Monday, September 18, 2006

Rings of Orbis, my latest addiction.

Quote of the day: “We are what we repeatedly do.” ~Aristotle. (I am so screwed. ~Me.)

Song of the day: radio, but I do have a Bee Gees song stuck in my head.

State of mind: Ok, for a Monday.

Date: 9/18/06

I have a new addition to my list of things I am addicted to: Sudoku, chocolate milk, my cat (don’t ask), book-of-the-month-catalogs, a short stint of Ebay addiction, and now Rings of Orbis. It is an online role-playing game based on a new book called The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1. I ordered it for my nephew for several reasons: One, the main character has the same name as him. Two, he really needs to stop playing video games so much and read more and I thought this would be the perfect book to ween him off the cyber world. Oh, the irony!
Anyhow, back to the game. Remember giga-pets? Or neo-babies? I had one. It was duck. It died because I forgot to feed it. My niece had one of those neo-babies. It would cry at random moments and want to be fed or changed. Despite being wholly annoying, the thing itself was cute. Then that died too. Well, Rings of Orbis is kind of like that, except less cute. In fact, these things called Neewalkers will randomly attack your “character”, and as the game progresses you buy weapons and training and will have to do battle. With who, I don’t know yet. And you get slaves called knudnicks. You buy them, feed them, and get them jobs.
I decided to join up on Saturday. You pick what kind of alien you want to be, give yourself a name and then it is on. At first all I had was 1000 chits and 1 knudnick. I am assuming everyone gets a level 5 knudnick, but I am not sure. At random times there will be auctions for more knudnicks because you can own up to 8. After you get them, you can train them so they can get better paying ‘jobs’. But in order to buy the upgrades, you have to have established higher status levels. And some of those jobs require tools so even if you have a knudnick of the right species and right aptitude level, if you don’t have the right tool then he/she/it doesn’t get the job.
During my first day of exploring the worlds in the Ring of Orbis, I did some amazingly stupid things. I bought upgrades without really understanding how they worked and bought upgrades that I didn’t need. Then I tried playing this game called Crystal Drop but didn’t see the ‘stop now and collect chits’ when I won and lost all my money. I kept winning but wondered why the money wasn’t going in my account. I was down to 39 chits in a matter of hours. (I did check the message board though and apparently I am not the only one who has done this.) Dismayed, I finally decided to just explore the damn place and I took note of everything I could. Then I made my comeback. I sold some junk, played Crystal Drop to earn boku chits, and then bought me some more knudnicks. In just one day I went from being chit poor with a useless knudnick to being in the top 5 of the richest citizens and have three gainfully employed knudnicks. I still have a status of 1 and can’t open my Trading Chamber, but whatever. I’ll figure that out eventually.
So, if you were looking for a cyber slave to take care of, they have plenty more. ;)

TV Show quote of the day:
“I tried to be the quiet hero. It didn’t work. Now, I’m the villain.”


LL said...

I tried that too, but I didn't make it past the terms of service... :P

fermicat said...

I spend enough time at the computer between work and surfing... there is NO WAY I'm clicking that link.

ctheokas said...

Mmmm, cyberslaves. Good eatin'!

I can't click that link either. I have too many addictions as it is.