Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Geniuses, Treasure Hunters, rock stars, and some spaghetti sauce.

Quote of the day: "[The television is] an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn't have in your home." ~David Frost

Song of the day: “Bleeding Me” by Metallica

State of mind: full

Date: 8/22/06

So, the Geniuses won Treasure Hunters. Anyone else disappointed? I mean, besides Southie Boys and The Airforce? Well, I was. Not only because I was watching a “reality show” but because I didn’t think they should have been one of the last three. Why? Glad you asked.
About 3 or 4 episodes from the finale, there were five teams still in the running: Airforce, Ex-CIA, Southie Boys, Geniuses, and Miss USA. They were all in Paris and following the clues that were to lead them to a place that would tell them how to read the map they had found at the last clue. Three teams were on the subway while Airforce was already at the end and Miss USA was on the Eiffel Tower looking for the next clue. While on the subway, one of the Southie Boys figured out that if you poured water on the map, it washed away the ink to reveal the next clue, skipping the one at the Eiffel Tower. Now, they didn’t tell the other two teams. They were hoping to use what they found to their advantage. Meanwhile, Miss USA got to the next clue, which was, “Wash the streets of Paris to find your way.” (Or something like that.) Meaning, wash the map. They eventually did so. But, as they were figuring it out, the show called the three teams that were together and because Southie Boys already washed their map gave ALL THREE teams the answer and let them all skip ahead to the next clue. Why should ALL THREE teams benefit from what one team did? Southie Boys didn’t tell the other teams they had figured it out, so I don’t think the Geniuses and Ex-CIA should have been given the free pass to the next clue. If only the Southie Boys had been allowed to advance, then Miss USA might have gotten to the next clue before the Geniuses and Ex-CIA which means one of those two teams would have been knocked out, which could have altered the entire outcome. I guess this is why sports fans get so frustrated by bad calls, huh?
The other reason I’m annoyed they won is because they were snots.
In other “reality show” news… (and I can’t believe I am actually watching more then one), there is “Rockstar: Supernova.” As a child of the 80’s there was no way I was going to miss this. Tommy Lee and Jason Newstead in the same band? I think it’s a sign of the impending Posers vs. Metal Heads Apocalypse. So far, nothing to unseemly has happened and my vote is firmly for Dilahna.

Cooking update: successfully made a nice spaghetti meat sauce with onions and yellow peppers. It was quite yummy.

Show quote of the day:
“I’m not sure that’s ethical.”
“It’s not. It’s vodka.”


trinamick said...

I can't offer an opinion on either show, since I'm not much of a reality show fan. A couple weeks ago, I watched about 30 seconds of one of the singers flailing about like she was having a seizure. I changed the channel.

But the spaghetti sauce sounds excellent.

NYPinTA said...

But the spaghetti sauce sounds excellent.
Well, again I didn't kill anybody. That's a success in my book. ;)

The seizure girl? She's gone. She was... entertainingish.

mr. schprock said...

How did the Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar and Opus Dei do? Did they find their treasure under that funky pyramid in the Louvre?

NYPinTA said...

Well, since Opus Dei likes to pretend that there is nothing under the Lourve, they weren't a problem. And The Templar Knights slew everyone from the Priory of Sion when they tried to retreave the 'treasure'. Those knights play dirty.