Friday, July 28, 2006

Out with the girls and HEX.

Quote of the day: “Digressions, objections, delight in mockery, carefree mistrust are signs of health; everything unconditional belongs in pathology.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche,

Song of the day: none

State of mind: eh

Date: July 18, 2006

No bosses. No deals. I am bored to tears!! But one co-worker will not stop talking! How much harder do I have to stare at a computer screen to get someone to realize that I am not listening to them? Luckily it keeps raining so hard that it drowns out her voice, but not until after she has disrupted my thoughts completely, which is on my top five list of pet peeves.
I don’t have much to report today other then I have been shanghaied into going out with some of the girls after work, so if I never update again it’s because I am dead in a ditch somewhere and one of you are going to have to tell my folks. Good luck with that. Dad’s a weeper.
In the meantime, let me pass along this last bit of good TV advice:
HEX (with the E backwards): It’s a show that has been called “The British Buffy” that has been playing on the BBC America for the past few weeks. On Saturday, they will be airing a marathon so anyone who wants to catch up on what they missed can get it all in one shot. Just so you don’t waste your precious time, I’ll give you a brief synopsis and opinion of the show:
SLOW. Seriously slow. And the only thing it has in common with Buffy is that the main character, Cassie, has blonde hair, finds out she is a little supernatural, has a lesbian sidekick named Thelma, and instead of a vampire named Angel, there is an actual Angel named Azazeel that is infatuated with her. There is a “bitchy girl”, but there is just no way to replace Cordelia Chase so she isn’t even a consideration.
Buffy was about High School being Hell. (I understand completely!) HEX (with a backward E) seems to be only about Sex. Azazeel wants it from Cassie. Cassie wants in from Troy, (the popular jock with the heart of gold), Thelma wants it from Cassie, bitchy girl wants it from everyone else, (and in the premiere episode is seen having a fight with her art teacher that she was apparently sleeping with), and so on… It’s almost like the supernatural bits get in the way of all the sex having- or sex wanting.
Buffy was also about power. Buffy had it. No one believed that. She was consistently the most underestimated person in the room and consistently the one that kicked ass when it was needed. On HEX (with a backwards E) Cassie is the too-pretty-to-really-be-the-misfit that goes to school at probably the worlds most gorgeous manor in England and is surrounded by impossibly hip and understanding teachers that never seem to be in any danger of actually figuring out that she is in fact a witch and is talking to her now dead yet still hanging around lesbian roommate. (Tragically, Thelma gets sacrificed in the first episode and then spends the next three or four running around in the same stupid dress she had on when she died.) Thelma is the strangest ghost in that she keeps saying that Cassie can’t touch her because she’s dead yet she opens doors and drinks soda and eats potato chips in the cafeteria while everyone else is sleeping. Despite that glaring inconsistency, Thelma is pretty much the only reason to tune in. Her character is hilarious and eventually gets a wardrobe update. After many episodes where it seems the writers forgot that they made Cassie a witch with actual powers, a new girl in the ugliest leather coat ever arrives and decides to kick a little butt…. which she sort of does… three episodes later.
What it all comes down to is this: the dialogue on HEX (with a backwards E!) is all right, the scenery gorgeous, but the characters do the dumbest things and everyone seems to have a serious case of short term memory loss. So my advice would be if you loved Buffy and are looking for a replacement then watch Veronica Mars. No vampires, same sass. (Wow, that plug for Veronica Mars kind of came out of nowhere, huh?) Actually, even if you didn’t love Buffy you should check out Veronica Mars. Trust me. Would I stear you wrong?

Show quote of the day:
“Annoy, tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind!”


trinamick said...

Unfortunately, I don't get UPN, because our cable company sucks. I can't wait until UPN and WB join. But I caught the first season of Veronica Mars from Netflix, and I am completely, pathetically hooked. Of course, Season 2 won't be out until August. Will I ever get caught up to the present?

fermicat said...

Thanks for saving me from wasting any time on HEX (with a backwards E). I haven't had time to check out Veronica Mars yet, in spite of all the sterling recommendations I've seen from people who have good taste in entertainment. You know... folks like Joss Whedon and NYPinTA. I'll probably end up watching the whole thing on DVD box sets after it has been cancelled, just like with Buffy and Angel. I'm always a few years behind on trendy TV watching...

LL said...

It's not worth it fermi, I wouldn't even start... :innocent:

NYPinTA said...

Ignore the cartoon with the funny hat. He knows nothing. :P
I've decided to do the same thing with Battlestar Galactica. I'm thinking it might end my curse of getting shows cancelled by actually liking them and watching them when they originally air. Sorry Farscape. Sorry Firefly... Boomtown, Touching Evil, Keen Eddie... ect.

fermicat said...

I forgot how cursed you are with TV shows being cancelled. Don't turn your death rays on Eukera please. I like it too much. Wait for the DVD, 'kay? I'm buying! ;-)

And might I suggest some fine craptacular reality series for your viewing pleasure. You'd be performing a community service.