Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blade Vs. Angel

Quote of the day: “What power would Hell have if those imprisoned there were not able to dream of Heaven?” ~Neil Gaimen, Sandman

Song of the day: “It Ain’t Pretty” by the new INXS

State of mind: disorganized

Date: 7/06/06

What I really need is to watch more TV. Honestly, I don’t do it enough.;)
Spike has a new offering that seemed to be right up my alley: Blade~The Series. (They had to add “The Series” just so people wouldn’t get it confused with “The Movies”. The same kind of people that need instructions on how to use a toothpick or to not use electrical appliances in a full bathtub- but are exactly the kind of people you wish would use electrical appliances in a full bathtub.) The show has everything I usually like: suave bad guys, ass kicking good guys, a snarky sidekick… and yet it still sucks. (Ha! A vampire show… sucks!! Hahahahaha… ah, I kill me.)
It has, (another play on words here folks), no soul. The worst thing about the show “Blade” is Blade. He’s boring. The movies are continued but they never bother to reintroduce the character for anyone who may have missed them. I think he gets a two-line explanation by a kooky professor played by the ever-kooky Randy Quaid, but that isn’t enough. No one has a vested interest in this guy. He’s a one-note character, more like a gimmick really, which is sad since the show is named after him. He shows up, someone gets beat up, and then he leaves. That’s it! Everyone is infinitely more interesting, which is just so wrong. Shouldn’t he be the focus? (Oh wait… I guess the series writers really are starting up where Blade Trinity left off.)
Inevitably, there are going to be comparisons of this show with “Angel”, another show about a vampire hunting vampires- and a show that was much better done.
Ok, maybe the comparisons aren’t inevitable, but I’m going to do it anyhow.

He is a vampire with a soul who sets up shop in LA to battle the forces of evil with the help of Doyle, (a half demon con artist with visions from The Powers That Be that guide Angel in his evil-fighting quest), and Cordelia- who cannot be explained. He opens a detective agency that specializes in cases of the supernatural, which means he gets paid sometimes. The PI license also gives him a smidge of legitimacy. With it, you can understand how he is able to move in the circles he does and is able to exist without the cops, or anyone else for that matter, asking too many logical questions.

He is a vampire half-breed that can walk in the daylight. He sets up shop in Detroit to battle vampires with a much-more-interesting-then-himself sidekick in an abandoned building that still has electricity to power up the copious amount of computers and other gadgets the sidekick uses to help Blade in his evil fighting quest. No explanation is given on how they get the gadgets or how they even get money to eat. Blade doesn’t seem to have any other allies except Krista, an Iraq War veteran that was turned into a vampire in the pilot episode and is so far much much more interesting then Blade and his sarcastic sidekick put together. Seriously, the show should be about her. Oh wait. Actually, so far it is.

Witty dialogue.

Not so much.

Great fight scenes.

Um… no. But they are doing a pretty good job of hiding it with fancy quick cuts and putting much of the action in shadows so you can’t see how clumsy it actually is.

His main foe throughout the series was a bunch of lawyers. (Which is just hilarious to me.)

His main foe seems to be other vampires of the House of Cthulu (or something) and drug dealers that are selling the ash of slain vampires. I gotta admit, the drug dealing aspect is intriguing. Maybe the show can improve to actually being watchable since the plots are interesting, even if the shows namesake is not.

Maybe it’s unfair to compare a show that I’ve only seen two episodes of to one that was on for five seasons… but whatever. The first time you saw Angel on his show, he was getting drunk and complaining about his ex-girlfriend and then took off to save someone from certain death by jumping into the wrong car. Funny and ass kicky. Blade? His first appearance on screen is beating up a guy in the basement of some random building- mostly in the shadows so you can’t actually see anything, and then throws a one-liner at the guy just before killing him. *yawn* Blade will get just one more episode to… should I say it?… suck me in. For everyone else, my advice is to give the show a miss.

Firefly quote of the day:
Wash, pretending to be a dinosaur: “Mine is an evil laugh. Now DIE.”


LL said...

Is it wrong that I'm thinking about watching the show just so I can see more of Jill Wagner? It's not? Good...

I missed the second ep, but the premiere was lacking. I'll give it some more time though, to let them get the kinks ironed out, not to oogle the very beautiful Jill... :innocent:

LucyDDCF said...

I thought the new Blade series is kinda lame (so far) but I am watching it and giving it a chance... I just wish it would get exciting!

NYPinTA said...

That is exactly what is missing. Excitement.

trinamick said...

OK, I had to wait until I actually watched the premiere ep I downloaded. I agree - I miss excitement and Wesley Snipes. Liking the vet, though, so I may have to check it out again.