Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The difference some chocolate ice cream and butt kicking British cops make.

Yesterday and Today.

Quote of the day: “Ever stop to think and forget to start again?” ~A.A. Milne

Song of the day: “Killing Time” by Joss Stone

State of mind: Monday: *grr arg* Tuesday: much better.

Date: 7/25/06

This was going to be Mondays post:
I recall mentioning a theory that if you are in a bad mood, you can get out of it by doing something nice for someone else. Yeah, I’m a regular after school special. Well, it doesn’t work when the reason you are in a bad mood is because everyone wants you to do everything for them already.
They call up with their insignificant and annoying little problems and I’m supposed to be a shiny happy person but what I really want is to be Chuck Norris in a bar fight. (The underdog that always wins. What did you think I meant?) A ninja with throwing stars made of copy paper that leave thousands of tiny cuts on whoever I throw them at. Not lethal, but hella annoying. One paper cut for each piddly stupid paperwork thing that needs fixing. Or re-doing. Or done at all.
My main bitch for the day are insurance companies and punctuation marks, or the lack there of. Seriously. I wish I were making this up. There’s a punctuation mark on a license but not on the insurance cards. The DMV (who are a bunch of Napoleons) insist they match but the insurance company refuses to add them. And the reason why? Because there aren’t supposed to be punctuation marks on a drivers license. It’s true. I even called the DMV to make sure. So, you would think then that the DMV would realize this and register the car I am trying to that belongs to the people that have punctuation marks on their licenses in error. Hahaha. Nope. If the DMV makes a mistake on your ID, everyone has to follow suit- even though it’s wrong. How does this make sense to anyone with an IQ higher then my stapler?
It is the classic “Immovable object” and “Irresistible force” scenario with me in the middle like one of those dolls that when you squeeze them their eyes pop out. What a waste of time. And now I’m cranky.
Oh, and for some reason my face smells like the washcloth I used this morning. How does that happen?

Today: After my crap day yesterday, I went home, made some comfort food, (chocolate ice cream with fresh chopped up strawberries and a handful of salted peanuts), and watched the premiere episode of BBC America’s Life On Mars. Interesting show. I think it’s the anti-CSI. The main character is a cop in 2006 until he gets hit by a car and wakes up in 1973. Instead of critical thinking and evidence to find the truth, the cops on this show beat the crap out of witnesses and guess. They also occasionally beat up each other too. A cop show with a touch of crazy? I think I’ll tune in next week.

Also, this morning my sister called just to ask me if the nursery rhyme was Itsy Bitsy Spider or Eency Weency Spider. How can a day suck after getting a silly call like that? I looked online and it turns out it’s both. Or even Incy Wincy Spider. Who knew? Except wikipedia, of course. When she calls back I’ll give her the good news. And remind her that her husband owes me 100 bucks.
So, which version did you sing as a kid?

Show quote of the day:
“I’ll probably just hang out here and get drunk.”


LL said...

"Oh, and for some reason my face smells like the washcloth I used this morning. How does that happen?"

Well... first you have to wash your face, then... :P

And everyone knows it's Itsy Bitsy Spider.

NYPinTA said...

Well, if everyone knows it's "Itsy Bitsy", then the people at my sister's work wouldn't be arguing about it, would they? Snob. ;P

fermicat said...

Ah, the DMV. I'm surprised they get anyone's info correct. I've dealt with the people who work at places like this, and it isn't pretty.

The SS administration once grossly misspelled both my first and last name on a new SS card and it was hard getting it changed back to my actual name. To change the name on your card, you need to show them ID with the old name, and since my name never was the strange assortment of consonants they mistakenly strung together, I was unable to comply. [It was as if they had attempted to change my English name to some sort of czech pig latin or something.] Trying to explain that this was *their* mistake to a person with the IQ of a potato was challenging.

mr. schprock said...

Actually, an even better song is the one about the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini.

Oops, I think I just severely dated my myself on that one.

trinamick said...

Are you sure it wasn't an eency-weency bikini?

We always sang Itsy, Bitsy Spider. And we're always right.

Michele said...

Oh, ya gotta love buracracy....no, wait no you don't.

The DMV is staffed by Satan himself. Prove me wrong.

cali said...

i meant to watch that show but forgot - brits have much nostalgic fondness for 70s cop shows like The Sweeney in which the cops spend the whole time wrecking cars, beating up villains with shooters and calling each other "Guv".
Is the Bowie song the theme tune?

NYPinTA said...

The DMV is staffed by Satan himself. Prove me wrong.

Is the Bowie song the theme tune?
No. But it was playing on his car stereo when he got hit.
And now that you mention the "Guv" thing, the main character did say it to the captain (or DCI?) after he decided he was stuck there and started to play by their rules. And he said it with a bit of emphasis which felt like a guy imitating something. Guess he was imitating TV shows he grew up with. Interesting... (at least to me.) Do Brits also have a nostolgic fondness for red velvet pants and wide collars on very ugly shirts? How did anyone survive the 70s??

Beth said...

I've been having to travel to the DMV for two weeks and I still haven't done it. Itsy bitsy Spider here.

LL said...

" Well, if everyone knows it's "Itsy Bitsy", then the people at my sister's work wouldn't be arguing about it, would they?"

Only if they're imbeciles. ;)

Take a look at your comments. There's multiple itsy bitsy's but nothing else. That's close enough to everyone for me!

Kuntry Konfession said...

it itchies, those bitches bite....from my recollection. the paper ninja stars is an ingenious idea.....I'm making some now!