Friday, September 01, 2006


Quote of the day: “No one becomes who they wanted to be. Except f**king Nathan, who’s totally at ease with his talent and good looks. I really hate the guy and yet want him to hold and comfort me.” Joss Whedon

Song of the day: “Wings, Part II” by Tool

State of mind: Sorta blech.

Date: 9/1/06

The cat’s allergies are acting up. My eyes are bothering me. The ceiling was leaking again and now my fridge is leaking too. (It’s like it’s contagious.) And I am so freaking bored with myself.

Bored with myself am I.
Guess this should be time for ‘do or die’.
Don’t much feel like doing.
Don’t much feel like dying.
So I’ll sit & silently sigh.

(Wow. That was pathetic!)

I am taking next week off from work, which I guess you could technically say I will be on vacation, but I am probably going to spend most of it trucking animals back and forth to the vet and fixing things at my place. Fun.
I’m sure I’ll find time to go and see a few gratuitously violent movies. Maybe that will perk me up.

Because I am such an uber (sorry, John) geek, I have been working with a few other ladies on a ‘Brag Book’ that will be presented to one of the actors at the convention I will be going to this December. (OK. Fine. It's for Nathan Fillion. I have a sophmoric crush on an actor. Happy? Well, I'm not. It's stupid and I feel like a moron. Yet, I'll be flying across the damn country just to meet him. I really hope that when I do meet him what I say is, "I'm a big fan." and not say, "You asshole" (in an exasperated, non-malicious sort of way) because of how annoyed I am with myself that he made me such a fangirly idiot! I really do hope I can keep a civil tongue because not only is he- in my opinion- a damn fine actor, but from everything that I've read he seems like a genuinly nice guy and doesn't deserve to have to put with my crazy.) Ahem. Anyhow...We were asked to submit a page each with favorite quotes and such. The last part of each page was a ‘personal creation’. Most opted to just say what they thought of a particular actor or add a little tidbit about themselves and how that related to the show, but I opted to go for funny. I may have only accomplished mildly amusing however. I leave that up to you to judge.
*clears throat*
I present to you, for your amusement- I hope- What I Have Learned from Malcolm Reynolds. (BTW- most of this will only make sense if you have seen Firefly. So, do that. Thanks.)

When in doubt, yell louder. Hitting someone with a closed fist is, at times, hilarious. Do the job. Get paid. If someone tries to hide behind their horse, shoot the horse. (Wait… Shoot the horse? Well, okay.) Always check for booby traps. Mercy may be the mark of a great man, but poking someone with a sword and being 'just all right' is fine too. Never judge a Sheppard Book by his cover. Do not accept floral hats from a stranger. If someone ever tries to kill you, you try and kill them right back. Don’t take orders from anyone, except the Captain. Sometimes just describing a person is the best way to insult them. Parades make good distractions. Always listen to your mechanic. An imagination is free, but freedom is a Firefly. If you are ever going to hit a person much larger then yourself, do it with a wrench and when they aren’t looking. Things never go according to the gorram plan. While being tortured, it is important to try and retain a sense of humor. Stand by your crew and your crew will stand by you. People don't like it when you shoot at them. Dead people don’t always stay dead. Try to die of old age before the person carrying a bullet with your name on it finds you. Never trust a spouse that once tried to kill you. Sometimes running, no matter how prudent, is just not an option. Don’t’ make faces. Faster. Faster. Faster would be better. Never lie down… wait, that’s not right. I mean never stop trying. Fanty's prettier. Hiding is a plan. You can’t sneak up on a schizophrenic psychic assassin. Have a back up plan. In fact, have a few The screwdriver is also mightier then the sword. Always have the last word. And the most important lesson of all: Love keeps her in the air.

Show quote of the day:
“Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I plucked outside of my designated brow line? Man, was my face red.”


LL said...

This is for the old guy, right?

One minor correction...

"The screwdriver is also mightier then the sword."

Should probably be "mightier than the sword." Just sayin...

fermicat said...

Mmmmmmm. Captain No-Pants. A fine choice for a celebrity crush. How can you resist him? Even Joss has a crush on Nathan! :P

NYPinTA said...

Well, it is "than" on the official brag book copy...

Well, at least I have good taste in crushes. ;)

LL said...

Waitaminute... is that an admission that I'm right?

*clutches chest like Fred Sanford*


NYPinTA said...

Your wrong about him being old though.

LL said...


trinamick said...

I'd say you have excellent taste, as does Joss. Speaking of Joss, I just got to see him on Veronica Mars! Funny stuff.

Spirit Of Owl said...

I love you even more because you opened and closed your brackets correctly.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually though, do I?

NYPinTA said...

Stupid blogger. That was me.

Beth said...

Since I've seen the series and the film, I totally get it. Great job! Very funny.