Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Serenity flies again.

Quote of the day: “Love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down.” ~Mal, Serenity

Song of the day: “Sunrise” by Norah Jones

State of mind: Tired

Date: 6/28/06

I had a whole blog post all ready but it sucked so I trashed it and am starting a new.
Well, except for this part because it is still valid: Rain! Rain! Go Away!! I hope my car floats; otherwise I might not be making it back home.

As I have been blogging about for probably way too long, I hosted a screening of Serenity at the Palace Theater in Albany on Friday. It was hot and muggy and I ended up taking two showers as I was getting ready for the screening because packing up my car with a seemingly endless supply of tee shirts and rubber bracelets means getting sweaty. Ick.
The doors were supposed to open at 7:00 but never having done this before, I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to set up. So I left for the Palace at 5:30 and as I drove up the street and saw the digital marquee proclaiming the night’s entertainment being Serenity, I realized I didn’t bring a camera. Damn. But, someone did get a (slightly bad) picture of it, which I’ll post at the bottom.
I found a fabulous parking space right next to the building and had to make 5 trips back and forth to my car to load in. (And did any of the ushers ask if I wanted any help? No.)
I set up and then fidgeted until the doors opened. I was surprised by the number of people at the door when they finally opened them and was overjoyed that the first family through the door had a daughter who proclaimed with joy, “Oh tee shirts, tee shirts, tee shirts!” Yep. I had tee shirts. And I sold tee shirts…and little rubber bracelets…. and gave away pamphlets galore! Suddenly all those sad soul sucking years I spent in retail came back with horrifying clarity, but these people weren’t just customers, they were Browncoats. And Dopers. And a few people that had no clue, but they seemed nice.
I offered a chance to win all of the door prizes with each tee shirt, but kept saying it wrong as if I had multiples of all the items. Eventually I got the phrasing right but no one really seemed to care one-way or the other. I don’t think I sold any of the shirts because someone just had to have a chance at a poster.
Then I saw a face that is usually only a 1x1 inch picture in their blogger profile say, “Hey.” I think I responded with, “Oh Hi!”… At least I meant to, but I have a feeling that what I really said first was, “Buy something.” (And thanks for complying with that request BTW, John. I appreciate it.)
People just kept coming, but not enough for me. I really really had delusions of at least 1000 people showing up. I thought the law of expansion would be at work since I chose such a large theater, but no joy. I was having second thoughts about the theater, except that the building is just gorgeous and it wants people in it. Who am I to refuse?
At 8:00 the lobby emptied and the usher promised to watch my stuff so I could also enjoy the movie. I could hear it start because it was so damn loud and I ran up the stairs to sit in the balcony, but once I got up on the Mezzanine, I couldn’t find the way into the theater itself. I was a bit frantic, because one of my absolutely favorite parts of the movie happens in the very beginning…. when the ship first comes on the screen and enters atmo. I just love that sequence! And really wanted to see it again on the big screen. I could hear Simon and the doctor talking, but that was it. I ran up another set of stairs, which led to the very top of the balcony and then had to inch my way back down the stairs in the dark as Simon made the doctor very nervous. I finally got to a seat just a moment before Simon released the sonic wave thingy. (Also another favorite moment of mine.) I settled in and forgot about how many shirts I had sold, or how many people came, and once again got lost in the ‘verse Joss created. I have mentioned it a few times before and feel like I am repeating myself, (which I am, but you all don’t know that), but the sound system in that place was both awesome and just really loud. Unlike at the mall, (where I normally remember to bring earplugs to wear during films), not only could you hear the movie- you could feel it. The theater shook when Serenity entered the atmosphere, when she took off on Lilac, and when the mule hit the cargo bay just a little too hard. And it just made the scene where they fly through the Alliance/Reaver gauntlet just completely amazing! I am ruined for the Cineplex now and must win the lotto so I can buy that theater. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Who’s up for seeing The Crow this Halloween? Or how about Lord of the Rings again? All three… my treat.
It was awesome and full of ear piercing goodness until the film suddenly stopped and I wanted to cry. But it was just an intermission that I had no idea was going to happen. No one else seemed too freaked out, so I just ran back down to my tables just in case anyone suddenly decided that they wanted a tee shirt. No one did. Then the movie was on again, which I found out when I heard it playing again. My only complaint was that they didn’t alert anyone to the fact that the movie was going to begin like they would if it were a play and they dim the lights to get everyone into their seats again. So, I ran back up the stairs and into my seat just in time to see Mal tell River they could “Talk more.”
After the movie, I ran back down once again to my table and sold a few more shirts, said farewell to the movie goers that were straggling in the lobby- and one actually tipped his hat at me- before finally being able to pack up my remaining goodies, (Which are still available for sale BTW. Hint Hint.), and drive home. I went over to McGeary’s afterward to look for some co-workers that actually showed up but couldn’t find them. I wasn’t really in the mood to hang out in a bar anyhow, so I wasn’t too disappointed.
I got home, left everything but the money in the car and fell into bed. (And no, I didn’t open my moneybox, throw all the bills onto the bed, and then roll around. There just weren’t enough bills for that. Plus, papercuts.)
I tried to get to bed early to be refreshed and renewed for a trek to Six Flags, but my cats and the muggy weather had other plans.
All in all, it was a nerve wracking experience because my volunteers never showed and for a while I didn’t think I would get to see the movie, but it ended up being a blast. 202 tickets were sold and the director of the place and the ushers were impressed by the turn out. Turns out when they screened Chicago, only 20 people showed up.
So… Same time next year?

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Firefly quote of the day:
MAL: “Turns out this is my kind of a party!”


trinamick said...

Glad you ended up with a good turnout. Wish I could have been forever ruined for the Cineplex too.

Oh, and I'd have been thrashing some volunteers too.

The Freshness said...

Same next year? I am down. Keep us updated and the Crow on Halloween would RULE..

NYPinTA said...

You all will be the first to know.

LL said...

Your treat you say? Well, well...

Now let me get this straight, you blew off your cyber-acquaintences to sell tee shirts? And then didn't hook up with them after the gig?

No wonder 1000 people didn't show up... :P

Stellar said...

Congrats, dude!

That's the only picture you have?

NYPinTA said...

'Fraid so. I'm pretty ticked about it too. I always have my camera. *grumpy* Except of course, when I should have it.

mr. schprock said...

How can I get a tee shirt? It has to complement my steely blue eyes.

Michele said...

I'm definetely for doing this again. Halloween and next year sounds good! You should be proud of yourself. I can't get over how awesome that theater looks....

And Trina, you have NO excuse not to be here next year! Fair warning....;)