Friday, August 11, 2006

Hot dogs, chardonnay, and one homeless man.

Quote of the day: "The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.'"
~George Carlin

Song of the day: "Ironic" by Alanis Morrisette

State of mind: tired

Date: 8/11/06

I’m tired. My alarm went off, turning on the radio, and I started dreaming that the DJ’s were in my living room as I was trying to get ready for work. I looked at my clock in the dream and discovered I was an hour late for work, which caused me to panic. Then I woke up and realized that I really was late. What a screwed up morning! It was like a dweam wifin a dweam.
I’m so tired because I was at the Park Playhouse the night before. This year’s offering was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Unlike last year, which was hot and muggy, the weather was perfect for sitting outside to watch a play. I had to work late so I was worried about finding a parking space, but managed to get a spot right next to the boathouse where the play is put on and it was even easier getting out of there after it was over. If anyone has ever gone to a play or concert and ended up stuck in a parking lot for two hours as everyone tries to leave, then you understand my joy.
The play was actually pretty good. The actors seemed to be enjoying themselves and that can make any live production just a little more fun. They were singing and dancing their hearts out and I didn’t even mind that once the Beast was transformed back into a man he wasn’t all that cute. He’s a prince in a fairy tale for crying out loud. He’s supposed to be cute! Oh well. The man playing Gaston was all sorts of handsome, so I guess he made up for it. (Even still, the candlestick was my favorite.)
All in all it was a fine evening; with only one homeless man. He wandered right in front of the stage during the stirring rendition of “Be Our Guest”, which is ironic right? He was just standing there, gaping at the dancing silverware and dishes as they swirled and kicked around on stage inviting him to stay for diner in a castle. The police and everyone sitting in the audience were not as hospitable though. He was quickly “escorted” out of the area by two officers and the show went on. (It's kind of hard to really enjoy something after you watch someone get carted off for not having a home, but what can you do?)
I was going to bring a camera this year, but forgot. However, I have some pictures of Albany- including one nice shot of the park, but I didn’t take any of these. I found them online. I could take the very same pictures if I wanted to. I just don’t have to now. ;P (Speaking of stealing, it was Brad that gave me the idea for the title of this post. Thanks, Brad. I appreciate it. Even if you wear shiny shoes.)

From afar

This is a picture of Albany taken from across the river. Would you look at all the trees we have!

The egg

This is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. When I was a kid I used to have nightmares about it. I don’t know exactly what is so frightening about a big giant marble incased egg, but it terrified me. It doesn’t anymore.

A windy tunnel

This picture is from the base of the Corning Tower, which is actually two towers wrapped around each other.

Some row houses

These are some of the older homes in Albany. I don’t live in one. I have friends who do and if it hasn’t been chopped up into apartments, they can be pretty nice.

The lake and a bridge

This is one view of the lake in Albany’s Washington Park. We even have ducks. You just can’t see them here.

Show quote of the day: (This is from Ghost Hunters)

Brian Harnois: Dude, run!
Steve Gonsalves: [about wearing a "Dude, run!" hat] How can you take something so negative and celebrate it?
Brian Harnois: Do you have a catch phrase?


LL said...

"He’s a prince in a fairy tale for crying out loud. He’s supposed to be cute!"

Well... not everyone can measure up to my charm and grace, and I'm sure he was probably too young for you to find attractive anyway.

"The man playing Gaston was all sorts of handsome"


fermicat said...

Why don't people ever dream about waking up early for work? It's as if the mind cannot conceive of such a ridiculous idea...

LL, try not to break the comments thingy this time!

Beth said...

You grew up in Albany, NY?

That's sad about the homeless man. My son is super bleeding heart. When he was smaller, he cried just to see actors playing the homeless in films.

Anyhow, I grew up about 45 minutes away from Albany, NY.

Madre Farbot said...

I've definitely had a few of those dreams within dreaming sesions where i've somehow have managed to wake up either an hour early or just before i'm awoken by the sound of music, err, not 'The Sound of Music', but the stuff coming from my radio alarm.

Maybe you could try a combination of alarm and music, or music alone rather than just setting the alarm.

Btw, nice pics :)

trinamick said...

By the look of those pics, NY doesn't seem like a sucky place to live. Is that really true, or are you just blowing sunshine up our keisters?

Great George Carlin quote. I think that almost daily.

John said...

Wow, those are just like the pictures I was going to take in Albany but sort of somehow forgot to.