Friday, June 30, 2006

Six Flaggs, New England

Quote of the day: “AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” ~ Michele

Song of the day: “Drive In, Drive Out” by Dave Matthews Band

State of mind: all right

Date: 6/30/06

Six Flags. The adventure.

I woke up with a start at around 9:00 o’clock, despite having set my alarm for earlier. I think I have developed an immunity to my alarm and am going to have to break down and get another, even more obnoxious one soon. It was hot and muggy and my cats had been bothering me all night so I was very very tired. I dug out Michele’s cell phone number from one of my many bags and bins from the night before to let them know I’m a slug and just woke up and to find out where they wanted to meet up. A location was chosen and I set about getting ready after I unloaded my car… again.
I drove to the mall and somehow missed the largish group of people standing around by two cars, (or as I was about to find out, one car and one brave little toaster), all by themselves at one end of the parking lot. I actually thought they were inside the mall, not waiting for me outside it. I walked over, rather then getting back into my car and driving over, and got to meet everyone; some for the first time. I should have recognized LaBomba, since he was kind enough to wear a Cheshire cat on his t-shirt. (But, he didn’t have on purple pants so I think that was what confused me.)
We met, made small talk, decided who was riding with whom and went on our way. Despite that fact that we all could have fit in just two cars, I decided to take mine anyway for a couple of reasons- the main one being I’ve gotten to used to having my car and really didn’t want to be dependant on anyone else for getting home. The other reason was so I could sing on the way home without hurting anyone else.
The drive over was eventful in ways that I hate. The road sucked and we all got separated and somehow we got lost, but inexplicably John was right about the direction we were heading in. (What are the odds of that??) But eventually, and with the help of a gas station attendant in a protective bulletproof booth, and the strategic use of cell phones, we found our way. (Thank god for cell phones… and that is a phrase I never thought I would use.) How in the hell other people ever found that place I have no idea. Not one sign pointing the way, until you are right on top of it.
It was gray and misting rain, which was fine by me because that keeps the crowds down. After getting ripped off at the ticket counter, we all got inside and then stood around trying to decipher the stupid cartoon map that all amusement parks insist on handing out despite how absolutely useless and frustrating they are. Finally we just picked a direction and started walking till we found a ride that some of us were willing to go on. I was one of the some, along with Michele, John, and Nick. I forget the name of it, but it was a roller coaster/teacup combo thing that looked a lot less speedy than it was. We were warned by Michele that she usually grabs onto whoever is next to her and screams the whole time. She was true to her word, which was hilarious because I wasn’t the one sitting next to her. After that we moseyed, wandered randomly, and found another ride- one that I chose to not go on. Then we were all convinced to go into some Harry Houdini visual ride that really messes with your head because they stick you in a room that also moves along with the ride so at times you feel movement but you can’t see any, and at other times you see movement but feel none. It was nauseating, which one member of our group can attest too, but I won’t say who and I’ll just skip over this part. You’ve all been to amusement parks, you know what happened.
The day continued on like that, we wandered, we pondered, half of us or less would get on a ride. The only break in the routine was when we were convinced by I don’t know who that we just had to watch the Batman extravaganza, and then we got overpriced pizza. The day was also peppered with Nick occasionally staring in disbelief at something and, like idiots, the rest of us would look to see what he was focused on. Never once was it a shining example of humanity, but instead was always someone with a bit… um... confusion about what should be appropriate for the public. (Kinda like walking versions of all of Trinamick’s links that I have learned not to click.) I think they all had this mirror:
Mirror Mirror on the Wall. Stop lying to people, for the good of us ALL!
As was famously stated in the movie Hackers, “Spandex is a privilege, not a right.”
Well, eventually the day had to come to an end and we went for one last hurrah on an innocuous ride run by the world’s biggest schmuck. Only Nick, John, and I decided to go on this ride and when we got to the entrance of the ride that no one else was waiting to get on, we decided to stand by the chain that was hung in front of the stairs to the side. There was a wooden railing and another chain that was parallel to the stairs, but why walk around a railing when the chain we were in front of led to the very same place? Well, ask the schmuck in charge of the ride, because when he came over to let us on, he opened the other chain that meant we had to walk around the railing. (Look! A diagram!)
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We did so, sat down on the worlds most disgusting ride while waiting for the other two people who were in line with us to get situated. (I think there was at least three layers of old chewing gum stuck to the back of the seats we were in. I guess Line Schmuck Man was too busy making people take the long way round to clean up the ride he was in charge of.) He put down the restraints and walked over to shut the gates barring anyone else from getting on and then I heard from the other side of Nick, “Oh right. I hate this ride.” Hahahahahahaha. Nice timing. Too late, and then the ride started- then ended. Not only was it the most disgusting, it was the shortest. Something I was actually thankful of.
We said our goodbyes, got back into our cars and I tried to follow LaBomba as close as I could till we got to the Mass Turnpike, because I really didn’t feel like getting lost. Once on the turnpike, I hit the gas and made it home before 6:30, just so I could take a nap, (even though my car was making some pretty peculiar noises- which turned out to be bad wheel bearings, and not my transmission like I feared).
Fun times. Next year, I’ll come to Bean Town.

In the meantime, next week I’ll have up reviews of the TV shows Hex and Blade as well as what I thought of Superman Returns. Betcha can’t wait!?

Oh, and lastly: Rosie O'Donnel is NOT replacing Star Jones! She is replacing Merideth who left earlier because she got a better job. I am getting tired of hearing how Star is being replaced by Rosie. No. She will be replaced by someone else that they have yet to choose... hopefully someone who will not make everything about themselves.

Firefly quote of the day:
RIVER “This food is problematic.”


Henry said...

I can't believe you had to post a clarification about rosie and star.
But otherwise a great post--got me jealous!

NYPinTA said...

Sorry, but it just bugs me! And they keep saying it like it's actually true. If they can't even get this right, it really makes you wonder how wrong everything else is that they are reporting.

Michele said...

Thanks for sparing my feelings about one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me....;)

And I've never liked Star Jones ever since it was all over the news about the tacky and aggressive way she tried to get everything for free for her wedding- her dress, the catering, flowers, etc. in exchange for plugs on The View. Low Class. I don't understand why celebrities think they are ENTITLED to things that the rest of us pay full price for. They can afford it.

Michele said...

"Quote of the day: “AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” ~ Michele"

I'm a little slow on the uptake....;P It took a little while to dawn on me....

LL said...

What? No pictures of JG screaming? I'm soooo disappointed.

Otherwise it sounds like you had a fun time together, and I suppose it serves you right... *grumble grumble* ;)

The Freshness said...

That is exactly what the mirror must look like to them. "Damn I look good", shudder....

Beth said...

I'm too old to ride any rides anymore. I get sick and dizzy or freak out and end up feeling too much like my own mother. I prefer safe things like eating cotton candy or caramel apples, funnel cakes, things that make me look like realistic side of mirror.

I don't care about Star or Rosie. =)

trinamick said...

I was all set to tell you about an experience on a ride, but then Beth started talking about caramel apples. I lost my train of thought.