly make sense, even though they did in the context originally displayed as well.
Everyone was great. The scenery was dark and beautiful. David Bowie as Tesla is more than worth the price of admission and as soon as the film was over I walked to the new bookstore (they finally added to the mall) and bought a biography of Tesla. He may be my new, short lived obsession. Anyhow, I recommend seeing this movie in the theater. I think it will loose some of it’s magic (no pun intended) on the small screen.

Show quote of the day:
“There is nothing hotter than God.”
“I love it when you quote scripture.”


fermicat said...

Nikola Tesla? Played by Bowie? Cool. And yet another reason why I need to see this movie! [Hugh Jackman is the big reason why...]

My now deceased cat Fermi pulled out all of her stitches after being spayed and I had to take her to the emergency vet because it was Friday night. It cost way more to get her sewn back up than to get her spayed in the first place. Sorry to hear about your cat.

Jim Donahue said...

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm halfway through the novel it's based on, and it's great.

NYPinTA said...

There's a book?? I didn't know that.

LL said...

$900 for a cat? Couldn't you have just poked him with a needle or something?

BTW... Tesla is more than worth the price of admission. *sigh*

trinamick said...

I wanted to see it when I was in the mall, but my sister wasn't interested. What a dork.

As for the cat, mine ate the leather lacing out of own of my shirts. I keep waiting to see it show up in piles around the house, or worse, have to have it surgically unwound from around some organ.

Over $800? Ho.Lee.Crap. I think mine would have gone to the happy Asian restaurant in the sky. Or across town.

NYPinTA said...

Did your sister not know that Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman were in it? I can't think of any way that those two being in a film together is not interesting!
Well... ok, there is one way...

"BTW... Tesla is more than worth the price of admission. *sigh*"

What is it with you and copying parts of my posts in your comments? Wierdo.

LL said...

I'll get you to use proper grammar yet...

BTW... you mis-inserted another "then" in your post, but I'm gonna let you find this one on your own.

NYPinTA said...

No I didn't.

LL said...

Wanna bet? I've got just the wager in mind... :ewink:

Ben O. said...

Sorry to hear about the cat . . . sounds un-good.

Ben O.