Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What’s new?

Quote of the day: “My father hated radio and could not wait for television to be invented so he could hate that too.” ~Peter De Vries

Song of the day: “Tears Aren’t Falling” by Bullets for My Valentine. (It was on the radio when I left to get my lunch. Sophomoric lyrics, but the crunch was good.)

State of mind: Blah

Date: 9/27/06

Quick rundown of some of the shows I am glad to have back, some of the new ones I took a gander at, and the things I am still looking forward to.

Gilmore Girls. Lorelai is an idiot.
Boston Legal: Denny Crane is still insane. (Hey, that rhymed.)
CSI (the original). What can I say? Still love it. (But what is up with Nick’s hair? Ugh.)
ER. They didn’t kill Jerry! ‘Nough said.
Numb3rs. Still chock full of geeky goodness, and I swear Larry Fleinhardt (aka Peter MacNichol) gets funnier every single episode. He and Megan Reeves (aka Diane Farr) are just so damn cute together!
Bones. The new woman in charge is pretty cool, even if she is the one that shoved a large needle in River’s brain in Serenity.
House. Guess what? He’s still a cranky bastard.

Heroes: comic book like but it’s right up my alley so I will give it a good 3 or 4 episodes before making any final judgments, but I can say already that Hiro is the best! I just love that guy. He actually takes life lessons from X-Men. How can you not love him?

Smith: This is not Ocean’s Eleven. Bobby is not a suave and smugly charming guy. He’s pretty damn cold, as are all his cohorts, so warming up to any of the main characters is going to be tough. But they dress cool and occasionally things explode, so I’m in for more. Plus, I’ve always appreciated Virginia Madsen since she was the only one who seemed to actually put in an effort in Highlander 2, (the movie that I otherwise pretend does not exist.)

Studio 60: I loved West Wing and everyone on it, so this seems a natural show that I would love and so far I do. Although it does make me giggle that the people on the show have the same kind of intensity while trying to book a musical guest that the cast did on West Wing while trying to prevent WWIII.

Kidnapped: I like some of the cast, but I think I’m going to give this one a skip.

Men In Trees: I think this show is trying very hard to be a cross between Northern Exposure and Sex in the City. Never having seen Sex in the City, I can’t tell you if it got that half of the equation right, but as a long time fan of Northern Exposure I can tell you it did get that half wrong. The show is cute, and it has a lot of really great characters, but it’s only been two episodes and already I am tired of the very obvious and stupid things the ‘city gal’ keeps doing. Like not knowing what it means when a skunk lifts it’s tail. Or the done to death jokes about her expensive yet completely useless shoes. And what kind of crappy town only has just enough electricity for every single appliance that is already plugged in but if you try and use one lousy hair dryer it triggers a black out? That’s just stupid. Even if the grid were that touchy, don’t you think they would post signs? Especially in the one place that outsiders would go to stay while visiting? I think that once they get over the need to make the ‘heroine’ look like a complete ass all the time, then the show could be good. I never understood shows that thought they had to make the college educated, professionally successful woman look like a moron just so they can demonstrate her pluckiness to keep going forward despite the fact that it looks to everyone else that she is too stupid to live. Did they forget the part where they made her a college educated and professionally successful woman?

Looking forward to:
Veronica Mars returning, which it is scheduled to do next week.
Medium. I don’t know when it is coming back, but I liked that show.
Doctor Who. I think I might catch this on DVD. Loved the first season, (which is actually the 26th or something, but I hated this show in the 70s and 80s when they were showing reruns on PBS. Hated the way the Doctor spoke to his sidekick.)
Battlestar Galactica. Another show I am watching on DVD. Trying to avoid the cancellation curse. If I like it, it’s a goner.

Shows that I watched last year but just don’t have the energy to watch anymore:
LOST and Prison Break. Sorry guys. It was nice knowing you.

Parent update: I work all day long. It isn’t physically strenuous- if you don’t count the amount of time I spend banging my head on the desk in sheer frustration, but I am here… not at home. That is very important to remember because my parents are retired, which means they are at home. All day. Not working. Not banging their heads on any desk or whatever it was they did when they were gainfully employed. So, when things like a leaky roof happen AT HOME and there are two fully-grown “adults” also AT HOME you would think that one of the two could take care of it. You would be wrong. Despite our landlords attempt to fix the leak, it started again the other day while I was at work. Despite the fact that they were there where the leak was, my father called ME and said, “You better call the landlord. The leak is back.” I was actually speechless… for a moment. I told him, (through gritted teeth) that I didn’t have his number at work, that I was at work and didn’t have the time to call, and that he was right there where the damn leak was so would he please call the landlord himself. He hung up. My mother called a few minutes later to give me the number. *sigh* *more head banging*

Show quote of the day:
“I’m being sued by a killer dwarf.”


trinamick said...

My house is leaking too. My mother stopped by today and dumped all the full buckets, since she knew I was dressed up for work. Sorry. :P

Prison Break is actually pretty good so far this season. Might be worth a second try. I can't stand Anne Heche, so Men in Trees is out for me. But I caught the season premiere of Veronica Mars on the internet today, and it looks like another good season is ahead of us!

Is there something wrong with me that I have 32 shows on my schedule that I want to watch? Yeah, didn't think so.

fermicat said...

I wanna know why Jericho and Bones have to be on at the same time. I don't have that many shows I care to check out, but it seems like the ones I am interested in all come on at once. They're going to force me to get some Tivo-like thing. Or I'll just give up and wait for the DVDs.

ctheokas said...

I'm sticking with Lost this season, and I'm going to stick around for Kidnapped (it's because they filmed a scene in my neighborhood, and I want to see it). And then there's Heroes. But the rest of the slate of shows? I'm passing. Too much to do, and too little time. Man, I shoulda been independently wealthy.

NYPinTA said...

Is there something wrong with me that I have 32 shows on my schedule that I want to watch?


fermi, all the shows I like always end up being on at the same time too. Seven days in a week, yet three of the shows I want to watch end up on the same day at the same time.

I might give LOST another try, but even last year I would only watch occasionally. I just didn't have the energy for it or something. *shrugs*

trinamick said...

Just caught up on the Gilmore Girls I taped. I agree, she's an idiot. And so are the writers.

Fermi, I'm no longer grumbling about getting switched to a new Fox channel out of Denver. They're an hour behind us, but now Bones & Jericho don't conflict.

wa11z said...

House, Heroes, and Lost for me. Although if Lost doesn't live up to the hype I might ditch it halfway through. Sorry about your leak. I've lived in too many places to count and four of them developed leaks and one actually flooded. The entie downstairs was under three feet of water.

Jim Donahue said...

I'm finding "Studio 60" to be kind of disappointing. Not awful, by a long shot, but something about it is just off.

NYPinTA said...

No Donna? ;)
But it's like I said before, it is a bit hard to care as much about a couple of guys writing 30 skits for a comedy show as it was the staffers pulling some miracle out of thin air to prevent the world from imploding on West Wing.
I did miss the premiere episode though, so my impressions are only based on the second episode... and I loved what they did with Modern Major General. That just cracked me up.

Beth said...

You know I'm a Smallville freak, but like you, "Lost" has lost me. I find that show too draining and their hiatuses are ridiculous.

Have you seen "Supernatural" at all? My son Tivos it and from what I've seen, it's not bad.

I used to love CSI, but I couldn't stick with it. Boston Legal is hilarious, but it was on too late for me so I didn't stick with it.