Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A BIG DAMN THANK YOU! And other stuff.

Quote of the day: “Drawing on my fine command of the language, I said nothing.”
~ Robert Benchley
"Ohh, if only you all were so lucky!" ~Me.

Song of the day: “Clocks” by Coldplay

State of mind: All right.

Date: 9/19/06 (and September is almost gone as well…)

A website was created by fans of the movie Serenity in order to say thanks to Universal for making it. You may have heard of this movie from me. I am sure I mentioned it once or twice. In passing…
I think the site is a good idea, and fun. I have a feeling that the kinds of letters studios get from movie goers are the kind that should be handled with silicon gloves only. Or of the variety that are asking for something. But in this case, neither. It’s just a bunch of fans showing appreciation. What a concept, huh? If you wanted to pass along your gratitude, go here.

In other news, my mechanical pencil- the one I have had for more then 7 years- is still missing. I ordered another, but it isn’t the same. Sad, isn’t it?

Rings of Orbis update: I now have 5 knudnicks and an OIO level of 8. What OIO is, I have no idea, but I figure the higher the better. (Isn’t that always true? Oh…. except with weight and age.) In a few hours I will be bidding on one more, which will bring me up to 6, except that two of the ungrateful bastards are planning on escaping and I don’t know how to stop them. And I was attacked by a Neewalker 3 times today alone! Can you believe my luck.

Parent test #1: Sunday is garbage day. There is only one thing that I ask my mother to do and that is get the trash ready for me to take out. I do the laundry, (not completely by choice though), all the cleaning, (because she won’t), and most of the cooking. I say most because we get take out on Fridays and every once in a while I pick up something on the way home instead. Anyhow, every week she gets the garbage out of the can in the kitchen and I take it out, but she never puts in a new bag. Never! I finally decided to test it and didn’t put one in myself the next day Or the day after that. Or the next day after that! Four days and neither one of them bothered to put in a new bag. And my dad just kept putting his frozen pizza wrappers on the counter right under the cabinet that has the garbage bags! Are they kidding me? I’m going to start making To Do lists for those two. This is ridiculous.

TV Quote of the day: “This just in: the Internet is not a fad.”
No one wants to guess on these? Hmmm?


fermicat said...

Those tests never turn out well in my experience. But it is hard to believe they'd let it go for four days!! Do they not know where you keep the spare bags?

trinamick said...

I suppose this is the wrong time to tell you that when I got home from my trip, I found that my mom had come over and mowed my lawn AND did the dishes?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

NYPinTA said...

Any chance you'd want to trade? Even just for a little bit?

And yes, they know damn well where the extra bags are.

LL said...

Did I ever mention that I have to tell my mom NOT to do my laundry?

I think your parents just know how to push your buttons. And from the sound of things, they're quite good at it!

Beth said...

I loved Serenity and am glad there is a site for it. My mom makes me a chocolate pie from scratch every week. I can't complain about this one at all. My jeans can though.

fermicat said...

Serenity was on HBO tonight and we watched it again (our DVD has been loaned out for a while). So good!!!! Even when you know what's coming, it still packs a punch. "I am a leaf on the wind..." and all that.